Arts-Culture #41 (Sun Apr 07, 2013) Alberta illustrator Karon Argue

Karon Argue lives in High River, in the western prairie province of Alberta.

She says she’s been drawing ever since she can remember, and as a graphic artist and illustrator,  always has a pencil in hand and images in her mind. 

She is known primarily now as an illustrator of children’s books, but unlike many artists who draw simple images for childrens books, her work although light and whimsical, is also highly detailed. Karon says that’s become a bit of a trademark.

(CBC) Karon Argue drawing one her new characters. Her trademark is the great detail in her illustrations

The thing to realize is that due to diabetes, Karon at one point couldn’t walk for a couple of years, but through sheer willpower and determination, she overcame that to walk again. 

(Argue) Another example of Karon Argue's work. a. high whimsical, brightly coloured dragon in a pine forest.

More than that however, Karon is virtually blind.  But you would never suspect either of these setbacks fromlooking the detailed quality of her work, nor from the lighthearted whimsy of the characters she creates. 

Karon Argue in High River Alberta, showing the Rocky Mountains in the distance



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