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Pilot project gives a chance for women to experience a military career

Being a soldier, sailor, or in the air force, has seldom been thought of as a career for women. But the military is so much more than carrying a gun and facing the enemy, (although now that too is a» 

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Still more delays with already controversial inquiry

After facing sometimes severe criticism for delays and lack of information the inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal women and girls, has announced yet more delays this week. For years aboriginal and advocacy groups had called for a national inquiry» 

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Challenge to women’s clothing rules at swimming pools

A legal challenge has been filed in Ontario against a rule that females over age 10 must wear tops, ie cover their breasts, at public pools and parks. The suit names the eastern Ontario city of Cornwall, an Ontario water park,» 

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Inspiring women to join the Canadian Forces: Short sessions offer a taste of military careers

Women in Force Programme The Canadian Forces are eager to increase the number of women in the military. There is a perception that women generally are intimidated by the idea of a military career so a new pilot project seeks» 

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New judges bring more diversity to Nova Scotia courts

People discouraged by the backward steps facing women and minorities under the new U.S. Trump administration can take some consolation from what is going on Canada. For example, the eastern province of Nova Scotia has just appointed a black woman» 

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Canadians join women’s marches in Washington and at home

Grassroots organizers say they are amazed by the response from people who want to join the women’s march on Washington or sister marches that are planned in Canada and around the world. The marches were set up for Saturday, January 21» 

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First (almost) woman featured on a Canadian banknote

In the past few years there has been a strong movement to have historically influential Canadian women featured on banknotes. In the past some female royalty have appeared on Canadian banknotes, Princess Mary, Queen Mary, Princess Elizabeth and since 1954,Her» 

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Women are shortchanged, Canada must act, says Oxfam

Women in Canada and around the world are paid less, have more low-paying jobs and redressing that is fundamental to the global fight against poverty, says Oxfam Canada. A new report states that the global inequality crisis has reached new» 

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History: Sept 16 1974- RCMP gender barrier overturned

They were men, strong and tough, able to endure the harshest of conditions, but men, no women (at least on paper). For over 100 years, remote parts of Canada had been patrolled and even explored to some extent by members» 

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Website launched to help Inuit living with cancer

Video: Sophie Keenlan – One Woman’s Journey When Sophie Keelan found out she had breast cancer in 2007, she experienced the same feelings of disbelief, fear and uncertainty that any other Canadian feels when they receive a cancer diagnosis. But like other Inuit»