The Rosebud River Valley is far from the idyllic place its name suggests. Farmers in that region of the prairie province of Alberta have seen cattle die and have become ill themselves after their water-wells were contaminated with chemicals believed to be the result of natural gas drilling. We talk to Frederic Bohbot, the producer of "Burning Water," a new documentary film on the subject.

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19 October 2010 - 00:03

Thank you Frederic for your film. I had just emailed CBC to look into this subject of hydraulic fracking after I saw "Gasland" doc. I have emailed EnCana and they just called and left a message to day for me to call them back about all the good things they do. I want them to do "Good" things by stop using chemicals that are dangerous to the people of this country, and if they think that those chemicals don't hurt us, then I am going to suggest that they live on that farm for a few months, drink the water and bath in it and then let us know that nothing happens to them. Thanks again.

Sent by Pat Bauer, Celista BC, Canada

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