Calgary writer creates work about legendary black cowboy John Ware

Growing up in Calgary's tiny black community, writer and author Cheryl Foggo was obsessed with cowboys. She knew the name of John Ware, a well-known figure in the history of Alberta ranching. However, it was not until her brother visited the Glenbow Museum in Calgary that she learned he was a black man.

That childhood experience has inspired a life-long curiosity in Foggo about Ware and other pioneers of the black community in Alberta.
Now, she is putting that research to use in a multi-media production called Re-imagining John Ware: The True West, Black and Free. The piece, which may become a stage play, was recently premiered in Calgary to mark Black History Month.

Ware looms large in the small field of black history in Alberta. Ware was a giant of a man, a cowboy who played an important role in the early days of the ranching industry in Alberta. Ware was born into slavery in the southern United States in 1845. He came to Alberta in 1882 on a massive cattle drive and decided to make his home in the province.

Ware is remembered and celebrated in his adopted land. This month, Canada Post issued a commemorative John Ware stamp. There is a junior high school in Calgary named after John Ware; there is a Mount Ware in the Rockies and a Ware Creek near his old ranch.

Re-imagining the man behind the myth

Most of the stories about Ware have to do with his prodigious strength and horsemanship and his livestock skills.

He has emerged as a bit of a Paul Bunyan-like figure in the story of the Canadian west.

Foggo wanted to tell the story of the man behind the myth.

To do so, she decided it was important to tell the story of John’s family, especially his relationship with his wife Mildred who came to Alberta from Ontario with her family in 1892.

“I’m very interested in a woman who hated horses, and hated cows and hated the isolation,” says Foggo, “but who loved this man so much that she was willing to make it her life.”

Foggo says Ware was a beloved figure in Alberta at the time. However, while Alberta offered a more welcoming environment than Ware's native American south, Alberta was not free of racism. She says Ware worked hard to earn the respect of his peers and his employers.

That love and respect were evident at John Ware's funeral in 1905.

Ware died in a ranching accident - his horse stumbled in a badger hole and rolled over him. There was an outpouring of affection for Ware and his accomplishments. His funeral was the largest the new city of Calgary had ever seen.

John and Mildred Ware had five children. Unfortunately, none of them had offspring, so the Ware line in Alberta has come to an end.

Foggo hopes that the re-imagined life of John Ware and his family will keep the legacy alive. She believes it would be an ideal project to mount on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Calgary Stampede.

The city’s annual celebration of Cowboy and western culture marks its centennial this coming July.

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Author Cheryl Foggo (right) with actors Janelle Cooper and Jesse Lipscombe

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Songwriter Miranda Martini and actor Jesse Lipscombe

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Left to right: author Cheryl Foggo, actor Jesse Lipscombe, actor Janelle Cooper at a staged reading

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