Canadians hate January; ice cream maker hopes to capitalize

A survey run by a creamery confirms that many Canadians loathe the cold month of January. Most people take holidays around Christmas (December 25) and New Year’s (January 1) and dread returning to work afterwards, especially since the next statutory» 

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Winter 2018-19: Worldwide – colder and hotter than “normal”

Several long-term forecasts have been released for the coming season and what has been the “norm” of late seems to be more abnormal conditions. Across Canada and much of the U.S.  the west will be generally warmer than than normal,» 

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It’s Groundhog Day in Canada.

What’s that? Well, it’s when some special rodents, groundhogs (marmot), emerge (or are awakened) from their hibernating quarters and “predict” whether we can expect an early spring, or much more winter to come. This year, the first weather groundhog was» 

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Global warming vs the Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics are to celebrate the thrill of winter sports, but it seems winter is being less and less cooperative. With the Pyeongchang Olympics in South Korea, just weeks away, a new study shows increasingly fewer cities will be» 

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Plan ahead to manage winter blues: psychologist

We are currently in the heart of winter in Canada and some people feel particularly down or depressed. This type of depression is called seasonal affective disorder or SAD and it can affect some people more deeply than others. Sunlight in winter» 

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How crazy can the weather be in Canada?

Environment Canada forecast Today’s warmest temperature 9.9C in Grand Etang, Nova Scotia Today’s coldest temperature -43.4 in Key Lake, Saskatchewan It’s winter here, and that used to mean across almost all of Canada, a steady few months of cold and» 

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Welcome to winter in Montreal…Oh Noooooo!!!

After an unusually warm November, today sees the first real snowfall Montreal has seen this winter, and the fun (so-to-speak) has just begun. It caught a number of motorists off guard on the relatively steep Beaver Hall Street in the» 

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Canada in for cold and snowy winter?

Get those winter boots and parkas ready because both the Old Farmer’s Almanac and its competitor, the Farmer’s Almanac, are predicting a cold and snowy winter for much of Canada this year. According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, which is» 


Warm winters: havoc for hibernating creatures, fish, trees

It’s not “normal”. Winters in Canada are supposed to be long and consistently cold. In recent years, that’s not been happening. Yesterday a warm front a few degrees above zero moved through much of eastern Canada bringing with it extensive» 

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Major winter storm hits Maritimes

A new winter system is rolling through Canada’s Maritimes, with Newfoundland next in its path. As the storm moves across the provinces, it will bring high winds and heavy snow. Blizzard warnings cover all of Nova Scotia, which will be»