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Yukon Quest- man and dog against time and the Arctic cold

It is one of the world’s greatest annual endurance challenges for man and dog. The annual Yukon Quest dog sled race  is now roughly at the half-way point in the annual 1,600km race which stretches from Fairbanks Alaska, to Whitehorse, Yukon» 

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Yukon Quest: On you huskies!!!

It’s a gruelling race for man and beast across the frozen Arctic.  The annual Yukon Quest dogsled race is now into day 3 of the 1600 kilometre race from Fairbanks Alaska, to Whitehorse, Yukon. It is truly an international event» 

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Warmth, lack of snow in Yukon threatens winter events

Once again, the weather patterns are playing havoc with the Yukon’s reputation for Arctic cold and snow. One of the most famous dogsled races in the world, the Yukon Quest, is set to begin on February 7th, but once again»