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Plenty of water? Arctic communities on the verge of running out

Looking at a map of Arctic Canada, it seems there are literally thousands of lakes and rivers, yet many Arctic communities are facing water shortages or threats of shortages to come. Iqaluit, capital of Nunavut Territory, will be facing that» 

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For “Earth Day” (Apr 22) think about bees

Around the world experts are noticing a decline in bee populations. Bees are the world’s most important pollinators of food crops and all plants. While we are aware of commercial honey bees, most pollination is done by wild bees.  With» 

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Global sea ice level is at record low

Normally in the winter in the Arctic, the sea begins to freeze and sea ice extent grows.  That didn’t happen quite that way this year. Meanwhile in the Antarctic, the ice extent is also less than the typical average. The result» 

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Homelessness and youth in Canada

For the first time a new study takes a comprehensive look at youth homelessness across Canada. The study released this month, is called “Without a Home: The National Youth Homelessness Survey” (link at bottom) Stephen Gaetz (PhD) is lead author» 

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Canadian technology: To infinity..and beyond !

Well not quite,  but not only is Canadian technology is playing a vital role in a new space mission, but the unique effort is to send a probe into space and then have it come back. The mission and spacecraft» 

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Memory and motion, why we sometimes knock over the glass

You see the salt shaker at your side, or glass of wine, while cooking but when you go to reach for it, you miss it, or knock it over. Between visually situating it, and moving to grasp it, there are» 

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Climate, Greenland ice sheet: new study shows potential greater sea-level rise

The huge Greenland ice sheet is changing and in a newly discovered way. Traditionally, snows falling on the ice sheet transform into new ice as they become compacted by the weight of several metres of snow falling on top of» 

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Bumble Bee decline: study shows climate change as a main factor

Much has been made of farm use of insecticides, particularly the family of neonicotinoids, as a significant cause in the decline of honey bees.   Experts have long said this is most certainly also a factor in decline of wild bees,» 

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New Canadian research: another possible link between common chemicals and autism

New research at York University in Toronto strengthens the hypothesis that common chemicals in consumer goods is connected to a dramatic increase in autism British Columbia researcher Dr Bruce Lanphear was lead author on a another recent study which also suggested» 

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Robot trials testing in Toronto, Ontario

It was a hectic but exciting scene on the Mars landscape as several robots in various shapes, sizes, and styles of locomotion, including flying, made their way around and over obstacles.   Developed by researchers at York University in Toronto,»