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Salt used on icy roads and parking lots kills wildlife: WWF-Canada

World Wildlife Fund Canada says road salt is having a devastating impact on the freshwater ecosystems of the Great Lakes at the heart of North America. When roads and highways get slippery from ice and snow, salt is often spread» 


Snowy owl in critical condition but improving after crash

A snowy owl is healing in a wildlife rehabilitation centre in western Canada after crashing into a sports utility vehicle on December 28th. The young male raptor was caught in the grille of the vehicle but a telephone call brought» 

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World Wildlife photo competition: Winners

The winners in the annual World Wildlife photo competition were announced this week by the Natural History Museum in London, England The grand prize winner was Brent Stirton of South Africa.  His image of a dehorned Black Rhino, killed by» 

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Shocking decline of Canadian wildlife

Half of vertebrate species in Canada are in decline Most Canadians and most of the people around the world think of Canada as a country with great regions of pristine wilderness. To a certain extent that is true, but a» 


Is hunting with drones ethical? Canada’s Yukon territory says ‘no’

The issue of drones and hunting has become an increasingly hot-button issue in many areas of rural Canada, but at least one of Canada’s northern territories has nixed the practice once and for all with new regulations that came into» 

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Natural Lake Superior coastline area to be preserved

It’s a rugged forested area along the western Ontario shore of the vast Lake Superior. The Nature Conservancy of Canada has announced it has completed the acquisition of 1,000 hectares of land around Big Trout Bay. The almost untouched Big» 

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Global operation hits illegal wildlife trade

Authorities in several countries are hitting the international, illegal trade in wildlife and timber under Operation Thunderbird, coordinated by the international police agency Interpol. They have made 1,300 seizures of illicit products worth an estimated $5.1 billion US and have» 

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Forest with rare species and animals preserved near Toronto

The Nature Conservancy of Canada has acquired two biologically-rich parcels of land just north of Toronto which will be a boon to nature lovers and hikers. Parts of the Happy Valley Forest have been opened to hikers and the trails» 

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History: April 13, 1938-Death of Grey Owl: pioneer environmentalist

It was on this day April 13, 1938, that one of Canada’s best known aboriginal figures,  a best-selling author, lecturer, and a pioneer in the world’s conservation movement, died. Except, he wasn’t aboriginal at all. For several years the man» 


Warm winters: havoc for hibernating creatures, fish, trees

It’s not “normal”. Winters in Canada are supposed to be long and consistently cold. In recent years, that’s not been happening. Yesterday a warm front a few degrees above zero moved through much of eastern Canada bringing with it extensive»