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Top CEO’s make more in hours than you all year

New statistics show that there are many business executives in Canada who-in this first few days of the new year, have already earned far more than most Canadians do in the whole year. In fact, by lunch time on Monday,» 

Health, Society

Campaign seeks to reduce deaths of road workers

Now that winter is over, work on roads across Canada will intensify and so will the risk to people who work nearby. The national government and the provinces and territories have laws protecting the health and safety of workers and» 

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Union laments exploitation of Asian workers

May is Asian Heritage Month in Canada and the Ontario Federation of Labour is using the occasion to raise awareness about economic and social barriers faces by those of Asian and South Asian descent. Chinese restaurant workers in Toronto face» 

Immigration & Refugees, Society

Meat processor wants to hire Syrian refugees

A meat-processing company is offering to hire Syrian refugees, reports Canadian Press (CP). Several companies in the meat sector have a chronic shortage of workers, in part because of restrictions on the hiring of temporary foreign workers. The Canadian government» 

Economy, International

Canada’s Loblaw to provide long-term compensation to Bangladeshi garment workers

On the six-month anniversary of the collapse of the Rana Plaza complex in Dhaka, Bangladesh the Canadian supermarket chain Loblaw has announced it will provide long-term compensation to victims and their families who were producing its apparel at the New Wave»