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16 june 2012, 10h27

Judge's ruling reopens debate on doctor-assisted suicide

Picture The Supreme Court in British Columbia has reopened Canada's debate over doctor-assisted suicide. Justice Lynn Smith ruled that laws forbidding doctor-assisted suicides contravene Canada's charter of rights. The judge has called on the federal government to rewrite the laws. [...]


16 june 2012, 10h25

Suspect sought in Alberta triple-killing

Picture The mother of a suspect in the murder of three security guards in Alberta is pleading for her son to surrender to police. Travis Baumgartner is sought on suspicion of shooting and killing three co-workers who on Friday were guarding an armoured car on the campus of the University of Alberta in Edmonton. A fourth guard was seriously wounded. [...]


16 june 2012, 10h23

Nik Wallenda crosses Niagara Falls on tightrope

Picture Before a crowd of tens of thousands and a television audience of millions, the American daredevil, Nik Wallenda, walked across Niagara Falls on a tightrope on Friday evening. He needed about 20 minutes to walk 550 metres on a tightrope made wet by constant spray from the Falls and unsteady by swirling wind. [...]


16 june 2012, 10h22

Mystery surrounds death of two Canadians in Thailand

Picture Police in Thailand are investigating the mysterious death of two Canadian women. The victims' bodies were found in their hotel room in the popular resort region on Phi Phi island. Initial unconfirmed reports described the victims as sisters in their twenties from Quebec. A maid found their bodies on Friday morning. [...]


15 june 2012, 14h44

B.C. court sides with physician-assisted suicide

Picture A British Columbia woman has won the right to a doctor-assisted suicide. The supreme court in that province has ruled the laws banning doctor-assisted suicide are unconstitutional. [...]


15 june 2012, 11h30

Shooting on university campus kills three - suspect sought

Picture An armed robbery attempt on the University of Alberta campus in Edmonton has killed three people. Another person is in critical condition. Those shot and killed were two men and one woman who worked for the security company, G4S, whose armoured car was the target of the robbery. [...]


15 june 2012, 10h55

Third teenaged Ottawa girl charged with human trafficking

Picture Police in Ottawa have arrested and charged a third teenaged girl in connection with an alleged human trafficking case. The 16-year-old girl was arrested across the Ottawar River from the nation's capital in Gatineau, Quebec. She and two other teenaged girls face charges of procuring three teenaged girls for prostitution. [...]


15 june 2012, 10h45

New bridge to link Canada and the United States

Picture Prime Minister Stephen Harper has formally announced construction of a new bridge linking Windsor, Ontario, and Detroit. The link over the Detroit River will help alleviate congestion at Canada's busiest border crossing. Canada is financing the construction, and will recover Michigan's share of the cost through state tolls. [...]


15 june 2012, 09h55

Gordon Lightfoot inducted into Songwriters Hall of Fame

Picture Canadian singer/songwriter Gordon Lightfoot was among those inducted on Thursday into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. His induction came at a gala ceremony in New York City. Mr. Lightfoot achieved fame in the 1960s for songs such as "Sundown," "If You Could Read My Mind" and "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald."[...]


15 june 2012, 09h37

Canada's parliament ends non-stop marathon voting

Picture Canada's parliament has ended a non-stop marathon voting session after nearly 24 hours. Parliamentarians were voting on hundreds of amendments that opposition parties proposed to the Conservative Party government's extensive budget bill. [...]


15 june 2012, 09h35

Headed for Canada, Sri Lankan migrants detained in West Africa

Picture Canadian immigration officials have confirmed that almost 150 Sri Lankan migrants were arrested in Benin this month while apparently attempting to reach Canada. The migrants paid a fee to a human trafficking network to bring them to West Africa. The migrants are being returned to Sri Lanka. [...]


15 june 2012, 09h34

Thousands expected to witness historic Niagara Falls crossing

Picture More than one hundred thousand people are expected to line the Canadian and American banks of Niagara Falls on Friday evening when the famous tightrope walker Nik Wallenda attempts to be the first person to tightrope walk across Niagara Falls in more than a century. Mr. [...]


14 june 2012, 15h06

Judge guilty of murder

Picture The first judge in Canadian legal history to be tried for murder has been found guilty in a Quebec City court room. Jacques Delisle, a retired Quebec Court of Appeal justice, was accused of first-degree murder in the slaying of his wife, Marie-Nicole Rainville, on Nov. 12, 2009. Delisle's lawyer claimed that Rainville committed suicide. [...]


14 june 2012, 14h23

Bridge announcement imminent

Picture A much-needed second bridge linking the province of Ontario with the state of Michigan appears closer to reality. Prime Minister Stephen Harper will be in Windsor and Detroit on Friday and his office says the prime minister will take part in announcements and a signing ceremony along with Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, the Canadian and U.S. [...]


14 june 2012, 13h42

Gordon Lightfoot honoured

Picture Singer-songwriter Gordon Lightfoot is being inducted into the U.S. Songwriters Hall of Fame. The Orillia, Ontario, born singer was to be feted at an awards dinner in New York on Thursday. The 73-year-old is credited with helping define the folk-pop sound of the 1960's and 1970's. [...]


14 june 2012, 13h35

Bank of Canada stresses Canada's vulnerability

Picture Canada's central bank has reiterated a warning that Canada's economy is vulnerable if a financial shock erupts in Europe. The Bank of Canada cites two reasons: the high level of household debt and overvalued real estate. [...]


14 june 2012, 11h56

After hot start, Canada housing market cooling

Picture The Canadian government agency that deals with housing predicts that the housing market will moderate for the rest of the year after a strong early start. Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation forecasts that housing starts will range from 182,300 to 220,600 units this year, a moderate increase of its forecast in February. [...]


14 june 2012, 11h25

Ontario acts to prevent discrimination against transgenders

Picture Canada's most-populous province, Ontario, has amended its Human Rights Code to prevent discrimination against transgendered people. The Code has added the phrases, 'gender identity' and 'gender expression' to acknowledge the existence of men and women who change their sex. Manitoba is expected to follow Ontario's lead. [...]


14 june 2012, 11h13

Air India bombing plotter going back to court

Picture A man sentenced to nine years in prison for perjury in connection with the Air India bombing is appealing his conviction. Inderjit Singh Reyat was convicted of lying during the trial in 2003 of two men charged with planning the bombing of Air India Flight 182. The bombing in 1985 killed 329 people on board. [...]


14 june 2012, 10h25

Marathon budget vote continues

Picture Members of Canada's Parliament are continuing their non-stop marathon session. They're voting on hundreds of amendments to the Conservative Party government's massive budget bill. Opposition parties proposed more than 800 amendments. [...]


14 june 2012, 10h23

Newfoundland seeking to restrict access-to-information law

Picture While Canadian parliamentarians in Ottawa were holding a marathon vote, parliamentarians in the province of Newfoundland were completing a marathon debate of their own. They were arguing over the governing Conservative Party's bill to change access-to-information laws. [...]


13 june 2012, 14h25

Canadian scientists make advance toward Ebola virus treatment

Picture Canadian researchers have made what they say is a highly promising step toward finding a treatment for the deadly Ebola virus. Researchers at the National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg have successfully saved the lives of six monkeys infected with the virus. The treatment involves a cocktail of antibodies. [...]


13 june 2012, 12h15

Extradition looming for Canadian murder suspect

Picture A Canadian murder suspect has come one step closer to extradition from Germany. A court in Berlin ordered Luka Magnotta to remain in custody while prosecutors prepare to ask the German government to approve his extradition. Magnotta was arrested in Berlin last week. [...]


13 june 2012, 11h15

Bob Rae bows out of Liberal Party leadership race

Picture The interim leader of Canada's opposition Liberal Party, Bob Rae, has decided not to run for the party leadership. Mr. Rae became interim leader after the Liberal Party suffered its worst election defeat in history last year. [...]


13 june 2012, 10h45

Canada urged to broaden its economy

Picture The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development says the decline in central Canada's manufacturing base is linked tothe recent strength of the Canadian dollar. The strong dollar has led to a rise in commodity prices in Canada's resource-rich provinces like Alberta. The correlation is referred to as "Dutch Disease. [...]


13 june 2012, 09h35

Champion diver, Alexandre Despatie, treated for injury

Picture The champion Canadian diver, Alexandre Despatie, has undergone surgery following an injury during practice. He suffered a ten-centimetre gash when his head hit the diving board while he performed an inward triple flip. He was practicing in Madrid in preparation for the Olympic Games in London next month. [...]


13 june 2012, 09h34

Parliament set for marathon voting session

Picture Canadian opposition parties begin voting on Wednesday on hundreds of amendments to the Conservative Party government's huge budget bill. The voting is expected to continue all night and well into Thursday. Opposition parties vigorously object to proposed changes to 70 laws in the budget bill. [...]


13 june 2012, 09h33

New report criticizing Canada's environment efforts

Picture A new report is criticizing Canada's efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The comprehensive report by the National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy says that measures in place will achieve only half of the government's targets by 2020. The government aims to reduce greenhouse gasses by 17 per cent below levels in 2005. [...]


12 june 2012, 16h04

U.S. business group supports Canada's bid on Trans-Pacific Partnership

Picture Canada's bid to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership got a boost Tuesday from an American business leader. Speaking to the international economic forum in Montreal, Thomas Donohue, head of the U.S. [...]


12 june 2012, 10h08

In sign of voter discontent, Quebec Liberal Party loses long-time stronghold

Picture The governing Liberal Party in Quebec lost one of its most secure ridings in a byelection on Monday, but managed to retain another riding. The loss was another sign of faltering support for the policies of Premier Jean Charest. The Parti Quebecois candidate, Roland Richer, narrowly won in Argenteuil in the Laurention region. [...]


12 june 2012, 10h06

House of Commons preparing for marathon voting on budget bill

Picture Members of Canada's parliament were preparing for a marathon voting session on Wednesday. Opposition parties have proposed more than 800 amendments to the Conservative Party government's budget bill, C-38. Voting on the amendments could take 24 hours. [...]


12 june 2012, 10h00

Second person dies from Toronto shooting rampage

Picture A second person has died as a result of a shooting rampage in downtown Toronto early this month. The 22-year-old victim died of his injuries in hospital on Monday. One other man died at the scene of the shooting. Six other people were wounded. One of them who suffered serious injuries was released on Monday from hospital. [...]


12 june 2012, 09h59

Family of Chinese murder victim gives thanks to Montrealers

Picture The family of a Chinese student murdered in Montreal has issued a statement of thanks to the public. The victim, Jun Lin, was killed and dismembered last month and parts of his body were mailed in separate packages to two political party headquarters in Ottawa. [...]


11 june 2012, 17h24

Canadian dance pioneer dies

Picture Rachel Browne, founder of Winnipeg's Contemporary Dancers, died in her sleep on Saturday in Ottawa. She was 77. Considered a pioneer of modern dance and choreography in Canada, Browne founded Winnipeg's Contemporary Dancers in 1964, after performing for 7 years with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet. [...]


11 june 2012, 16h45

Cops shocked in prostitution case

Picture In a case that has shocked even veteran police investigators, two 15-year-old girls in Ottawa have been charged with human trafficking. Police allege that on three separate occasions, the girls lured three female victims, ranging from 13 to 17 years of age, to a city residence for social reasons. [...]


11 june 2012, 15h34

Skimming careers curtailed

Picture Two men have been sentenced in a court in New York City to 3 and 9 years in prison after being found guilty of stealing $285-thousand by skimming debit and credit card information at automatic banking machines. [...]


11 june 2012, 14h30

Convicted terrorist appeals life sentence

Picture The Supreme Court of Canada has begun hearing an appeal of a life sentence handed to Momin Khawaja. The former Ottawa software developer is the first man convicted under Canada's anti-terror law, which was enacted two months after the 9-11 al-Qaida attacks on the United States. [...]


11 june 2012, 13h34

The choice is not between austerity and prosperity - Harper

Picture Prime Minister Stephen Harper told an Montreal audience that economic prosperity can co-exist with fiscal discipline. Speaking at an international economic forum, the Conservative Party leader said what the world needs is a practical approach that combines budgetary discipline and other growth measures. [...]


11 june 2012, 12h30

Opposition parties to continue contesting Canadian budget bill

Picture Opposition members of Canada's Parliament are being allowed more time to contest the Conservative Party government's massive budget bill. More than 800 amendments have been introduced by the opposition Liberal Party, the New Democratic Party and Green Party. They are strongly against proposed changes to some laws. [...]


11 june 2012, 11h38

New policy means less paperwork for military veterans' claims

Picture Canada's government is going to make certain reimbursement claims easier for military veterans. Bureaucratic paperwork will be simplified so that veterans can be reimbursed more quickly for expenses incurred to travel to medical appointments. [...]


11 june 2012, 11h00

Grand Prix succeeds in Montreal despite student protests

Picture Thirty-four people were detained by Montreal police on Sunday during the course of the latest student protests against higher college tuition fees. For the 48th consecutive day, demonstrators marched through the downtown streets. They vandalized a police cruiser, a bank and a government building. [...]


10 june 2012, 13h30

Student demonstrators threatening Grand Prix race

Picture Police in Montreal were on alert on Sunday as student demonstratorsthreatened to disrupt the Grand Prix auto racethat day in their latest attempt to put pressure on Quebec's government. The students have been demonstrating for three months in an effort to persuade the government to drop plans to raise college tuition fees. [...]


10 june 2012, 11h17

Alberta oil spill cleanup continues

Picture A Canadian pipeline company says that it has managed to contain most of the oil spilled from its pipeline in Alberta. About three thousand litres of oil entered the Red Deer River in Alberta last week from a pipeline owned by Plains Midstream Canada. The company says that the oil is safely contained in one reservoir. [...]


10 june 2012, 09h34

Actor Donald Sutherland receives French honour

Picture Canadian actor Donald Sutherland was awarded one of France's highest cultural honours on Saturday. Former culture minister Frederic Mitterand named him Commander of the Arts for his contribution to cinema. Mr. Mitterand praised Mr. Sutherland's diverse roles in scores of films during a career that began in the 1960s. Mr. [...]


09 june 2012, 13h30

Miami police investigating possible connection to grisly Montreal murder

Picture American police in Miami are checking to see if a Canadian murder suspect, Luka Rocco Magnotta, was involved in any of their unsolved killings. Miami police have murders involving victims who were later dismembered. Magnotta was arrested in Germany this week in connection with the dismemberment murder of a Chinese student in Montreal, Jun Lin. [...]


09 june 2012, 09h58

More arrests in latest Montreal student protest

Picture Canadian police in Montreal have made more arrests in connection with student protests. At least 20 people were detained on Friday night after clashes with protesters who tried to disrupt downtown festivities leading to the Canadian Grand Prix auto race on Sunday. [...]


09 june 2012, 09h57

500 new vehicles for Canada's military

Picture Canada's government is buying 500 armoured vehicles for the Canadian military. The cost is just over 700 million dollars. The vehicles will be used as armoured personnel carriers as well as for reconnaissance and surveillance and for delivering cargo. A company in Ottawa, Textron Systems Canada, is building the vehicles. [...]


09 june 2012, 09h56

Oil spill in Alberta contained

Picture Alberta's premier, Alison Redford, says that an oil spill on a tributary of the Red Deer has been contained. As much as 475-thousand litres spilled from a pipeline on Thursday night near the town of Sundre. The premier says that the spill was contained in the Glennifer reservoir. [...]


08 june 2012, 16h02

Murder victim to be honoured

Picture Concordia University in Montreal announced Friday it is establishing the Jun Lin Family Fund and the Jun Lin Award, named for the 33-year-old engineering and computer science student whose dismembered torso was found in a suitcase outside a Montreal apartment building last month. [...]


08 june 2012, 14h26

Canada-bound Iraqi refugees stuck in Syria

Picture Thousands of Iraqi refugees who have been approved to come to Canada have been caught in the violence in Syria. When Canada shut down its embassy in Damascus due to the unrest sweeping Syria, officials stopped processing immigration applications from Iraqis. The applicants' family and sponsors in Canada are fearing for their safety. [...]


08 june 2012, 14h07

Royal Canadian Navy intercepts alleged narco-terrorists

Picture The Canadian frigate HMCS Charlottetown intercepted an illicit drug shipment in the Gulf of Aden on the west side of the Arabian Sea, north of Somalia. And Cmdr. Wade Carter believes the traffickers had links to terrorist organizations. [...]


08 june 2012, 13h58

Making room for Rae

Picture It appears Bob Rae wants to run for the leadership of Canada's federal opposition Liberal party. Mr.Rae is acting as the Liberal's interim leader. And under party rules, it means he can't roll that into a permanent posting. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is reporting that the party is changing the rules, and Mr. [...]


08 june 2012, 13h36

NDP 'by a hair'

Picture It's not much, but the opposition New Democratic Party has surpassed the ruling Conservatives by one-tenth of a point in a new public opinion survery. Pollster Nik Nanos said this is the first time in Nanos tracking history that the NDP has numerically surpassed the Conservatives. The Nanos poll on Friday had the NDP, led by Tom Mulcair, at 33.6[...]


08 june 2012, 13h32

Canada says 'no' to euro bailout

Picture Canada is balking at contributing to an international bailout fund for Europe. The International Monetary Fund is trying to raise $430-billion, but Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has so far refused to commit Canada. In an interview with the Financial Times, Mr. [...]


08 june 2012, 11h32

Oil pipeline spill in Alberta

Picture Close to 500-thousand litres of crude oil have spilled into a tributary of the Red Deer River in west central Alberta. Plains Midstream Canada says it closed its regional network of pipelines following the spill about 100 kilometres from Red Deer. [...]


08 june 2012, 09h47

Floods lead to state of emergency in British Columbia town

Picture A state of emergency was declared in Prince George, British Columbia, where floods are threatening homes. Seventeen houses near the Fraser River are being evacuated because of rising water levels. The region received as much as 75 millimetres of rain over the past two days. [...]


08 june 2012, 09h46

Legislation proposes improvements to food inspection

Picture Canada's government wants to improve the nation's food inspection system. Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz has introduced legislation to impose stricter control of food imports and exports. The bill includes much bigger fines for violations. [...]


08 june 2012, 09h45

Police arrest 40 on eve of Montreal Grand Prix

Picture About 40 people were arrested in Montreal on Thursday night as police continued to crack down on student demonstrators protesting against increases in college tuition fees. Demonstrators were detained when hundreds of protesters tried to disrupt downtown festivities surrounding the Formula One Grand Prix auto race this weekend. [...]


08 june 2012, 09h43

Canadian trade deficit increases

Picture Canada's trade deficit grew in April for the first time in six months. Statistics Canada says that the deficit was CDN$367 million. Exports fell one-point-two per cent while imports rose one-point-three per cent. The biggest fall in exports came in shipments of industrial goods and materials. [...]


08 june 2012, 09h42

Canada's unemployment rate unchanged

Picture Canada's unemployment rate was unchanged last month. The rate remained at 7-point-3 per cent. The economy added 7,700 jobs during the month, which was slightly more than economists had expected. But job growth in the two previous months was the biggest in three decades, with a total of 140,000 jobs added. [...]


08 june 2012, 09h40

Subject of famous Vietnam war photo is honored

Picture Recognition is being paid on Friday to the subject of one of the most famous photos of the Vietnam war. Kim Phuc Phan Thi was a nine-year-old child when she was photographed in 1972 fleeing naked with other children from a napalm strike in South Vietnam. [...]


07 june 2012, 14h30

Suspects sought in Montreal smoke bomb protests

Picture Canadian police in Montreal have arrested five suspects in connection with a protest in the city's metro system last month. One of those arrested was the daughter of an opposition member of Quebec's National Assembly, Amir Khadr. Mr. [...]


07 june 2012, 12h50

Canada's biggest city bans plastic bags

Picture Canada's biggest city has decided to ban the use of plastic shopping bags. Toronto city council voted in favour of the ban on Wednesday. The ban goes into effect in January. Plastic bags resist decomposition in garbage dumps, causing long-range pollution. Mayor Bob Ford opposed the ban and accused the council of making a dumb decision. [...]


07 june 2012, 09h40

Prime Minister Harper urging quick action to solve eurozone crisis

Picture Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is urging the eurozone to forge stronger political ties as a way of coping with its debt crisis. Mr. Harper says that the eurozone lacks what he called strong institutional structures such as a central bank authority capable of bolstering a monetary union. [...]


07 june 2012, 09h39

Parents of murdered Chinese student arrive in Montreal

Picture The family of a murdered Chinese university student has arrived in Canada to retrieve his body. Jun Lin was slain last month in Montreal and his body was dismembered. In a macabre move, parts of the body were sent by mail to two Canadian political party headquarters in Ottawa. [...]


07 june 2012, 09h37

Missing Women inquiry ends

Picture After more than seven months of testimony, an inquiry into the disappearance of women in Vancouver has ended. The Missing Women inquiry will issue its final report on October 31. It will include recommendations for improving police investigations. [...]


06 june 2012, 14h34

Ontario focuses on future of Great Lakes

Picture The government of the province of Ontario has proposed the Great Lakes Protection Act, legislation it says would ensure the five lakes can continue to be used for clean drinking water, electricity and recreation. [...]


06 june 2012, 13h42

Human trafficking targetted

Picture The Canadian government is augmenting law enforcement resources dedicated to tackling human trafficking. A special team comprising members of the RCMP and the Canada Border Services Agency is being formed. In addition, the Public Safety Department will lead a task force on human trafficking. [...]


06 june 2012, 10h30

More human body parts sent by Canadian mail

Picture A grisly murder in Montreal that's made international headlines could have a connection in Vancouver. Packages containing a human hand and foot were sent to separate Vancouver elementary schools. The body parts were received on Tuesday from Montreal. They have been transferred to Montreal police for further testing. [...]


06 june 2012, 09h55

Prime Minister Harper expressing worry over Europe debt crisis

Picture Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper says that time is running out for Europe to find a solution for its debt crisis. Speaking in a television interview, Mr. Harper said that there's still time to find a long-term solution, but he warned that the world cannot deal constantly with Europe's short-term financial problems. [...]


06 june 2012, 09h52

Canadian artist unveils Queen's new portrait

Picture A Canadian artist's portrait of the Queen was unveiled on Wednesday at Buckingham Palace in London. Canada's prime minister, Stephen Harper and Governor-General David Johnston were among the dignitaries attending the unveiling. The painting by Phil Richards was inspired by photographs of the Queen taken during her tour of Canada two years ago. [...]


05 june 2012, 15h16

Prime Minister Harper to meet new French president

Picture Canada's prime minister, Stephen Harper, is scheduled to meet with France's new president, Francois Hollande, in Paris on Wednesday. They two leaders will discuss world issues and bilateral trade. One major expected topic will be Canada's recent efforts to arrange a free-trade agreement with the European Union. [...]


05 june 2012, 15h04

Opposition parties vowing to delay federal budget bill

Picture Canadian opposition parties are planning a strategy to delay passage of the federal government's controversial budget bill. The budget bill includes important changes to some 70 laws. The opposition New Democratic Party, Liberal Party and Green Party say that they'll delay the bill with non-stop votes on hundreds of amendments. [...]


05 june 2012, 15h00

Ontario passes controversial anti-bullying law

Picture Ontario's Liberal Party government has passed its controversial anti-bullying law. The Accepting Schools Act was passed with the support of the opposition New Democratic Party. The bill aims to reduce bullying against homosexuals in schools. [...]


05 june 2012, 14h56

Environment watchdog targeting Ontario

Picture Ontario's government is coming under criticism for its environmental policy. Environmental commissioner Gord Miller says the Liberal Party government has failed for years to fulfill its promises to protect the environment. He says it's time to enforce energy efficiency standards for household products, new buildings and government offices. Mr. [...]


05 june 2012, 09h50

Suspect in Canadian dismemberment murder facing extradition from Germany

Picture A judge in Berlin will begin legal proceedings against a Canadian porn actor suspected of murdering and dismembering a Chinese student in Canada. Luka Magnotta was arrested on Monday at a Berlin Internet cafe after he was recognized by an employee. Magnotta was being sought on an international warrant. [...]


05 june 2012, 09h49

Bank of Canada maintains key interest rate

Picture The Bank of Canada is maintaining a low interest rate in the face of a weakening global economy. The rate remains at one per cent. The central bank says that economic activity in emerging markets has slowed more than expected. Another concern is Europe's debt crisis. [...]


05 june 2012, 09h47

Prime Minister Harper and Governor-General Johnston attend Queen's Jubilee celebrations

Picture Canada's prime minister, Stephen Harper, and Canada's governor-general, David Johnston, were among the foreign dignitaries who gathered in London's St. Paul's Cathedral on Tuesday to greet the Queen on the final day of her Diamond Jubilee celebrations. [...]


04 june 2012, 15h28

Study doubts murcury levels on the rise near Albertan tarsands

Picture A new study is casting doubt on findings that mercury levels are increasing in fish near Alberta's oilsands.Two Environment Canada scientists analyzed decades worth of data from different sources to conclude levels of the potent toxin are stable and may even be declining in lakes near the massive developments. [...]


04 june 2012, 08h18

Protests hamper F-1 activities

Picture Organizers of Montreal's annual F-1 Grand Prix have decided to scale back its public exposure because of ongoing street protests in Montreal by students and others. An Open House to allow the public to meet the drivers and tour the course has been cancelled for fear of disruptions by protesters. [...]


04 june 2012, 08h17

PM joins jubilee celebrations

Picture Prime Minister Stephen Harper is spending his first full day in London. He is in the British capital to join the celebrations of Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee. The queen is Canada's head-of-state. Mr. Harper's only planned event today is a big concert at Buckingham Palace. [...]


04 june 2012, 08h15

Manhunt for Magnotta ends - suspect arrested in Germany

Picture There has been a break in the case of Luka Magnotta, the man wanted in connection with a grizly murder and dismemberment in Montreal. Police in Berlin confirm he has been arrested there on the basis of an international arrest warrant issued by Interpol. [...]


04 june 2012, 08h14

Arrest in Toronto shooting

Picture Toronto police say they have made an arrest in Saturday's Eaton Centre shootings. 23-year-old Christopher Husbands has been charged with one count of first degree murder and six counts of attempted murder. One man was killed and several other people injured in the shootings on Saturday. Toronto's Eaton Centre is a major downtown shopping complex. [...]


03 june 2012, 12h41

Provinces worried a Canada-EU free trade pact will raise  drug prices 

Picture Canada's provinces say they want compensation if drug costs increase in a free trade agreement with Europe. British Columbia premier Christy Clark says she and other premiers have written Prime Minister Stephen Harper's government asking the federal government not to agree to anything that would increase costs. [...]


03 june 2012, 09h48

Toronto shooting kills one and injures seven others

Picture Police say they believe they know who they are looking for in a deadly shooting in one of Canada's busiest shopping malls. One man was killed and seven other poeple injured Saturday in the shootings. Toronto's Eaton Centre remains closed as police continue to investigate.The man killed has been identified as 24-year-old Ahmed Hassan. [...]


03 june 2012, 09h42

Manhunt continues for  Montreal murder and dismemberment suspect

Picture French officials say police are investigating claims by two people who believe they saw a Canadian man wanted in connection with a grisly Montreal murder. A French state prosecutor's office says the reported sighting came in northwest Paris.An international manhunt is underway for 29-year-old Luka Rocco Magnotta. [...]


03 june 2012, 09h34

Canada defends the use of drones in military attacks

Picture Canada is defending the use of military drone attacks saying technological advances have reduced the likelihood of civilian casualties. Defence Minister Peter MacKay says the unmanned systems have proved their effectiveness in the decade-long war in Afghanistan and also in NATO strikes in Libya last year . [...]


03 june 2012, 09h26

Canada rejects United Nations assement on human rights

Picture The federal government is rejecting a United Nations report that's critical of Canada for its human rights record. The UN Committee Against Torture takes Canada to task for security practices it says expose Canadians and others to torture and allows war criminals to escape justice. [...]


03 june 2012, 09h19

Student tuition protests continue in Montreal

Picture Students and supporters in the Canadian province of Quebec demonstrated for the 40th consecutive night in Montreal on Saturday. No end to the protests is in sight after talks between student leaders and Quebec's government broke off on Thursday after four days of negotiations. [...]


02 june 2012, 13h50

U.N. report condemns Canada's actions in Afghanistan

Picture The United Nations is condemning what it calls Canada's complicity in torture and human rights violations in Afghanistan. [...]


02 june 2012, 11h05

Quebec students vowing more mass protests

Picture Students in the Canadian province of Quebec demosntrated for the 39th consecutive night in Montreal on Friday. No end to the protests is in sight after talks between student leaders and Quebec's government broke off on Thursday after four days of negotiations. [...]


02 june 2012, 10h04

Search continues for suspect in dismemberment murder

Picture The international search continues for a Montreal resident suspected of killing and dismembering a foreign university student. The suspect, Luka Magnotta, is described as low-budget gay porn actor. His alleged victim was identified as Jun Lin, a 33-year-old Chinese student attending Concordia University. [...]


02 june 2012, 10h04

Canada seeking military post in Singapore

Picture Canada's defence minister has unveiled a proposal to establish a military staging post in Singapore. Peter MacKay spoke in Singapore, where he's attending a major international security conference. Mr. [...]


02 june 2012, 10h03

Rainstorm causes flooding, damage in Ontario

Picture A fierce rainstorm struck central Ontario on Friday night, causing damage that knocked out electric power to thousands of customers. Just over 5,000 homes, business and cottages were left without service overnight. The hardest hit areas were the Orillia region, Penetanguishene, Bancroft, Tweed and Bracebridge. [...]


02 june 2012, 09h56

Canadians gathering in London for Queen's Diamond Jubilee

Picture Groups of Canadians are in London, England,to participate in celebrations marking the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Four days of festivities began on Saturday. Riverside processions, concerts, fireworks and carriage rides are part of the celebrations. [...]


01 june 2012, 16h16

GM lays off 2,000

Picture As many as 2,000 workers at a Canadian auto plant are facing layoffs. General Motors of Canada has announced that it will close the older part of its plant in Oshawa, ON, next year. The plant produces the Chevrolet Impala and the Equinox model cars. Part of the plant's production will be shifted to another GM plant in Oshawa. [...]


01 june 2012, 16h12

Railway resumes operations after strike

Picture Canadian commodity producers say they're relieved their products, such as grain and minerals, will be moving again now that operations by Canadian Pacific Railway have resumed after Parliament ordered striking workers back to the job. [...]


01 june 2012, 16h05

Canada seeks staging ground in Singapore

Picture Canada is seeking a deal with Singapore to establish a military staging post there as part of its effort to support the United States' pivot towards Asia to counter a rising China. Defence Minister Peter MacKay reported the plan from Singapore, where he's at a major meeting of defence leaders. [...]


01 june 2012, 16h02

PM marks Armed Forces Day

Picture Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper marked Canadian Armed Forces Day by visiting the city in northern Ontario known for its underground NORAD base, praising the work of the military and deriding "moral equivalency" of the Cold War. The military monitored the skies 24 hours a day for more than 40 years in North Bay, Ont.,[...]


01 june 2012, 15h58

B.C. implements bullying plan

Picture British Columbia Premier Christy Clark says she wants B.C. schools to implement a 10-point anti-bullying plan designed to ensure every child feels safe, accepted and respected. Clark's calling the $2-million program ERASE, which stands for Expect Respect and a Safe Education. [...]


31 may 2012, 16h57

Manhunt underway in body-parts case

Picture An international manhunt has been launched for a porn actor wanted in a gruesome body-parts case as police announced Thursday that the suspect is believed to have fled the country. Montreal police have issued a countrywide arrest warrant for Luka Rocco Magnotta, and he has also been added to Interpol's wanted person's list. [...]


31 may 2012, 16h28

NDP leader visits oilsands facility

Picture The mayor of Alberta's oilsands region says New Democratic Party Leader Tom Mulcair has some valid points about the industry. Melissa Blake met with him at Fort McMurray city hall after his visit to Suncor's oilsands project Thursday. She said she doesn't entirely disagree with his concerns about environmental sustainability. [...]


31 may 2012, 16h25

NL oil project closer to development

Picture The Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board has approved an application to develop the $6.5-billion Hebron oil project off Newfoundland. The federal-provincial regulatory body says its decision means that ExxonMobil Canada can proceed to develop the oilfield, which is estimated to contain about 707 million barrels of oil. [...]


31 may 2012, 16h21

Student negotiations break down in Quebec

Picture An attempt to find a solution to the Quebec student crisis has fallen apart. After four days of negotiation, the provincial government and student groups announced Thursday that their talks had gone nowhere. [...]


31 may 2012, 16h17

Saskatchewan joins tobacco suit

Picture Saskatchewan is joining the list of provinces suing the tobacco industry for the costs of treating smoking-related illnesses. The province has proclaimed legislation which gives it legal authority to file a lawsuit on behalf of residents. Justice Minister Gordon Wyant says the province intends to hold the industry accountable. [...]


30 may 2012, 16h58

Canadian govt. chided for attitude toward UN

Picture A long list of human-rights groups, lawyers and activists wants the federal government to apologize for criticizing the UN food envoy during his recent visit to Canada. Signatories include former NDP leader Ed Broadbent, former Progressive Conservative minister Flora Macdonald, as well as organizations such as Amnesty International. [...]


30 may 2012, 16h54

Canada reacts to UN choice of Mugabe

Picture Canada is withdrawing from a United Nations body over the appointment of Robert Mugabe as a special tourism ambassador. Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird says the appointment of the Zimbabwean leader as international tourism ambassador symbolizes what is wrong with the UN. Mr. [...]


30 may 2012, 16h51

Mexico wants to send Canada more Mexicans

Picture Mexico wants to increase its foreign workforce in Canada, despite the Conservative government's new employment insurance rules that aim to fill vacant jobs with unemployed Canadians instead. [...]


30 may 2012, 16h48

NDP chief to visit oilsands

Picture Alberta's oilsands are under stricter environmental oversight as the Alberta and federal governments implement a monitoring plan announced earlier this year. The Alberta Environment Department says scientists are now looking at more sites, more often and for more contaminants than before. [...]


30 may 2012, 16h44

Ottawa to move to correct RCMP discipline problems

Picture Canada's Public Safety Minister, Vic Toews, is planning to introduce laws to improve the process of enforcing discipline within the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Mr. Toews says that the process is too antiquated to deal quickly with recent issues of abuse among RCMP officers. [...]


30 may 2012, 16h41

Police have suspect in body parts case

Picture Police have named a suspect in the shocking case in which dismembered body parts were mailed to Ottawa, including the headquarters of the governing Conservative party. Montreal police say 29-year-old Rocco Luka Magnotta is wanted in connection with a suspected homicide. [...]


30 may 2012, 16h36

Ontario, doctors show signs of compromise

Picture Ontario doctors have not agreed to return to the bargaining table with the Liberal government, but both sides are expressing optimism for the first time in weeks. Health Minister Deb Matthews says she had a very positive meeting Wednesday with Dr. Doug Weir, president of the Ontario Medical Association. Mrs. [...]


29 may 2012, 17h08

Syrians ordered out of Canada

Picture Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird says Canada is expelling Syrian diplomats in the wake of the massacre in Houla. Mr. Baird says all remaining diplomats in Ottawa and their families have five days to leave Canada. As well, another Syrian diplomat waiting to come to Canada will be refused entry. [...]


29 may 2012, 17h04

Canada bearish on possible world trade deal

Picture Canadian Trade Minister Ed Fast says a comprehensive world trade deal is unlikely for some time and that Canada must compensate by striking new trade deals on its own. The minister says there will be no progress on the Doha round trade negotiations for some years. Given that Canada is depending on exports, Mr. [...]


29 may 2012, 16h48

Ottawa won't appeal ruling on veterans

Picture Disabled Canadian veterans will soon be able to collect their full pension along with long-term disability. Defence Minister Peter MacKay announced that Ottawa will not appeal a court ruling on the matter. He did not say how far back the government would go in refunding monies already lost . [...]


29 may 2012, 16h45

Elections watchdog sees lack of voter trust

Picture Elections watchdog Marc Mayrand says it's critical that trust be restored in Canada's electoral system. The chief electoral officer acknowledges confidence in the system has been shaken by a recent court ruling overturning the election result in one Toronto riding, and by the so-called robocall scandal. Mr. [...]


29 may 2012, 16h41

Attempt at lawsuit over NS tar ponds drags on

Picture A lawyer in Halifax, NS, says an appeal in a class-action lawsuit over Cape Breton's notorious tar ponds is disappointing but not surprising after some eight years of legal wrangling. [...]


29 may 2012, 16h35

NL seal hunt concludes

Picture Newfoundland and Labrador's fisheries minister says 70,000 harp seals have been killed during this year's commercial seal hunt. nearly twice the number that was killed last year. Darin King told the provincial legislature that 680 sealers took part in this year's hunt, which had a total allowable catch of 400,000. [...]


29 may 2012, 16h30

Emergency lifted at northern Ontario town

Picture The state of emergency for the northeastern Ontario town of Kirkland Lake has been lifted. Firefighters have been battling a large forest fire on the north edge of town for the past 10 days. The fire has been as close as three kilometres to the community of more than 9,000 people. [...]


28 may 2012, 18h01

Ottawa to legislate railway back to work

Picture Canada's Conservative government introduced back-to-work legislation for 4,800 striking Canadian Pacific Railway workers Monday, saying Canada's entire economy was at risk along with the country's international reputation. [...]


28 may 2012, 17h57

Canada wants more sanctions after Syria massacre

Picture Canada is calling for tougher sanctions against Syria following an attack on the town of Houla that killed more than 100 men, women and children. The UN Security Council held an emergency meeting on Sunday and called for those responsible for the slaughter to be held accountable. [...]


28 may 2012, 17h54

Canadian opposition party maintains popularity

Picture A new national opinion polls suggests Canadian political opinion is shifting leftward. The Forum Poll published in the National Post concludes that the left-leaning New Democratic Party - currently the official opposition in Parliament - would form a minority government if an election were held now. [...]


28 may 2012, 17h51

Warning sounded over federal fishery cuts

Picture Fisheries groups and academics are sounding a warning over federal government cuts to the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. [...]


28 may 2012, 17h42

Quebec, students renew negotiations

Picture Talks are back on between the Quebec government and student leaders in an attempt to end a months-long conflict. It's the first time the sides have met since the government tabled emergency legislation almost two weeks ago. Since then, street protests have swelled to different cities, including at least a couple outside Canada. [...]


28 may 2012, 17h39

B.C. teachers conflict drags on

Picture The B.C. Teachers' Federation says it won't back down despite threats of back-to-work legislation if a bitter contract dispute is not resolved by the end of June. BCTF president Susan Lambert warns her members will be ready to fight if Education Minister George Abbott makes good on suggestions that a new contract could be imposed over the summer. [...]


28 may 2012, 17h31

Rain comes to rescue in northern Ontario

Picture The mayor of Timmins, ON, Tom Laughren says the city has lifted a state of emergency after rain dampened forest fires in northeastern Ontario. The fire has not grown since Saturday and remains at 39,500 hectares, about 30 kilometres away from the centre of the Timmins. Weaker winds and cloud cover are helping to keep smoke away from the city. [...]


28 may 2012, 17h27

Body of Canadian mountain climber found

Picture A team of climbers has reached the remains of a Canadian woman who died while descending from the summit of Mount Everest earlier this month. Shriya Shah-Klorfine's body has been transported down the mountain to a point where a helicopter can land. Bad weather, however, has prevented a helicopter from reaching the slope. [...]


28 may 2012, 09h38

Quebec to resume talks in dispute with students

Picture Quebec's government is hoping that a new round of talks could finally bring an end to mass demonstrations by college students. Talks are scheduled to begin on Monday. Thousands of students have been demonstrating in Montreal every day for more than a month, banging pots and pans, and occasionally clashing with police. [...]


27 may 2012, 14h31

Minister set to order striking rail employees back to work

Picture Canada's Labour Minister says the conditions are in place to order striking workers at Canadian Pacific back to work. Lisa Raitt says she is prepared to table legislation when Parliament resumes Monday ordering about 4800 workers at CP Rail back to work. She says with the Canadian economy still fragile, the country cannot afford a prolonged strike.[...]


27 may 2012, 09h16

Wildfires burning in Central and Eastern Canada

Picture Rain is expected to help crews fighting wildfires near Timmins and Kirkland Lake, in northern Ontario. Fire crews hope the forecasted rain will prevent new wildfires from starting and allow them to focus on the most dangerous ones now burning. [...]


27 may 2012, 09h13

Tornadoes cause millions of dollars in damage in Quebec

Picture Quebec's student leaders appear to be signaling that they're willing to compromise on the issue of university tuition fee hikes. Two student leaders say that IF the province is will to compromise, they're willing to do the same. [...]


27 may 2012, 09h03

Student  leaders say they're ready to compromise over tuition hikes

Picture Quebec's student leaders appear to be signaling that they're willing to compromise on the issue of university tuition fee hikes. Two student leaders say that IF the province is will to compromise, they're willing to do the same. [...]


27 may 2012, 08h57

Volunteer Coast Guard expands role on Canada's west coast

Picture The Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary has a new name, a new base in West Vancouver and a new boat. President Randy Strandt says the new name, Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue, reflects the organization's separate identity from the federally operated coast guard. [...]


27 may 2012, 08h45

Canadian reseachers to install tsunami sensors

Picture Canadian researchers are preparing to install sensors that'll help predict tsunamis, off the west coast of Vancouver Island. The researchers from NEPTUNE Canada were scheduled to leave Sunday for the month-long sea voyage. [...]


26 may 2012, 14h39

Tornado north of Montreal

Picture Environment Canada confirms that a tornado touched down in a community northwest of Montreal Friday night. The weather office says the low-scale F-1 twister caused extensive property damage in the town of St. Benoit, in the Mirabel area. [...]


26 may 2012, 14h00

Suspect charged in triple homicide

Picture Charges have been laid in connection with a triple murder in Aylmer, Quebec, across the Ottawa River from the nation's capital. The suspect, 28-year-old Shakti Ramsurrun, is facing three counts of first-degree murder in the stabbing deaths of his estranged wife Anne-Katherine Powers and those of her parents Louise LeBoeuf, 63, and Ms. [...]


26 may 2012, 12h33

Out of control fire near Goose Bay

Fire crews continue to battle a blaze near the largest military base in Labrador, the 5 Wing Goose Bay airbase. A military spokesman says the fire, which broke out around noon on Friday is still not under control. High winds are making it difficult to battle the blaze, which is burning just north of the base. [...]


26 may 2012, 12h21

Winds abate in Northern Ontario

Picture The powerful winds that have fanned the flames of fierce wildfires in northern Ontario have calmed down. Emergency officials say the change in weather is helping firefighting efforts, which had been hampered by strong gusts that limited the use of water bombers. [...]


26 may 2012, 10h49

CP Rail strike

Picture C-P Rail's freight operations remain paralysed with 48-hundred of its workers on strike. Contract talks continue but Canada's conservative government is set to introduce back-to-work legislation as early as Monday. [...]


26 may 2012, 10h41

Quebec students protest in thunderstorms

Picture Thunderstorms failed to prevent Montreal students from staging their nightly march Friday. They banged on pots and pans as lightning flashed overhead and rain poured down. [...]


26 may 2012, 10h37

Third B.C. salmon farm quarantined

Picture Concerns about a virus have prompted the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to quarantine a third salmon farm in the Pacific coast province of British Columbia. Mainstream Canada says two of its farms near Tofino have now been quarantined because of the virus known as I-H-N. [...]


25 may 2012, 16h51

Ottawa continues to reduce deficit

Picture The Canadian government's books took a large $9-billion hit in March but the $23.5 billion deficit it expects for the just-ended budget year appears to be below its previous estimates. The month included two large spending items that were out of the ordinary, a $2.2[...]


25 may 2012, 16h44

Opinion divided on NDP leader's comments on oilsands

Picture A new poll suggests Canadians are roughly split over New Democratic Party leader Tom Mulcair's contention that the Alberta oilsands raise the value of the Canadian dollar, which in turn hurts the economy in other parts of the country. [...]


25 may 2012, 16h40

Quebec students seek to nullify emergency law

Picture The protest movement against the Charest government is switching the legal arena. Lawyers for student federations and other groups appeared in a Montreal courtroom on Friday to file legal motions against Bill 78, the law aimed at cracking down on student protests. [...]


25 may 2012, 16h05

Ontario students inspired by Quebec counterparts

Picture Ontario students and unions say they're preparing to join their Quebec counterparts in protesting tuition hikes. They say they're not advocating violence, but warn there's unrest brewing among students who are frustrated with paying sky-high fees for their education. [...]


25 may 2012, 16h02

Ontario budget remains unpassed

Picture Ontario Finance Minister Dwight Duncan says he's not interested in tax changes before the budget is passed. The New Democrats want to break out the tax changes that are part of the budget to ensure they're implemented in time. But Mr. [...]


25 may 2012, 15h57

Fire threatens northern Ontario town

Picture Officials in Timmins in northern Ontario are hoping a shift in the weather could turn the tide in their battle against a raging forest fire spewing smoke and ash toward the city. Mayor Tom Laughren says cooler temperatures and a sprinkling of rain have eased the situation this morning, but the danger remains. [...]


25 may 2012, 09h23

Forest fire threatens northern Ontario town

Picture A state of emergency is in effect in a town in northeastern Ontario, where a forest fire is coming within 30 kilometres of Timmins. The town's forty thousand residents are advised to keep their doors and windows closed because of thick smoke. The fire covers 250 square kilometres. Winds are fanning the flames. [...]


24 may 2012, 17h22

Unemployment rate steady

Picture The number of unemployed Canadians receiving employment insurance benefits was little changed in March. Statistics Canada says that beneficiaries numbered just over 549,000. The number of unemployed rose in Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, Ontario and New Brunswick, but the number fell in Alberta. [...]


24 may 2012, 17h17

Quebec police arrest 500 in student protest

Picture Scenes of mass arrests in various parts of Quebec, with over 650 people arrested in different cities for a variety of reasons, have spurred a new attempt at resolving a dispute that has catapulted the province onto international news pages. [...]


24 may 2012, 16h59

Fire wanes near northern Ontario town

Picture Kirkland Lake's mayor says a forest fire near the northeastern Ontario town appears to be almost out but dangerous hot spots remain. Mayor Bill Enouy says fires can flare up at any moment and a fly-over with infra-red cameras this morning shows many hot spots. [...]


23 may 2012, 17h03

Ottawa again readies back-to-work law

Picture The Canadian government said on Wednesday it could introduce back-to-work legislation as early as next Monday if a strike at Canadian Pacific Railway Ltd. persists and harms the economy. [...]


23 may 2012, 17h00

Canadian minister admits problem in North

Picture Canadian Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq says that when she criticized a United Nations right-to-food envoy last week, she never meant to imply there were no hunger problems in the North. Mrs. Aglukkaq says there are indeed serious poverty challenges in her home region. [...]


23 may 2012, 16h57

U.S. army unit unprecedentedly wins Canadian honour

Picture An American special forces contingent has become the first non-Canadian recipient of the country's highest citation for military units. The 1st Battalion, 3rd Special Forces Group has won the Governor General's Commander-in-Chief Commendation for its support of Canadian troops during a landmark battle in Afghanistan almost six years ago. The U.S. [...]


23 may 2012, 16h30

Costa Rica promises fair trial for conservationist

Picture The president of Costa Rica promised on Wednesday a fair trial in her country for a Canadian conservationist facing possible extradition over a campaign against shark finning. [...]


21 may 2012, 17h10

Quebec students go marchin' on

Picture Quebec's student movement is preparing to mark 100 days of protest Tuesday with a massive afternoon march in downtown Montreal. A coalition of unions and civil society groups is encouraging people to join in the demonstration to denounce the tuition increases and a new emergency law aimed at restoring order in the province. [...]


21 may 2012, 17h06

Mounties kept eye on French writer

Picture Newly released documents show Canadian spies closely watched existentialist philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre, tracking his planned trip to Quebec in support of people arrested during a crackdown on separatist threats. The declassified Royal Canadian Mounted Police dossier on Mr. [...]


21 may 2012, 17h01

Canadian loses life on Everest

Picture A Canadian is among three climbers who were killed this weekend while descending from the peak of Mount Everest. The victims were identified as a German doctor, Eberhard Schaaf, Nepal-born Canadian Shriya Shah, and South Korean mountaineer Song Won-bin. It's believed that they suffered from exhaustion and altitude sickness. [...]


21 may 2012, 16h59

Conservationist makes bail in Germany

Picture The Canadian founder of an anti-whaling group who was arrested in Germany on an international warrant has been released on bail. Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society left a Frankfurt jail on Monday after a court ordered him freed on bail pending a decision on whether he will be extradited to Costa Rica. Mr. [...]


19 may 2012, 14h24

Anti-war protesters gather in Toronto

Picture Dozens of anti-war demonstrators picketed across the street from the U.S. consulate in Toronto on Saturday to condemn NATO talks on the future of the Afghan mission. The rally is a response to this weekend's summit in Chicago, where leaders from dozens of countries will discuss the war in Afghanistan and other international security issues. [...]


19 may 2012, 09h12

Transgendered beauty queen competes Saturday

Picture A transgendered beauty queen will find out Saturday night if she'll become Miss Universe Canada. Jenna Talackova of Vancouver was born male and underwent sex-reassignment surgery when she was 19. If she wins, she'll advance to the international Miss Universe pageant in December. Ms. [...]


19 may 2012, 09h07

Dutch throw Canada a lifeline on oilsands

Picture The government of the Netherlands says any discussion about whether Europe's proposed fuel-quality directive discriminates against Alberta's oilsands must be based on hard facts. [...]


19 may 2012, 09h03

Some BC mayors unhappy with federal cuts to coast guard

Picture Canada's federal government is being criticized by several British Columbia mayors over plans to close coast guard stations in Vancouver, Comox and Ucluelet. More than 1,000 coast guard and fisheries employees have received notice that their jobs may be in jeopardy as the federal government implements budget cuts. [...]


19 may 2012, 08h54

Ottawa will appeal native children ruling

Picture The Canadian government has appealed a Federal Court ruling that ordered a new hearing into whether Ottawa is discriminating against native children. The Canadian Human Rights Commission has said last month's Federal Court ruling clears the way for First Nations to challenge federal funding for education, policing and health care. [...]


19 may 2012, 08h50

Losing federal candidate wins court challenge

Picture A former Toronto member of parliament who won a court challenge over his election loss last year is calling on Prime Minister Stephen Harper to call a byelection as soon as possible. Liberal Borys Wrzesnewskyj narrowly lost to Conservative Ted Opitz and contended he was the victim of voting irregularities. [...]


19 may 2012, 08h39

Students clash with police again in Montreal

Picture For the 25th straight night, thousands of protesters marched in downtown Montreal on Friday. There was an ugly clash with police, who were pelted with projectiles -- including Molotov cocktails. Some shop windows were smashed. Police responded with rubber bullets, tear gas, and concussion grenades. [...]


17 may 2012, 17h13

Federal fisheries dept. to shed hundreds of jobs

Picture About 400 jobs at the federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard are being cut as part of efforts to save just over $79 million. A spokeswoman for Fisheries Minister Keith Ashfield says workers may be asked to relocate or switch jobs but won't necessarily be laid off. [...]


17 may 2012, 17h10

Legal team for terror suspects dismayed to prosecutors' tactic

Picture Lawyers for three men accused of terrorist offences are expressing dismay about a sudden federal move that derailed months of planning. Unexpectedly, federal prosecutors decided this week the men will go directly to trial in Ontario Superior Court. [...]


17 may 2012, 17h05

Beheading case leads to legal rethink

Picture The Canadian government is reviewing the Criminal Code to put public safety ahead of individual rights in cases involving people found not criminally responsible for their actions. Justice Minister Rob Nicholson did not mention Vince Li in connection with the review. [...]


17 may 2012, 16h59

Quebec moves to end student turmoil

Picture The Quebec government was ti table emergency legislation On Thursday evening in an effort to stamp out a turbulent student crisis that has gripped the province for months. If passed, the government of Premier Jean Charest would suspend the current academic session for striking students while hoping to restore order. [...]


17 may 2012, 16h56

TO mayor shows up for gay event

Picture The mayor of Canada's most populous city won cheers Thursday as he made an unexpected appearance at a rainbow flag-raising marking International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. [...]


16 may 2012, 17h27

Finance minister warns of repercussions of Greece crisis

Picture Finance Minister Jim Flaherty says the eurozone is reaching a turning point but that the departure of Greece is not yet inevitable. Mr. Flaherty says he's concerned failure to resolve the issue could have serious rebound effects on the Canadian banking sector and economy. [...]


16 may 2012, 17h15

Police reported misbehaving at G20 riots

Picture A new report concludes that police violated civil rights, detained people illegally, and used excessive force during the G20 summit in Toronto two years ago, The report by Ontario's independent police watchdog also criticizes the temporary detention centre that Toronto police set up for its poor planning, design and operation that saw people detai[...]


16 may 2012, 17h04

Two accused in mass arrival of illegal Tamil migrants

Picture Two men accused of helping to organize a mass smuggling operation into Canada have made a brief appearance in a Vancouver court. Lesly Jana Emmanuel and Kunarobinson Christhurajah each face a charge of helping a boatload of Tamil migrants make it to British Columbia's shores almost two years ago. [...]


16 may 2012, 17h00

Rights advocates say Canada ignores requirements of trade with Colombia

Picture Human rights advocates say the Canadian government is shirking a legal responsibility to evaluate the rights situation in Colombia. When the federal government signed a free-trade agreement with the South American country last year, it agreed to submit annual reports on how human rights were being affected. [...]


16 may 2012, 16h56

SK premier rejects NDP claim

Picture Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall is dismissing comments that he's a messenger for Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Federal New Democratic Party Leader Thomas Mulcair suggested the premiers of Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia are messengers for Mr. Harper when it comes to the impact of the oilsands on the economy. Mr. [...]


16 may 2012, 16h54

Quebec students go on rampage

Picture Student protesters stormed into a university in Montreal, many of them with their faces covered by masks, moving through the hallways in a hunt for classes to disrupt. The chaotic scene was orchestrated Wednesday by protesters determined to enforce their declared strikes. [...]


16 may 2012, 16h51

Canadian conservationist still in jail

Picture The Canadian founder of an anti-whaling group who is being held in Germany will have to wait a few more days to find out if he'll be extradited to Costa Rica. The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society says a judge is expected to decide Friday whether to formally detain or release Paul Watson. Mr.W[...]


16 may 2012, 16h47

Rome relieves of duties disgracing Canadian priest

Picture A Roman Catholic bishop who was convicted of importing child pornography into Canada has been stripped of his clerical duties. The Diocese of Antigonish, N.S., says the Holy See in Rome has dismissed Raymond Lahey from the clerical state. The diocese says that is one of the most serious penalties that the Roman Catholic Church can impose. [...]


15 may 2012, 17h44

Two charged with mass smuggling of Sri Lankans

Picture Two people have been charged with helping to smuggle a ship full of Tamil migrants from Sri Lanka into Canada. Lesly Jana Emmanuel and Kunarobinson Christhurajah are accused of organizing and aiding in the operation that brought 492 Tamils by boat to British Columbia's coast. [...]


15 may 2012, 17h41

Unemployed won't be forced to relocate

Picture The Canadian human resources minister says unemployed workers receiving EI benefits will not be forced to relocate or take jobs outside their skill set. Diane Finley says coming changes to the employment insurance program will be designed to help the unemployed get back to work quickly, and help businesses facing skills shortages. [...]


15 may 2012, 17h32

G20 accused acquitted

Picture An accused activist at the Toronto summit, Byron Sonne, has been acquitted of possessing explosives and counselling mischief. The judge said the Crown had failed to prove Mr. Sonne planned to combine chemicals he had to make bombs. The 39-year-old Mr. [...]


15 may 2012, 17h27

Canadians said making excessive environmental impact

Picture A report from the World Wildlife Fund says Canada has the eighth-largest ecological impact per person in the world. The ranking appears in the WWF's Living Planet Report and is based on demands placed on natural capital. Qatar tops the list while the United States ranks fifth. [...]


15 may 2012, 17h24

Conservationist's lawyer shocked

Picture The lawyer for Canadian conservation activist Paul Watson says his client is shocked over his arrest in Germany. Mr. Watson remains in custody after being arrested in Frankfurt on Saturday on an international warrant issued by Costa Rica. His arrest is the result of an alleged confrontation with his ship and a Costa Rican gun boat in 2002. [...]


15 may 2012, 17h19

Alberta residents mark doleful anniversary

Picture Residents of Slave Lake are marking the first year anniversary of the devastating wildfires that destroyed nearly one-third of the town. Alberta Premier Alison Redford says it is a celebration of rebuilding the community and also of remembering terrible days. [...]


15 may 2012, 17h16

Girl's killer gets life

Picture A court in London, ON, has handed down an automatic life sentence of Michael Rafferty. He was found guilty on Friday of the first-degree murder of eight-year-old Victoria Stafford in April 2009. Raffterty did not testify in his own defence. The court heard testify of the crime from his former girlfriend and accomplice Terri-Lynne McClintic. [...]


14 may 2012, 16h44

Euro gets boost in Ottawa

Picture The battered euro received a rare boost Monday when Poland's prime minister affirmed his country's commitment to adopt the currency, despite the financial woes that threaten Europe. [...]


14 may 2012, 16h37

RCMP absolved of abuse at Toronto summit

Picture The watchdog that keeps an eye on Canada's federal police says it acted appropriately during the G20 summit in Toronto in June 2010. The event was marred by violence and mass arrests. [...]


14 may 2012, 16h33

Canada Post arbitration bogs down

Picture Arbitration hearings to settle a lingering dispute between Canada Post and its biggest union have been delayed again after the union won a stay of proceedings from the Federal Court of Canada. [...]


14 may 2012, 16h29

Ontario Liberals deny defiance on gun registry

Picture Ontario's opposition Progressive Conservative Party has accused the Liberal government of planning to create a provincial gun registry. Premier Dalton McGuinty says he has no intention of creating an Ontario gun registry. But he says but he does want stores to follow a practice started in 1978 to keep registers of who buys guns. [...]


14 may 2012, 16h27

Embattled Quebec minister quits

Picture Quebec's education minister and deputy premier resigned from politics Monday in a bombshell announcement that came after months of student-related unrest. Education Minister Line Beauchamp said she was not resigning because of violence and intimidation related to the student strike. [...]


14 may 2012, 16h23

Conservationist detained in Germany

Picture A Canadian conservation activist is under arrest in Germany. The founder of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society founder, Paul Watson, has been detained in Frankfurt on an arrest warrant stemming from an alleged confrontation with a Costa Rican gun boat back in 2002. The Society says Mr. [...]


13 may 2012, 12h45

UN Observer examines Canada's record on access to food

Picture A United Nations Special Observer on food rights met with aboriginal representatives from across western Canada Sunday. The meeting in the province of Alberta is part of a cross-country investigation into Canada's compliance with human rights laws regarding access to food. The 11-day mission is headed by Olivier De Schutter. [...]


13 may 2012, 09h50

Mid-air plane collision under investigation

Picture A mid-air collision in western Canada between two small planes has left five people dead. It happened north-east of Saskatoon in the prairie province of Saskatchewan. Transport Canadaofficials havebegun their investigation into the crash.Officials are puzzled by this accident. [...]


12 may 2012, 09h36

Criminal charges for attack on Air Canada flight attendant

Picture A 70-year-old woman is facing criminal charges of attacking an Air Canada flight attendant. Moira Gentry allegedly grabbed the attendant by the neck on a flight between London, England and Vancouver on January 4. The attendant was checking on a complaint that a passenger was behaving strangely. Ms. [...]


11 may 2012, 16h37

PM says job figures are vindication

Picture Prime Minister Stephen Harper says job growth over the past two months shows that his government's economic stewardship is working. Canada booked its best two-month jobs gain in three decades with news Friday that the economy churned out 58,200 new jobs in April. [...]


11 may 2012, 16h32

Cost of Libya campaign understated

Picture The director of the National Defence Departyment's military's strategic joint staff has been called to explain duelling figures on how much the Harper government spent on the NATO mission, which ousted dictator Moammar Gadhafi last year. Maj.-Gen. [...]


11 may 2012, 16h29

Alberta premier takes exception to NDP leader's remarks about oilsands

Picture Alberta Premier Alison Redford is speaking out about federal NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair's comments about the oilsands. The NDP leader said last weekend that the oilsands are artificially inflating the Canadian dollar and harming the country's manufacturing sector. He called it the definition of Dutch disease. [...]


11 may 2012, 16h26

B.C. under pressure to take stand on proposed pipeline

Picture British Columbia's environment minister acknowledges he's feeling the pressure to take a stand on the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline project, but he says his government is determined to keep quiet until federal environmental reviews are completed. [...]


11 may 2012, 16h18

Wildfires again menace Alberta

Picture As people in Slave Lake, AB, prepare to mark the one-year anniversary of wildfires that ravaged the town, the threat of new wildfires in the region is listed as extreme. Alberta fire officials say the forests north of Edmonton are bone-dry, trees and grass haven't greened up, humidity is low and winds are strong and gusty. [...]


11 may 2012, 16h15

Ontario would retain gun purchase records

Picture Ontario says it won't create a provincial gun registry, but it will require stores to keep records of who buys guns, despite federal objections. Community Safety Minister Madeleine Meilleur has written her federal counterpart, Vic Toews, to say Ontario will comply fully with the requirements of Bill C-19. It ended the federal gun registry. [...]


10 may 2012, 16h41

Israeli president warns of Iran danger

Picture Israeli President Shimon Peres says he can't imagine the free world being resigned to the idea of Iran getting the nuclear bomb. In his latest stop on a Canadian tour, Peres reminded 1,700 members of Montreal's Jewish community of the potential implications of Iran becoming a nuclear power. Mr. [...]


10 may 2012, 16h35

Canadian opposition parties plan procedural bushwhack in Commons

Picture Canada Conservative Party government will have to scale potentially hundreds of procedural hurdles erected by three different opposition parties to secure passage of its massive budget implementation bill. The Conservatives' majority ensures the 400-plus-page bill will eventually win parliamentary approval. [...]


10 may 2012, 16h32

PM finds post for former foreign minister

Picture Prime Minister Stephen Harper has named one-time Tory cabinet minister Lawrence Cannon to be Canada's next ambassador to France. The former foreign affairs minister replaces Marc Lortie, who has served as ambassador since 2007. Mr. [...]


10 may 2012, 16h27

Canadian opposition formation maintains popularity

Picture A new Canadian political survey suggests the federal opposition New Democratic Party is gaining support across the country. The survey of about 2,000 people suggests the NDP has 34 per cent of popular support and has become competitive in traditional areas where the governing Conservative Party is popular. [...]


10 may 2012, 16h22

Defence minister apologizes for grotesque blunder

Picture Canada's Defence Minister Peter MacKay says a Defence Department booklet featuring a photograph of convicted sex killer Russell Williams was a terrible mistake. Williams is a former commander of a major Canadian air base. Mr. MacKay says he will call the families of Williams' two murder victims to apologize to them personally. [...]


10 may 2012, 16h19

PM congratulates Alberta's senators-in-waiting

Picture Prime Minister Stephen Harper is congratulating three Conservatives who were chosen as Alberta's new senators-in-waiting in a vote held in conjunction with last month's Alberta provincial election. Mr. [...]


10 may 2012, 16h14

Federal police officer sues employer

Picture A Royal Canadian Mounted Police corporal who once served as the public face of the force in British Columbia is suing her employer. Deputy Commissioner Craig Callens, the B.C. RCMP's commanding officer, says the force has not yet been served but understands a suit is being filed by Const.. Catherine Galliford. [...]


09 may 2012, 16h54

Opposition stages Commons revolt

Picture Canada's opposition New Democratic Party's legislators are vowing to delay Parliament to prevent the Conservative government from passing its massive budget bill on Monday. [...]


09 may 2012, 16h50

Conservatives give in to pressure on immigration bill

Picture The Conservative government has bowed to pressure and proposed amendments to a controversial new refugee bill. Immigration Minister Jason Kenney says migrants deemed part of "mass arrivals" will now have their detention reviewed at the 14-day mark, as opposed to having to wait a year. [...]


09 may 2012, 16h47

RCMP wrecks credit-card scam

Picture The Royal Canadian Mounted Police says Canadian police have dismantled a criminal organization that was allegedly involved in an international debit-card scam worth up to $100 million. The Mounties say 45 people were arrested Wednesday in about 60 raids conducted in the Montreal area and in Ontario. [...]


09 may 2012, 16h43

Former wheat monopoly lays off hundreds

Picture The Canadian Wheat Board is cutting hundreds of jobs as its monopoly comes to an end. The board says the number of employees will be down to 288 by the end of the month. The number will drop to about 100 by the end of the year. The Board says last year there were 430 people on the payroll, mainly in Winnipeg. [...]


09 may 2012, 16h39

NS mine disaster remembered

Picture A sombre vigil was held early Wednesday near theformer Westray mine in rural Nova Scotia, where 26 men died in an underground explosion 20 years ago. About 50 people gathered in the rain before a black memorial stone in New Glasgow that includes the names of the coal miners who died. Rev. [...]


09 may 2012, 16h34

Mexico arrests suspects in killing of Canadian at resort

Picture Prosecutors in the southern Mexico state of Oaxaca say they have arrested five suspects in the killing of a Canadian woman and a Mexican man who were reported missing on Dec. 16. [...]


09 may 2012, 16h30

Rich Tunisian exile loses residency status

Picture Canada's Immigration and Refugee Board has revoked the permanent residency status of the brother-in-law of the former president of Tunisia. Belhassen Trabelsi had tried to stay in Canada on humanitarian grounds. But the Board says there's no sign he will not receive a fair trial in Tunisia. Mr. [...]


08 may 2012, 17h00

Parliament warned govt. will miss environmental targets

Picture The Canadian Parliament's environmental watchdog says Canada is acting too slowly to combat climate change and has little chance of achieving its modest 2020 target for cuts in greenhouse gas emissions. The government pulled Canada out of the Kyoto Protocol on climate change last year. [...]


08 may 2012, 16h56

Canada has mental health strategy

Picture Canadian Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq is welcoming the country's first national mental health strategy. But it's not clear whether Ottawa will take a minor or major role in its implementation. The minister's presence at the formal launch of the Mental Health Commission of Canada's blueprint suggests government will be a player of some kind. [...]


08 may 2012, 16h53

Electoral scammer is slippery customer

Picture Elections Canada's hunt for the elusive Pierre Poutine has led investigators down a blind alley. Investigators sought Internet records from a Saskatchewan-based website that lets people surf the web anonymously. The agency believed the company, Freeproxyserver.c[...]


08 may 2012, 16h49

B.C. apologizes to Japanese Canadians

Picture British Columbia's first elected Japanese-Canadian politician wiped tears from her eyes Monday as she looked up at her eighty-five-year-old father seated in the legislature to witness an apology 70 years overdue. [...]


08 may 2012, 16h45

Alberta Premier shuffles cabinet

Picture Alberta Premier Alison Redford trimmed her cabinet Tuesday, rewarded some veterans and promoted a controversial rookie to the critical post of energy minister. Ken Hughes, a first-time legislature member from Calgary, replaces defeated cabinet minister Ted Morton as the point man for the province's oil and gas industry. [...]


08 may 2012, 16h36

Suspects arrested in killing in Mexico of Canadian tourists

Picture Prosecutors in the southern Mexico state of Oaxaca say they have arrested five suspects in the killing of a Canadian woman and a Mexican man who were reported missing on Dec. 16. [...]


08 may 2012, 16h32

MP wants tanning salons off limites for teens

Picture Conservative MP James Bezan is hoping to make that pre-prom visit to the tanning salon a thing of the past for Canadian teens. Mr. Bezan is pushing for age limits on the use of the devices. The private member's bill would ban the use of tanning beds and booths for Canadians under the age of 18. [...]


07 may 2012, 17h33

Israeli president thanks Canada

Picture Israeli President Shimon Peres thanked Stephen Harper for his staunch support of Israel, and Canada for its 60 years of friendship Monday as the Israeli president began a full state visit. The Nobel laureate has been a fixture in Israeli politics since 1959, serving in 12 cabinets and twice as prime minister. [...]


07 may 2012, 17h29

Western premier takes exception to NDP leader's attitude toward oilsands

Picture Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall is using Twitter to poke fun at federal New Democratic Party Leader Thomas Mulcair. Mr. Wall takes issue with comments Mr. Mulcair made over the weekend while discussing the oilsands. [...]


07 may 2012, 17h26

Vets department will correct errors

Picture The Harper Canadian government moved quickly Monday to limit the damage of a scathing report from Canada's veterans ombudsman, Guy Parent. He accuses a review agency of being secretive and unfair to ex-soldiers in search of benefits. [...]


07 may 2012, 17h20

Manitoba still dealing with flood claims

Picture The Manitoba government is promising to address complaints from some victims of last year's flood who are still awaiting compensation. The government says it is dealing with 30,000 flood claims. Infrastructure Minister Steve Ashton says the province is hiring eight more appraisers and 14 other staff to help process claims. Mr. [...]


07 may 2012, 17h16

Quebec student conflict boils on despite accord

Picture Talk of peace in Quebec's three-month student conflict appears to be premature. At least seven student associations have voted to reject the tentative agreement between the provincial government and student leaders, some of them by massive majorities of up to 94 per cent. [...]


07 may 2012, 17h12

Canadian warship makes drug raid

Picture The Royal Canadian Navy says one of its warships has intercepted an illicit drug shipment in the Gulf of Aden. The navy says HMCS Charlottetown made the seizure Saturday as part of a 26-nation counter-narcotics task force in the Gulf north of Somalia. The navy says eight packages were retrieved from the water, containing 270 kilograms of hashish. [...]


06 may 2012, 12h20

Government backs proposed anti-mask law

Picture Canada’s Conservative government is supporting a private members' bill that would give police the power to arrest anyone masking their face during a riot or unlawful assembly. Conservative Party backbencher Blake Richards is proposing penalties of up to five years in prison or a fine of up to $5,000 for protesters who wear a mask or disguise.[...]


06 may 2012, 08h58

Protesting students and province reach tentative deal

Picture Protesting student groups and the Quebec provincial government have reached a tentative deal. The students have been holding protests and clashing with police for almost three months over the government's plans to raise tuition fees. [...]


05 may 2012, 13h45

Another violent student protest in Quebec

Picture Three people suffered serious injuries on Friday evening when students in the Canadian province of Quebec staged another violent demonstration to protest against the government's plan to raise college tuition fees. One of those injured faced life-threatening wounds. [...]


05 may 2012, 11h34

Crusading double-lung transplant recipient released from hospital

Picture A Canadian woman who had a double-lung transplant last month was released from hospital on Saturday. Helene Campbell of Ottawa had surgery at Toronto General Hospital for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. Before surgery, she faced the risk that there might be no donor organs available to her. [...]


05 may 2012, 09h30

New evidence in robocall election scandal

Picture More evidence has been uncovered in Canada's so-called robocall scandal. The scandal involved automated telephone calls to voters in the federal election last year. The calls directed voters to the wrong polling stations. [...]


04 may 2012, 17h25

Evidence emerges of Tory dirty electoral tricks

Picture Elections Canada says it was told by Conservative staffers that local campaign workers in Guelph, ON., openly discussed making misleading telephone calls during the last election. [...]


04 may 2012, 17h07

Canadian opposition angry over budget bill

Picture The opposition parties in Canada's Parliament are angry over a government decision that they will have a limited time to debate a federal budget bill that makes major changes to major aspects of politics. The Conservative Party government intends to pass the bill by summer. [...]


04 may 2012, 17h04

Military returns to Northwest Passage

Picture Military teams are to return to the Northwest Passage this summer to resume work on a troubled project meant to monitor increased shipping through waters Canada claims as its own. [...]


04 may 2012, 16h58

Canadian military weighs expansion of drone force

Picture The Canadian air force will expand testing of drones over Canadian soil this year, giving itself, and potentially law-enforcement agencies, more eyes in the sky. But a legal expert warns the emerging technology needs close study and clear restrictions when it's not being used to wage war. [...]


04 may 2012, 16h56

Former Alberta premier called the best

Picture A Canadian magazine that focuses on public policy says the best provincial premier in the last 40 years is Alberta's Peter Lougheed. Policy Options magazine asked 30 historians, political scientists, journalists, economists, and policy advisers for their top five picks for the best premier since 1972. Mr. [...]


04 may 2012, 16h53

E. Coli eruption in eastern province

Picture Health officials in New Brunswick are searching for the source of an E. coli outbreak that has left people ill in three communities. Dr. Denis Allard, the deputy chief medical officer of health, said 24 cases of bloody diarrhea suspected to be caused by E. coli have been reported so far. Dr. [...]


04 may 2012, 16h45

Black back

Picture Conrad Black has been spotted at his home in Toronto, just hours after being released from a prison in Florida. Reporters spotted the former media baron being greeted by wife Barbara Amiel and walking through the door of his home. [...]


04 may 2012, 16h42

Last penny made

Picture The last Canadian penny was made Friday at the Royal Canadian Mint facility in Winnipeg, MB. It was five weeks ago that federal government announced one-cent coins will no longer be produced, a move that will save the government $11-million a year. [...]


03 may 2012, 17h10

Controversy over jet fighter deepens

Picture Canada's parliamentary budget officer says the Conservative government wanted the public to believe the F-35 program was cheaper than it was actually going to be. [...]


03 may 2012, 17h07

Defence dept. rejects accusation on suicides

Picture Public service union officials say the Canadian Defence Department is cutting resources for mental health, even as suicide rates among soldiers are climbing. They say federal budget cuts are shutting down part of department's program to monitor mental health and work on suicide prevention. [...]


03 may 2012, 17h04

Ottawa has new procedures for fishing regulation

Picture The federal government's new budget bill sets out a controversial two-step approach to how industry should deal with fish and their habitat, with the second step more far-reaching than the first. It contains two different ways of changing protections of fish habitat. [...]


03 may 2012, 16h59

Fallen media king set for release

Picture U.S. officials say Conrad Black will be taken into custody by American immigration officials as soon as he's released from a prison in Miami, which could happen as early as Friday. The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement says Thursday the former media baron will be picked up from the low-security jail. [...]


03 may 2012, 16h56

Toronto elphants' fate up in air

Picture A Toronto delegation is heading to California to check out the sanctuary that is supposed to be taking in the Toronto Zoo's aging elephants. Zoo CEO John Tracogna will be making the trip to the Performing Animals Welfare Society facility within the next two weeks, along with two city councillors and a senior veterinarian from the zoo. [...]


02 may 2012, 17h12

Canadian parties interpret historic anniversary

Picture A year after the last federal election both the Conservatives and New Democrats are claiming political victory. The historic May 2, 2011, election, which returned the Tories with a majority government, saw the New Democrats surge into Opposition and the Liberals reduced to a rump third party. [...]


02 may 2012, 17h08

Commons rules minister was Internet victim

Picture A Canadian House of Commons committee has ruled that the public safety minister's privileges were breached when he became the subject of an online attack. The people behind the video may face contempt of Parliament charges, if anyone can ever figure out who they are. [...]


02 may 2012, 17h05

PM denies political influence in Black decision

Picture Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is suggesting the government would be just as happy if disgraced media baron Conrad Black had been denied entry to Canada. But he says that's not the judgment of the public servants who made the call. [...]


02 may 2012, 17h02

Death row Canadian weeps at appeal

Picture The only Canadian on death row in the United States broke down and cried at his clemency hearing in Montana. Ronald Smith's sister Rita Duncan was reading a letter he wrote to their mother after her death last year. Smith covered his eyes, brushed away his tears and was patted on the shoulder by his lawyer. Mrs. [...]


02 may 2012, 16h58

Canada gets new $20

Picture The Bank of Canada has unveiled new $20 polymer bank notes. The bills replace paper-cotton bills that wear and tear more easily. Canada has already switched to polymer bank notes, which are more durable and harder to fake than paper money, for the $50 and $100 bills. [...]


01 may 2012, 17h25

Canada calls European rescue irresponsible

Picture Canadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty has criticized an international effort to help bail out Europe.Mr. Flaherty chides Europeans for asking other nations, some with lower standards of living, to help them when they won't do enough to help themselves. In an opinion piece in the London Telegraph, Mr. [...]


01 may 2012, 16h43

Canadian military clings to stealth jet fighter

Picture The head of the Canadian air force says Canada still wants to buy F-35 fighter jets made by Lockheed Martin, despite an official report that blasted the way military officials selected the plane. Lieut.-Gen. [...]


01 may 2012, 16h39

NDP warns of dire results of federal cuts

Picture The leader of Canada's official opposition New Democratic Party is warning that federal job cuts could send the country back into recession. Tom Mulcair says Europe is struggling because it cut back on stimulus and started cutting civil service jobs too quickly. [...]


01 may 2012, 16h36

Environment watchdog worried about changes

Picture The federal environment watchdog says Ottawa's new legislation will give the public far less input into natural resource development in Canada. [...]


01 may 2012, 16h16

Veterans win disability litigation

Picture Lawyers for Canadian veterans says a Federal Court of Canada ruling that Ottawa should stop clawing back disability benefits from former Canadian Forces members is a key legal victory for some of the country's most injured veterans. [...]


01 may 2012, 16h11

Fallen newspaper mogul reported receiving residency permit

Picture Conrad Black's reported return to Canada sparked a heated exchange in the House of Commons. The Globe and Mail reports that the Citizenship and Immigration department has granted a one-year temporary resident permit to the disgraced media baron. [...]


30 april 2012, 17h25

More federal employees get bad news

Picture Another 3,800 civil servants were told Monday that their jobs are in jeopardy. Parks Canada took the biggest hit in the government's third wave of notifications, with over 1,000 people told their jobs are at risk. More than 600 positions will be eliminated entirely. [...]


30 april 2012, 17h18

Economy falters in February

Picture Canada's government recording agency, Statistics Canada, says the economy was surprisingly weak in February. The agency says the economy shrank, with gross domestic product declining by two-tenths of a per cent. Economists had been expecting Canadian GDP would grow, not decline, by that same point-two per cent. [...]


30 april 2012, 17h13

Fallen media baron may find hurdles to Canada return

Picture Immigration lawyers say Conrad Black faces yet another long legal battle if he hopes to return to Canada. The disgraced former media baron, who renounced his Canadian citizenship to become a British lord, is due to be released Friday after serving three and a half years in prison. [...]


30 april 2012, 17h10

Canadian govt. stops art selloff

Picture Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird has put a stop to his department's sale of paintings by famous Canadian artists. The sale was the first of its kind in the department's history and was planned as part of budget cuts across the foreign service. Some of the art has hung in Canadian embassies, consulates, and official residences, since the 1930s. [...]


30 april 2012, 16h52

Gov.-Gen ends Brazil visit

Picture Canada's Governor-General, David Johnston, has ended up a visit to Brazil encouraging both countries to collaborate on learning and innovation. During the two-day visit the two countries signed a memorandum of understanding aimed at increasing ties in science and technology research. Mr. [...]


29 april 2012, 14h27

Former Canadian engineering excutive arrested

Picture The former head of construction for Canadian engineering firm SNC-Lavalin has been arrested in Switzerland. Riadh Ben Aissa is being held on accusations of corrupting a public official, fraud and money laundering tied to his dealings in North Africa. Justice officials in the Swiss city of Bern confirm they've been holding him since mid-April. [...]


29 april 2012, 09h56

Liberal leader says NDP popularity is a honeymoon phase

Picture Canada's interim Liberal Party leader Bob Rae says he's not overly concerned about the trailing popularity of his party. He says it's perfectly natural for the NDP to be enjoying a honeymoon following the selection of Tom Mulcair as leader. And he says it means the Liberals have a lot of work to do. [...]


29 april 2012, 09h51

 Student group rejects  government offer

Picture The largest of three student groups oposed to Quebec tuition increases has rejected the provincial government's latest offer. CLASSE made the announcement Sunday. It's expected that the two other groups meeting over the weekend will also reject the deal. [...]


29 april 2012, 09h42

Reputed Canadian crime boss killed in Mexico

Picture A British Columbia man alleged to have crime connections across Canada has been shot dead in Mexico. The RCMP say Thomas Gisby was shot and killed in a coffee shop in the Pacific coast town of Nuevo Vallarta Friday night. [...]


29 april 2012, 09h39

Dalai Lama thanks Canada's Prime Minister

Picture Canada's prime minister, Stephen Harper, has won the praise of the Dalai Lama for balancing human rights with the need to further economic ties with China. The Tibetan spiritual leader came to Ottawa to attend a convention of world parliamentarians on Tibet. His public talk Saturday was organized by the Canadian Tibetan community. [...]


28 april 2012, 11h35

Canada expected to announce consulate closures

Picture Canada is expected to reveal next week which of its consulates in the United States will close. Canada's Foreign Affairs department is facing a six per cent budget cut. Unconfirmed reports say that at least four of its 21 consular and trade offices in cities across the United States will close. [...]


28 april 2012, 09h45

Canada supporting Dalai Lama

Picture Canada is expressing support for the Dalai Lama's message of peace and harmony. The Tibetan spiritual leader was in Ottawa on Friday to attend the Sixth World Parliamentarian's Convention on Tibet. Some Canadian parliamentarians from all three main federal parties attended. [...]


28 april 2012, 09h44

Air Canada reopens labour negotiations with two unions

Picture Labour negotiations have resumed at Canada's biggest airline, Air Canada. Officials of the airline and the labour union representing eighty-six hundred mechanics and other ground workers have agreed to negotiate with a mediator for 10 days. [...]


28 april 2012, 09h43

Students reject Quebec government offer

Picture Students in Montreal continue to pressure Quebec's government to abandon its plan to increase college tuition fees. Thousands of students marched through downtown Montreal again on Friday to denounce the government's latest offer. [...]


27 april 2012, 16h42

Ottawa launches PR campaign for free trade with Europe

Picture The Canadian government has launched a campaign to promote in the provinces an eventual free-trade accord with the European Union. Federal Trade Minister Ed Fast describes the initiative as the most ambitious in Canadian history. The minister says it could be even more important that the North American Free Trade Accord. [...]


27 april 2012, 16h38

Tibetan leader expresses gratitude

Picture The Dalai Lama has thanked the world for its support of Tibetan Buddhists under siege, as the Canadian government pledged Canada's support to the cause. His voice resonating through Ottawa's historic, high-ceilinged conference centre, the orange-robbed Tibetan holy leader said his "ancient nation, with ancient culture, is in danger of dying."[...]


27 april 2012, 16h34

PM to vote against abortion change

Picture Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper says he will vote against a motion that opposition Members of Parliament say could be the first step towards re-criminalizing abortion. The motion, tabled by a Member of Parliament representing Mr. Harper's Conservative Party, calls for a study to determine if life begins before birth. [...]


27 april 2012, 16h31

Quebec moves to end student turmoil

Picture Quebec Premier Jean Charest has made an offer to soften the blow of planned tuition hikes. The premier says he's willing to phase in the $1,625 increase over seven years instead of five. His government also wants to index increases to the rate of inflation, while enriching the loans-and-bursaries program. [...]


27 april 2012, 16h28

Hospital strike averted in NS

Picture A tentative deal aimed at averting a strike by some 3,600 hospital workers in the Halifax area was ratified by the union membership Friday. The Nova Scotia Government and General Employees Union says 90 per cent of the membership who voted approved the deal. [...]


27 april 2012, 16h24

Alleged Nazi living in Quebec

Picture A man alleged to be one of the world's most-wanted Nazi war criminals is living a quiet life in a rural region of the Canadian province of Quebec. Ninety-one-year-old Vladimir Katriuk keeps bees and sells honey in Ormstown, QC. He's now listed as number four on a list of the world's 10 most wanted suspected Nazis. [...]


26 april 2012, 16h08

Cabinet knowledge about F-35 cost murky

Picture Auditor General Michael Ferguson says he doesn't know precisely who in the federal cabinet was aware of the fudged stealth fighter figures. He says the project with all of the associated numbers was approved by cabinet in 2008. Mr. [...]


26 april 2012, 16h06

EU trade deal could be wrecked by Canadian visa requirement

Picture Canada's long-sought free trade deal with the European Union could be scuttled by three countries angry over a travel visa imposed on their citizens by the Harper government. The warning comes from the EU's ambassador to Canada as the Canada-EU talks now enter what has been described as their endgame. [...]


26 april 2012, 16h01

Ontario gets second financial wakeup call

Picture A second credit rating agency put Ontario on credit watch Wednesday, just hours after the province announced last year's deficit was $300 million less than projected only a month ago. Standard and Poor's revised its Ontario outlook from stable to negative. [...]


26 april 2012, 15h58

Ottawa to appeal prostitution ruling

Picture Canada's Justice Minister, Rob Nicholson, says prostitution is harmful for society. His comment comes as the federal government seeks to appeal last month's ruling that effectively legalized brothels. [...]


26 april 2012, 15h55

Talks with restive Quebec students off

Picture The Quebec government is rejecting further talks with students because of their demand that two members from a more radical group be involved. Education Minister Line Beauchamp has said there would be no negotiations with members of a student federation known as the C.L.A.S.S.E. [...]


26 april 2012, 15h52

Canadian minister repays taxpayers

Picture Canadian International Co-operation Minister Bev Oda has agreed to repay almost $3,000 she charged taxpayers for limousine service while staying at a posh hotel in London. The beleaguered Conservative minister had already coughed up $1,353.8[...]


26 april 2012, 15h48

Tobacco firm to fight label rule

Picture A Canadian tobacco company is going to court to fight the federal government's plan to increase the size of graphic health warnings on cigarette packages. Warnings that cover 75 per cent of the pack are to go into effect in June. Imperial Tobacco Canada says the existing 50-per-cent-sized health warnings provide sufficient information to consumers.[...]


25 april 2012, 16h44

Opposition warns against Afghanistan extension

Picture The leader of Canada's opposition New Democratic Party says there should be no more extensions to Canada's military involvement in Afghanistan. Tom Mulcair was responding to newspaper reports that the Pentagon has asked Canada to consider leaving a special forces contingent in the country after the NATO withdrawal in 2014. [...]


25 april 2012, 16h40

Federal budget prediction corroborated

Picture Canada's budget watchdog says federal spending restraint and cuts will likely lead to balanced budgets but also slower economic growth and 100,000 lost jobs. [...]


25 april 2012, 16h30

Central banker says households behaving more responsibly

Picture Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney says he is seeing encouraging developments on household debt. He told a House of Commons finance committee Tuesday that the pace of debt accumulation is slowing and that new home buyers appear to be opting in for longer term fixed mortgages. [...]


25 april 2012, 16h25

Decision on NL energy project put off until fall

Picture Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Kathy Dunderdale says her government's decision on whether to approve the Muskrat Falls hydro project will likely be made this fall. There had been talk of a rare summer sitting of the legislature to debate and vote on the $6.2-billion megaproject planned in Labrador. [...]


25 april 2012, 16h05

Quebec student unrest unabated despite 'truce'

Picture Hope that the recent student unrest in Quebec might be subsiding has been stifled by smoke bombs and window-smashing. Talks between the province and student groups hit a snag Wednesday as the government booted one of three main student groups away from the negotiating table, citing the hardline group's proximity to vandalism-plagued protests. [...]


25 april 2012, 15h47

Halifax hospital strike on hold

Picture The head of a union representing 3,600 hospital workers in Halifax says she is postponing a strike deadline until Thursday as negotiations continue. Joan Jessome posted a message on the Nova Scotia Government and General Employees Union website late Tuesday. Mrs. [...]


24 april 2012, 17h13

Alberta premier expects continued co-operation with Ottawa

Picture Alberta Premier Alison Redford says she is looking forward to continued co-operation with Prime Minister Stephen Harper on matters pertaining to her province. Mrs. [...]


24 april 2012, 17h10

No election for Ontario

Picture Ontario's minority Liberal government has easily survived a confidence vote on its budget. This followed a deal with the opposition New Democratic Party to impose a surtax the wealthy. The NDP abstained, and this allowed the Liberals to out vote the Progressive Conservatives 52 to 37 and pass the budget motion. [...]


24 april 2012, 17h06

Canada suspends measures against Myanmar

Picture Canada is suspending its sanctions against Myanmar in recognition of its moves towards democracy. Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird says he has seen encouraging steps in Myanmar after former political prisoner Aung Sang Suu Kyi won a parliamentary seat in historic elections there earlier this month. Mr. [...]


24 april 2012, 17h04

Criminal 'surchargd' doubled

Picture The Canadian government plans to double the victim surcharge levied against criminals. The surcharge goes to help pay for provincial and territorial victims' services. Justice Minister Rob Nicholson says he will bring in legislation to set the surcharge at 30 per cent of any fine levied. [...]


24 april 2012, 17h01

CSIS warns of terroist 'lone wolves'

Picture The head of Canada's spy service says that Al-Qaeda's new focus on "lone wolf" tactics is making it tough for Western intelligence agencies to prevent terror attacks. [...]


24 april 2012, 16h58

Ottawa warned of space cuts repercussions

Picture Cuts to the federal space budget have attracted comment at an international conference being hosted in Quebec City. The CEO of a top space company says he thinks the recent 10-per-cent cut may hurt the Canadian Space Agency's ability to compete internationally. [...]


24 april 2012, 16h54

NL slips into deficit

Picture Newfoundland and Labrador has slipped into deficit as offshore oil production dips because of maintenance, and payments from the Atlantic Accord dry up. The $7.5-billion budget tabled Tuesday projects a $258-million deficit this fiscal year and a provincial net debt of $8.5 billion by the end of March 2013. [...]


24 april 2012, 16h51

NS braces for hospital strike

Picture The New Democratic Party government of Nova Scotia resisted calls Tuesday to intervene in a labour dispute on the eve of a possible strike by about 3,600 hospital workers in Halifax. [...]


23 april 2012, 16h47

EU confident of trade accord with Canada

Picture The head of the European Union council says she believes a free trade deal with Canada will be signed within six months, although problems remain. Pia Olsen Dyhr, the Danish trade minister, says about 75 per cent of the deal has been agreed to. [...]


23 april 2012, 16h44

Immigration hearing starts for Tunisian plutocrat

Picture A reclusive billionaire who was a major part of Tunisia's ruling family is fighting a decision to have his permanent residency revoked. Belhassen Trabelsi's lawyer says his client didn't attend Monday's immigration hearing in Montreal because he and his family fear for their safety. [...]


23 april 2012, 16h40

Scientists want moratorium on Arctic commercial fishing

Picture Hundreds of scientists from Canada and 66 other countries have made a joint call for a moratorium on commercial fishing in the Arctic pending more research. An open letter on behalf of 2,000 scientists was released by the U.S.-based Pew Environment Group to coincide with the start of a major conference in the Canadian city of Montreal, QC. [...]


23 april 2012, 16h35

Alberta holds rare close election

Picture Voters in Canada's western province of Alberta went to the polls Monday and for the first time in many years, it's unclear who is likely to win. Alberta Wildrose Party is challenging the Progressive Conservatives, who have been in power for more than 41 years. Surveys indicate that the Wildrose Party led by Danielle Smith has a slight lead. [...]


23 april 2012, 16h32

Ontario govt., NDP meet in middle to avoid election

Picture Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty agreed Tuesday to a key New Democratic Party budget demand to hike taxes for the wealthy in order to stave off another election. The premier says his minority Liberals will put a surtax on those earning more than $500,000, after a 40-minute meeting with NDP Leader Andrea Horwath. [...]


23 april 2012, 16h23

Quebec govt. to meet students

Picture Quebec's education minister, Line Beauchamp, was scheduled to meet the three main student associations of 10 week of class boycott. The minister had laid down as a condition of the meeting that they stop all pressure tactics for 48 hours. All three groups agreed to the pre-condition. [...]


22 april 2012, 12h47

Last minute reprieve for family facing deportation from Canada

Picture A family facing deportation from Canada to Guinea has received another last-minute reprieve. The family's lawyer says Federal Immigration minister Jason Kenney has intervened, allowing them to stay in Canada while officials study their case. They were to be deported from Canada on Sunday. [...]


22 april 2012, 09h38

Last day of campaigning in Alberta

Picture It's the last day of campaigning for candidates in Alberta's provincial election. Observers say the front runners are Premier Alison Redford and Wildrose leader Danielle Smith. Redford says she'll continue talking to Albertans in hopes her Progressive Conservative government can win yet another mandate. [...]


22 april 2012, 09h36

Police arrest dozens in protests

Picture Police arrested 90 people after a day of anti-government protests in Montreal, the largest city in the province of Quebec. For several weeks protest rallies have been staged by students opposed to provincial government plans to raise university tuition fees. [...]


22 april 2012, 09h35

Earth Day events held across Canada

Picture Dozens of events were held across CanadaSundayto mark Earth Day,including a fair in St. John's, Newfoundland, a day of tree planting in Windsor, Ontario, and a parade in Vancouver. Organizers of Earth Day events say more than six-million Canadians take part every year. Earth Day was launched in the U.S. [...]


21 april 2012, 14h16

More arrests as protests continue in Montreal

Picture Police in Montreal arrested between 50 and 75 people on Saturday in connection with a protest at a downtown convention centre. The centre was also the site of student protests and arrests the day before, when Premier Jean Charest was inside making a speech. Six people including four police officers were injured. [...]


21 april 2012, 11h56

Ontario human rights tribunal issues ruling on transgenders

Picture The human rights tribunal in the province of Ontario has ruled that a person's gender should be recognized according to the person's lifestyle. The tribunal's ruling came in connection with controversy surrounding new birth certificates for citizens who changed their gender in later life. [...]


21 april 2012, 09h30

Wildrose Party showing strength as Alberta prepares for election

Picture Opinion polls show that the Canadian province of Alberta could see a change of government for the first time in about 40 years. Albertans vote in a provincial election on Monday. Polls show that the Wildrose Party is mounting a strong challenge to the Progressive Conservative Party that has governed for decades. [...]


21 april 2012, 09h29

Government to enforce language requirements for immigrants

Picture Immigrants to Canada might soon have to prove they can operate in English or French if they want to become citizens. Proposed changes to citizenship rules would require prospective Canadian citizens to give written proof of language ability. [...]


21 april 2012, 09h26

More self-serve airport kiosks for foreign air travelers

Picture Canada is expanding an experimental project thathelps to facilitate foreign passengers' arrivals at Canadian airports. The project at Vancouver International Airport involved self-serve kiosks that allowed passengers to scan their passports and declaration forms before moving on to a border services officer. [...]


20 april 2012, 16h47

Fighter plane cancellation seen hurting Canadian aerospace

Picture The head of aerospace lobby Aero Montreal warns that Canadian companies employing thousands of workers would be hurt if the Harper government abandons the multibillion-dollar purchase of F-35 fighter planes. [...]


20 april 2012, 16h41

Canada backs UN suggestion on Syria

Picture Canada's Foreign Affairs Minister, John Baird, says a suggestion that the United Nations send more observers to Syria has Canada's support. The UN already has a small number of observers in Syria, but the world body is considering sending hundreds more to help ensure the delivery of humanitarian aid. [...]


20 april 2012, 16h38

Afghan interpreters for Canada get a break

Picture Dozens of interpreters who served as Canada's voice during the war in Afghanistan, but then met silence when they tried to immigrate here, are now being allowed in. [...]


20 april 2012, 16h32

Immigrants need to sharpen language skills

Picture Immigrants hoping to become Canadian citizens may soon have to provide written proof of their language abilities. Immigration Minister Jason Kenney says his latest reform will require citizenship applicants to prove they can speak English or French. [...]


20 april 2012, 16h28

Familes of missing children to get federal aid

Picture The parents of missing or murdered children will be getting some extra financial help from the federal government. Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced Friday in Sherbrooke, QC., that they will be eligible for an income supplement of $350 per week, for more than eight months. Mr. [...]


20 april 2012, 16h24

Quebec students riot

A spring of discontent in Quebec characterized by scenes of red-clad student protesters erupted into something darker in Montreal Friday. Demonstrators hurled projectiles from rocks to flower pots in downtown Montreal, disrupting political events indoors and committing vandalism outdoors. [...]


19 april 2012, 16h21

Canada defends free trade at G20 conference

Picture Canadian Trade Minister Ed Fast says expanding trade links would be the best new stimulus for countries in the post-recession global economy. The minister is hoping for such a declaration to come out of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico at Friday's conclusion of the first G20 meeting of trade ministers. Mr. [...]


19 april 2012, 16h17

Controversial Canadian pipeline gien new route

Picture Officials have unveiled a new preferred route for the Nebraska portion of the stalled Keystone XL oil pipeline that avoids the state's groundwater-rich Sandhills region. Nebraska environmental officials released details Thursday about the proposal that would veer east around the Sandhills before looping back to the original route. [...]


19 april 2012, 16h12

Scientists due in Montreal to discuss Arctic research

Picture Thousands of scientists from around the world are to meet in Montreal next week to discuss complex research that has come to a simple conclusion. They say the Arctic is now changing faster than the people who live there and the governments who regulate it. [...]


19 april 2012, 16h09

Ottawa closes historic prison

Picture The Canadian government is closing Kingston Penitentiary in Ontario, the country's oldest penal institution, as well as the Leclerc prison near Montreal as part of a cost-cutting effort. The famous Kingston prison, whose turreted limestone walls are a waterfront landmark, dates back to 1835. [...]


18 april 2012, 16h53

Ottawa requested to repatriate Guantanamo Canadian

Picture The Canadian government says it has received a formal request for the transfer of convicted war criminal Omar Khadr from Guantanamo Bay to Canada. A spokeswoman for Public Safety Minister Vic Toews says the government is considering the request. [...]


18 april 2012, 16h49

Minister defends foreign aid cuts

Picture Canada's International Co-operation Minister, Bev Oda, is defending cuts to the foreign aid budget. She says Canadians want to help the less fortunate, but they also want to be sure public dollars are making a real difference. Miss Oda's currently in Ukraine to support economic and democratic development there. [...]


18 april 2012, 16h46

SK says province ready for more health-care responsibility

Picture Saskatchewan's premier says the provinces are ready and willing to fill the void left by the federal government in reforming Canada's health-care system. Brad Wall is in the Ottawa area discussing health-care innovations in his province that are saving money and improving service. [...]


18 april 2012, 16h43

Call centre employees confirms electoral dirty tricks reports

Picture A former employee of a call centre that did work for the Conservative party in the last election says she was instructed to tell people Elections Canada had changed their polling locations. [...]


18 april 2012, 16h37

Ottawa unrepentant on transparency question

Picture The president of the Treasury Board says he sees no tension between his push for open government coming at the same time as the Conservatives are under fire for hiding information about the cost of fighter jets and budget cuts. Tony Clement blames parliamentary and legal processes for the lack of information on $5.2[...]


18 april 2012, 16h32

Liberal attack Tories over rights charter

Picture The Liberal Party of Canada has criticized the federal government for virtually ignoring the 30th anniversary of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien and interim Liberal Party Leader Bob Rae say the charter is a historic, non-partisan accomplishment of which all Canadians should be proud. [...]


18 april 2012, 16h29

New call to legalize pot

Picture A former U.S. federal prosecutor who helped put British Columbia's so-called Prince of Pot behind bars is pushing for Canadian lawmakers to legalize marijuana. Washington state attorney John McKay sat beside Marc Emery's activist wife Jodie today as he joined the growing call from B.C. [...]


17 april 2012, 10h18

Calls for merger of Liberal and New Democratic parties

Picture A former Canadian Prime Minister, Jean Chretien, is calling for the federal Liberal and New Democratic parties to merge. He does not agree that a merger now would amount to a takeover of his party that won three majorities under his time as prime minister. He says what matters is the brain power each side brings to the table. [...]


17 april 2012, 10h16

Government has reasons for not celebrating patriation of constitution

Picture Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper says sensitivities and divisions over the patriation of the Constitution is what has led to his government not celebrating Tuesday's 30th anniversary of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. [...]


17 april 2012, 10h14

Prime Minister Stephen Harper wants execution stopped

Picture Canada has again called on Iran not to execute a Canadian convicted of being a spy. This time, it's Prime Minister Stephen Harper asking Iran not to execute Hamid Ghassemi-Shall. Mr. Harper says that if Ghassemi-Shall dies, there could be global repercussions. He did not elaborate. [...]


16 april 2012, 16h29

Canadian PM lobbies for regional membership

Picture Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is hoping to use one of Canada's deepest friendships in Latin America to help secure entry into a very attractive Pacific free-trade zone. The Trans-Pacific Partnership was one of the key items on the agenda Monday as Harper met Chilean President Sebastian Pinera. Mr. [...]


16 april 2012, 16h24

Canada asks Iran to spare Canadian life

Picture Canada's Foreign Affairs Minister, John Baird, is calling on Iran to spare the life of an Iranian-Canadian who is facing execution in Tehran. He says Canada is concerned by indications that Hamid Ghassemi-Shall's execution may be carried out imminently. Mr. [...]


16 april 2012, 16h21

NDP accuses govt. of endangering public with cuts

Picture The leader of Canada's official Opposition New Democratic Party, Tom Mulcair, is accusing the federal government of putting Canadians at risk by cutting public service jobs. He told New Democrats in Hamilton, ON, that it's clear the governing Conservative Party has the wrong priorities. [...]


16 april 2012, 16h18

NS extends fracking review

Picture The Nova Scotia government has extended its review of fracking for natural gas to mid-2014 to consider technical reviews underway in Canada and the United States. The province says no fracking will be approved during the review, but traditional oil and gas operations will continue. [...]


16 april 2012, 16h13

RCMP reacts to harassment complaints

Picture One-hundred officers of Canada's federal police force based in the province of British Columbia are going to be trained to investigate sexual harassment complaints within the force. The move comes in response to a growing number of lawsuits by female members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in the province. [...]


16 april 2012, 16h10

Former Alberta premier intervenes in election campaign

Picture Political experts in the western Canadian province of Alberta say former Premier Peter Lougheed's endorsement of Progressive Conservative Party leader Alison Redford shows the party is in serious trouble. Experts say they cannot recall a situation where Mr. Lougheed publicly announced his support for a premier during an election. [...]


15 april 2012, 14h48

Prime Minister Harper offers millions to combat drug violence in Central America

Picture Prime Minister Stephen Harper is promising more Canadian funding to help Central American countries fight drug cartels in the region. The new initiative will involve spending $25 million over five years to help train law enforcement agencies and to provide them with police equipment. At the same time, Mr. [...]


15 april 2012, 14h42

NDP's Mulcair slams public service cuts

Picture Canada's opposition NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair says the Harper government's public service cuts put Canadians at risk. In a scathing attack against Prime Minister Stephen Harper during a speech at an NDP gathering in Hamilton, Ontario, Mr Mulcair warned that public safety is being put at risk with job cuts among food inspectors. [...]


15 april 2012, 14h38

First Nations worry about Oxycontin withdrawal

Picture Remote First Nations in Canada are bracing for a crisis, six weeks after a prescription drug to which many adults are addicted, was taken off the market. The sudden disappearance of Oxycontin from pharmacy shelves has many native leaders worried about widespread withdrawal symptoms among people forced to quit cold turkey. [...]


15 april 2012, 14h29

Halifax commemorates Titanic tragedy

Picture The city of Halifax is spending the weekend commemorating the 100th annivesary of the sinking of the Titanic. People from as far away as Australia have gathered in the Nova Scotia capital, where about 150 victims of the tragedy are buried in several cemeteries. [...]


15 april 2012, 10h21

Peter Lougheed campaigns for Alberta Progressive Conservatives

Picture Alberta's Progressive Conservatives have brought out the big guns as they try to hold on to power in the prairie province. Former Premier Peter Lougheed has come out of retirement to do some door-to-door campaigning in support of new premier Alison Redford in the April 23rd election. It was Mr. [...]


14 april 2012, 10h49

Marijuana cookies declared illegal

Picture A Supreme Court judge in the province of British Columbia has widened restrictions on the use of marijuana. Uses of so-called dried marijuana have been made illegal. The Supreme Court ruling came in reaction to the case of Owen Smith, head baker for the Cannabis Buyers' Club of Canada. [...]


14 april 2012, 09h26

Titanic anniversary marked off coast of Newfoundland

Picture Passengers aboard the cruise ship, Balmoral, were preparing on Saturday to mark the one hundredth anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic at the site in the North Atlantic Ocean where the luxury liner went down. Another cruise ship, Journey, left New York on Tuesday and will join Balmoral at the site. [...]


14 april 2012, 09h25

More flight delays at Air Canada

Picture Flight disruptions at Canada's biggest airline continued on Saturday for the second day. On Friday, about 150 pilots at Air Canada called in sick, forcing cancellations or delays of dozens of flights at major airports across the country. Thousands of passengers were left without air transport. [...]


14 april 2012, 09h24

Prime Minister Harper promoting trade at Summit of the Americas

Picture Canada's prime minister, Stephen Harper, is among 30 North and South American leaders who are in Colombia for the sixth Summit of the Americas. Trade and the fight against drug trafficking are two main topics at the summit in the port city of Cartagena. Hundreds of businesspeople from both continents are also attending. Mr. [...]


13 april 2012, 17h01

Canada denounces North Korean rocket launch

Picture Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird has condemned North Korea's rocket test as reckless and provocative. The minister says the country shouldn't be squandering its resources on missiles while its people are starving. He says the failed test will further isolate what he calls a rogue regime. Mr. [...]


13 april 2012, 16h58

Canada finally presents new environmental rules for big vehicles

Picture Canada has revealed long-delayed regulations on Friday that aim to make big trucks and buses up to 23 percent less polluting by 2018. The greenhouse gas emissions rules will come into effect starting with the 2014 model year. They will apply to full-size pickups, heavy trucks and buses as well as to cement, garbage and dump trucks. [...]


13 april 2012, 16h56

Mounties raid engineering firm

Picture RCMP investigators executed a search warrant Friday at the Montreal headquarters of engineering giant SNC-Lavalin, which has been searching for the justification for millions of dollars of mysterious payments. The global construction and engineering company said the police action relates to an investigation of some former employees. [...]


13 april 2012, 16h52

High court invalidates wiretapping law

Picture The Supreme Court of Canada has struck down a law that allowed police to immediately start wiretaps in urgent cases without getting a search warrant. The unanimous ruling strips police of an investigative power and gives Parliament 12 months to rewrite the law. [...]


13 april 2012, 16h47

Ontario won't guarantee public sector jobs

Picture Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty says he can't guarantee there won't be any public sector job layoffs as the Ontario government struggles to eliminate a $15.2-billion deficit. Mr. McGuinty says the government needs teachers, doctors, university professors and everyone else paid by taxpayers to take a two-year wage freeze. [...]


13 april 2012, 16h44

Province appeals sentence for hockey molester

Picture The government of the western Canadian province of Manitoba is appealing the sentence for sex crimes given to former junior hockey coach Graham James. A Winnipeg judge recently sentenced him to two years in prison for sexually assaulting former National Hockey League star Theo Fleury and his cousin, Todd Holt, when they were teenagers. Mr. [...]


12 april 2012, 16h35

Federal finance minister advises against worry over layoffs

Picture Canadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty says the planned reduction of the public-sector workforce won't result in problems on the front lines. Mr. Flaherty says about one in three of the 12,000 who will be let go are considered front line staff, but the rest are in operations. [...]


12 april 2012, 16h32

Canada would discuss dairy supply system

Picture Canadian Trade Minister Ed Fast says Canada is willing to discuss everything when it sits down with other countries to negotiate a trans-Pacific free trade zone. The minister says this includes its controversial supply management system for farm products. [...]


12 april 2012, 16h29

Quebec court hears arguments on federal gun registry

Picture A judge heard further arguments in Montreal Thursday on the fate of Quebec-related data from the long-gun registry. The Quebec government is trying to ensure the data remain intact after a federal law aimed at destroying the registry came into effect last week. [...]


12 april 2012, 16h23

B.C. earns credit plaudits

Picture British Columbia's triple-A credit rating has been upheld by credit rating agencies Standard and Poor's and Moody's Investors Services. The agencies say the province earned high marks for its good financial management, including efforts to reduce debt and diversify the economy. [...]


12 april 2012, 16h18

Monument uncovered to honour cancer runner

Picture A new monument to mark the moment Terry Fox began his Marathon of Hope was celebrated Thursday in St. John's, NL. The sculpture was dedicated 32 years to the day Fox began his cancer-fighting run by dipping his artificial leg into the North Atlantic. [...]


11 april 2012, 17h09

Canadian finance minister lauds country's decision-making

Picture Canada's Finance Minister, Jim Flaherty, is saying Canada has a big advantage over the United States in dealing with the economy. He says the advantage is that Canada has a system of government that can make decisions. Mr. Flaherty made his comments to journalists in New York Tuesday about the virtues of Canada's parliamentary system. [...]


11 april 2012, 17h04

Canada's industrial emissions stable

Picture Canada's Conservative government is pointing to a new greenhouse-gas report as a sign that the economy's rebound from recession did not come at the expense of the environment. New figures released Wednesday show greenhouse gases remained stable in 2010 even as the economy grew. Emissions rose by just two megatonnes, or 0.2[...]


11 april 2012, 17h01

Details emerge of federal budget cuts

Picture More details are being revealed about how budget cuts announced by Canada's government last week will affect government-funded services. Among the services scheduled to see reductions in staff are Heritage Canada, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Citizenship and Immigration, Industry Canada. [...]


11 april 2012, 16h58

Canadian sub back afloat

Picture One of Canada's four problem-plagued submarines was lowered into the water today in Halifax harbour, more than three years after a refit was due to be completed. Dozens of workers stood on a Halifax dock watching the hulking HMCS Windsor as it was lowered by winches attached to a wooden platform, descending at half-a-metre per minute. [...]


11 april 2012, 16h53

Report recommends drug injection sites in Toronto, Ottawa

Picture A new report says Toronto and Ottawa would both benefit from having supervised drug injection facilities. The report by researchers from the University of Toronto recommends three safe injection sites for Toronto and two for Ottawa. [...]


10 april 2012, 15h42

Steps taken to get skilled newcomers into country

Picture A new immigration program is being created to get skilled trades workers into Canada faster. Immigration Minister Jason Kenney says the new program for workers in fields such as construction and manufacturing should be set up later this year. [...]


10 april 2012, 15h39

Canadians realize danger of household debt

Picture A new survey shows more Canadians acknowledge they may be reaching the upper limits on borrowing, even though they believe they are safe for now. The annual survey conducted by the Leger Marketing polling firm found that almost two-thirds of respondents believed their current debt levels were about right. [...]


10 april 2012, 15h36

NDP mounts PR campaign for Mulcair

Picture Canada's official Opposition New Democratic Party has launched an advertisement campaign that focuses on its new leader Thomas Mulcair. He is being introduced to Canadians as someone who will fight for ordinary families, much as his predecessor, Jack Layton, did. [...]


10 april 2012, 15h32

Ontario govt. rejects NDP shopping list

Picture Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty is pouring cold water on a list of demands made by Ontario's New Democrats in exchange for supporting the Liberal government's budget. Mr. McGuinty says he's pleased the NDP are offering ideas to improve the budget instead of taking the same stand as the Progressive Conservatives, who vow to vote against it. [...]


10 april 2012, 15h19

Second sub returns to duty

Picture One of Canada's four troubled submarines is scheduled to return to the water this week for the first time since 2007. Defence Minister Peter MacKay says the Defence Department hopes to have HMCS Windsor in the water on Wednesday in Halifax. MacKay says Windsor is the second submarine to begin sea trials this year after an extensive refit program. [...]


09 april 2012, 16h51

Canadian defence minister admits having known of wrong estimate for jet fighters

Picture Canada's Defence Minister, Peter MacKay, says he was aware the cost of buying a fleet of F-35 fighter jets would exceed the original estimate. He says he has known for two years that it would cost closer to $25 billion, about $10 billion more than the federal government had said would be the price. Mr. [...]


09 april 2012, 16h49

Castro chides Canadian PM

Picture Cuba's former leader Fidel Castro is criticizing Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his government for causing environmental damage through the extraction of crude from the Alberta oilsands. [...]


09 april 2012, 16h45

Monday is 95th anniversary of seminal battle

Picture Canada's Governor General David Johnston was in France to participate in ceremonies Monday to marking the 95th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge. He's met 5,000 young Canadians attending the Vimy ceremonies. [...]


09 april 2012, 16h41

Double lung transplant recipient recovering

Picture A Canadian woman who underwent a double-lung transplant last week is continuing to slowly recover from the operation. Helene Campbell has done some leg exercises and is spelling words to communicate with the help of an alphabetic board. Miss Campbell's operation is receiving a lot of attention because her campaign to promote organ donation. [...]


09 april 2012, 16h37

Quebec students group eases demands

Picture One of Quebec's most active student-protest groups has softened its tone and is no longer demanding that university education be free for all. In recent weeks, tens of thousands of students have taken to the streets almost daily against the province's plans to hike tuition fees. [...]


08 april 2012, 14h28

Minister says he knew cost of jets two years ago

Picture Canada's Defence Minister, Peter MacKay, says he was aware two years ago of the increased cost to buy a new fleet of F-35 stealth fighter jets. Mr. McKay says he was aware of the $25 billion price estimate in 2010. That's about $10 billion more than the nearly $15 billion the government maintained would be the price of the 65 jets. [...]


08 april 2012, 10h44

Guinean family facing deportation

Picture Barring a last minute reprieve, a Guinean family is facing deportation from Canada. On Saturday, dozens rallied in Montreal in support of the family. Demonstrators called on Canada's immigration minister to issue a last-minute reprieve for the Keita family. [...]


08 april 2012, 10h39

Lung transplant recipient showing signs of recovery

Picture Doctors say a Canadian woman who has received a double lung transplant will stay in a medically induced coma for days. But Helene Campbell's mother says the young Ottawa woman is showing signs of recovery from her surgery. She says her 20-year-old daughter has responded to commands and has tried to open her eyes. [...]


07 april 2012, 10h49

Despite government capitulation, Attawapiskat First Nation to pursue lawsuit

Picture First Nation Canadian natives in the northern Ontario community of Attawapiskat are proceeding with legal action against the federal government. The case involves the appointment of a third-party manager last year to handle the community's finances. The government wanted to ensure that federal aid money to the community was being spent properly. [...]


07 april 2012, 09h12

Federal government rejects British Columbia allegations

Picture Canada's government is rejecting allegations that it failed to inform the province of British Columbia about a pay raise for the province's contingent of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The RCMP provides police services for many municipalities. Langley Mayor Peter Fassbender and B.C. [...]


07 april 2012, 09h11

Condemned man's daughter makes appeal

Picture The daughter of a Canadian who is on death row in the U.S. State of Montana is upset that a memo was leaked suggesting that her father's bid for clemency will be rejected. The document from the Montana Board of Pardons and Parole recommends against clemency for Ronald Smith. Smith is the only Canadian on death row in the United States. [...]


07 april 2012, 09h10

With celebrities' help, woman gets double lung transplant

Picture A young Canadian woman is recovering from a double lung transplant in Toronto after she waged an international campaign to promote organ donations. Helene Campbell's campaign drew the attention of Canadian pop star Justin Bieber and American television host Ellen DeGeneres. [...]


06 april 2012, 15h04

Opposition accuses govt. of lying about fighter jets

Picture The leader of Canada's official Opposition New Democratic Party, Thomas Mulcair, says there's convincing evidence that the federal government gave false information to Parliament. Mr. Mulcair was referring to the Auditor General's suggestion that cabinet knew the true cost of acquiring F-35 jets was $25 billion. [...]


06 april 2012, 15h01

Ottawa recalls trustee at troubled Ontario reserve

Picture The federal government has withdrawn the third-party manager who had been handling the finances of the troubled northern Ontario reserve of Attawapiskat after the community improved health and safety conditions for its residents. [...]


06 april 2012, 14h58

B.C. govt. reassuring about Mounties accord

Picture Municipal and provincial politicians in British Columbia say they've been caught off guard by Ottawa's decision to offer Mounties a pay raise. But Attorney General Shirley Bond says the Harper government has reassured her the decision is unlikely to increase costs in B.C. and may, in fact, result in a net benefit. Mrs. [...]


06 april 2012, 14h54

Death row Canadian comes closer to death

Picture The only Canadian convict sentenced to death in the United States appears to be a step closer to execution. Ron Smith has a hearing next month in the U.S. state of Montana. But staff at the state's Board of Pardons and Paroles recommend he be denied clemency. [...]


06 april 2012, 14h49

Accused smuggler deported by Canada goes on trial

Picture Lai Changxing, who fought deportation from Canada for 10 years, has gone on trial in the Chinese city of Xiamen. He's been accused of heading China's largest smuggling ring. The case is been heard nearly nine months after Lai was deported from Canada. Lai was considered China's top fugitive during the 10 years he fought deportation from Canada. [...]


05 april 2012, 15h46

Tories seek to shift blame for plane kerfuffle

Picture Canada's governing Conservative Party has dumped blame for the F-35 fiasco over the heads of bureaucrats, seeking to distance themselves from Opposition claims that they've been lying to Parliament about the cost of the planes. [...]


05 april 2012, 15h44

Job surprise in March

Picture The Canadian government agency, Statistics Canada, says the economy created 82,000 jobs in March, far higher than the 10,000 jobs economists had been expecting. The numbers sent the jobless rate down to 7.2 per cent from 7.4 per cent in February. [...]


05 april 2012, 15h38

Quebec court provides respite for gun registry

Picture The federal long-gun registry might die but not happening on Thursday. A Quebec court has stepped in and ordered a delay in the destruction of registry data, following a request by the Quebec government. The court has granted the delay until further motions are argued in court next week. [...]


05 april 2012, 15h32

B.C. teachers squabble no closer to resolution

Picture The B.C. teachers union has asked the province's labour board to fire the mediator the government appointed to find a way out of the contract quagmire that has disrupted the entire school year so far. [...]


05 april 2012, 15h28

MP defends federal role in freeing NB farmer

Picture A New Brunswick Coonservative MP is defending Ottawa's role in securing the release of a farmer who spent more than a year in a Lebanese jail on accusations he exported rotten potatoes. Mike Allen says the federal government deserves more credit in helping facilitate the release of Henk Tepper, who returned to Canada last weekend. Mr. [...]


04 april 2012, 15h59

Cuts hit Canadian defence department

Picture The axe is beginning to fall on jobs across the public service, with the Defence Department among the first to report losses. The Union of National Defence Employees says around 1,100 civilian positions are being eliminated. The losses will be felt across the country, from military bases to reserve sites. [...]


04 april 2012, 15h55

RCI slashed

Picture Spending cuts announced last week in Canada's latest federal budget have reached Radio Canada International. Speaking to employees at RCI's headquarters in Montreal on Wednesday, RCI director Helene Parent declared that two out of three RCI employees---about 40 people---will lose their jobs by the end of July. [...]


04 april 2012, 15h52

Opposition blames PM for jet fighter kerfuffle

Picture Bob Rae is laying the blame for the stealth-fighter fiasco squarely on Stephen Harper and he's demanding the prime minister's resignation. The interim Liberal leader says Mr. Harper "lied" to Canadians during last May's election about having contractual protection against skyrocketing costs for the F-35 jets. [...]


04 april 2012, 15h51

Trade balance again favourable

Picture Statistics Canada says Canada's international merchandise trade bounced back in 2011 for a second consecutive year of gains after the 2009 recession. The agency says total trade in 2011 -- exports and imports combined -- came within 2.0 per cent of the record levels posted in 2008. [...]


04 april 2012, 15h48

Leadership outcome boosts federal NDP

Picture A new poll suggests the federal NDP is enjoying a big bounce in popularity since choosing Thomas Mulcair as leader. The Canadian Press Harris-Decima survey indicates the New Democrats have surged into a statistical tie with the Conservatives, with the parties at 32 and 34 per cent support respectively. [...]


04 april 2012, 15h44

Ontario premier deprecates opposition suggestion

Picture Premier Dalton McGuinty poured cold water Wednesday on the New Democrats' demand to increase income tax on the very wealthy, but he didn't rule out the idea completely. [...]


03 april 2012, 17h21

Federal watchdog is scathing about handling of jet fighter file

Picture The Canadian government has frozen spending on the multibillion-dollar plan to buy F-35 stealth jet fighters after the auditor general slammed the Defence Department for keeping Parliament in the dark about spiralling problems. [...]


03 april 2012, 17h18

Former Libya envoy absolved of conflict of interest

Picture Canada's ex-ambassador to Libya has been cleared of any suggestion of conflict of interest in an internal review by the Foreign Affairs Department. Sandra McCardell left her post as ambassador to Libya after questions were raised about her husband's job with SNC-Lavalin. [...]


03 april 2012, 17h14

Former tobacco exec admits destruction of documents

Picture A former Canadian tobacco executive has admitted in a $27-billion court case in the city of Montreal that he helped destroy research documents in the 1990s. Roger Ackman's testimony on Monday came in the largest class-action suit in Canadian history. [...]


03 april 2012, 17h09

Quebec demands Air Canada maintain aviation centre

Picture The Quebec government is formally calling on Air Canada to prove its efforts to maintain the Montreal service centre of Aveos Fleet Performance, a former division of the airline that has been shut down. Justice Minister Jean-Marc Fournier says that the carrier had previously given assurances that no maintenance facilities would be dismantled. [...]


03 april 2012, 17h03

Ontario to fight over wind farms in court

Picture Ontario's Liberal government said Tuesday it would defend itself against a $1-billion lawsuit over its moratorium on offshore wind farms, the second such action over the province's energy policies. [...]


03 april 2012, 17h00

Quebec goes to court over federal gun registry

Picture The Quebec government has taken legal action to save data from the federal gun registry. The province announced Tuesday that it has filed a motion in Quebec Superior Court to block the federal government from destroying the registry information. [...]


03 april 2012, 16h56

Former NL premier shocked by judgment on hydro project

Picture Former Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Danny Williams is accusing the provincial Public Utilities Board of bias after it issued an inconclusive report on the Muskrat Falls hydroelectric megaproject. Mr. Williams has championed the proposed $6.2-billion development that was announced just before he retired from politics in the fall of 2010. [...]


02 april 2012, 16h56

U.S. says Canada may have to jettison dairy marketing  boards

Picture U.S. President Barack Obama suggested Monday that Canada may have to give up its prized supply-management systems if it wants to join a new free-trade group of Pacific Rim countries, Prime Minister Stephen Harper got another expression of interest in a meeting with Mr. [...]


02 april 2012, 16h53

Privacy watchdog renews concerns about U.S.-Canada security deal

Picture Canada's privacy commissioner is once again calling for protection of personal information as the country embarks on a perimeter security deal with the United States. Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart has reissued that warning on behalf of her provincial counterparts as Mr. Harper was in Washington for talks with U.S. [...]


02 april 2012, 16h16

Central banker sees long-range economic challenges

Picture The head of Canada's central bank says there's less risk facing the country's economic recovery but that Canadians need to make some changes. Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney says Europe's debt problems have improved and the U.S. recovery is gaining steam. He says the two factors reduce some obstacles to Canadian growth. [...]


02 april 2012, 16h13

Federal employees being advised of job status

Picture Letters are being sent to thousands of federal public servants in Canada Monday telling them whether their position within a certain department will be eliminated. It's the result of last week's federal budget that calls for almost $5 billion in spending cuts. The Conservative government says it will cut some 19,000 public service jobs by 2015. [...]


02 april 2012, 16h10

Air Canada union lodges rights case

Picture The union representing 8,300 Air Canada machinists said on Monday it will take the Canadian government to court over a law preventing a strike or lockout at the airline. The union claims the law is unconstitutional. [...]


02 april 2012, 16h04

NL premier dismayed by ruling on hydro project

Picture The premier of Newfoundland and Labrador says she is disappointed after a regulatory body concluded it could not assess whether the Muskrat Falls hydroelectric project is the cheapest energy option for the province. [...]


01 april 2012, 09h57

Canadian farmer home after a year in Lebanese prison

Picture A potato farmer from the east coast province of New Brunswick is back home after spending more than a year in a Lebanese jail. Hank Tepper was in Beirut on a business trip when he was arrested and jailed. Algeria, issued the arrest warrant because it says that Tepper exported rotten potatoes to their country. [...]


01 april 2012, 09h53

North American leaders to meet

Picture Canada's Prime Minister will be in the United States Monday for a meeting of the so-called "Three Amigos". The economy, energy, and border security will be up for discussion at the Washington summit, when Stephen Harper meets with Presidents Barack Obama of the U.S. and Felipe Calderon of Mexico. [...]


01 april 2012, 09h51

Canadians join in international Earth Hour

Picture The World Wildlife Fund says Earth Hour was observed by a record 551 cities and towns across Canada. For one hour starting at 8:30 last night, many Canadians joined participants from around the world and turned off their lights to demonstrate the need to act against climate change. [...]


01 april 2012, 09h46

Bad weather delays investigation into helicopter crash

Picture It's expected to be a few days before salvage crews can remove the wreckage of a sight-seeing helicopter that crashed into a mountain near Canmore, Alberta. Bad weather is being blamed for the delay. Investigators are waiting to go over the wreckage to try to find out what caused the fatal crash on Friday. [...]


31 march 2012, 09h35

After year in Lebanese jail, Canadian farmer is abruptly released

Picture A Canadian farmer who was held in a jail in Lebanon for the past year has been freed. Henk Tepper was arrested ion March 23 of last year on an international arrest warrant alleging that he exported rotten potatoes to Algeria in 2007. He was also charged with having forged export documents. Mr. Tepper denied the allegations. [...]


31 march 2012, 09h15

Canada marks Earth Hour

Picture Canadians were urged on Saturday to join a worldwide action marking the annual environmental event known as Earth Hour. During Earth Hour starting at 8:30 p.m. local time, electric lights are turned off. In British Columbia, the electric power company, B.C. Hydro urged consumers on its Web site to mark the occasion. [...]


31 march 2012, 09h13

Winter storm hits Newfoundland

Picture A late-winter snow storm struck Newfoundland on Saturday. Between 20 and 30 centimetres of snow was expected in St. John's. The snow was being blown by high winds gusting as high as 80 kilometres an hour. Some flights were cancelled at the local airport. [...]


31 march 2012, 09h13

Facebook photos found on pornographic Web site

Picture Police are warning people that their photos on Facebook might find their way on to pornographic Web sites. The warning comes after a young woman in Whitehorse a pornographic site was using her Facebook photo along with Facebook photos of 19 other women. [...]


31 march 2012, 09h12

Deadly helicopter crash in Canadian Rockies

Picture A helicopter with five people on board crashed on Friday into the side of Grotto Mountain in the Canadian Rockies near Canmore west of Calgary, Alberta, killing the pilot, MatthewGoodine.The helicopter was on a sightseeing trip. [...]


30 march 2012, 17h09

Flaherty calls budget 'modest'

Picture Finance Minister Jim Flaherty is calling the Conservative government's austere federal budget "modest" compared to more severe fiscal measures taken in other countries and selling it as the way to keep Canada on track to outperform them as it did during the recent recession.T[...]


30 march 2012, 17h05

Physicians oppose high retirement age

Picture The Canadian Medical Association says the Canadian government's federal budget's plan to raise the age of eligibility for Old Age Security from 65 to 67 years will hurt many low-income seniors. The CMA also says the move will increase health care costs. CMA President Dr. [...]


30 march 2012, 17h01

Accused military spy stays detained

Picture A Halifax navy intelligence officer accused in a rare case of espionage remained in custody Friday after being denied bail by a provincial court judge. Judge Barbara Beach turned down Sub-Lt. Jeffrey Paul Delisle's application for bail, outlining her reasons in a decision that took roughly 40 minutes to read. [...]


30 march 2012, 16h56

Ottawa draws bead on 'charities'

Picture The Canadian government is asking is tax collection agency Revenue Canada to take a close look at charities that get into political activities, especially if they use foreign money to do it. [...]


30 march 2012, 16h52

Quebec tells language cops to start paying attention

Picture Facing a barrage of linguistic controversies, the Quebec government has announced it wants the provincial language watchdog to bite more often. Despite a hiring freeze across Quebec's public service, the government will hire 43 employees at the Office quebecois de la langue francaise to fill vacancies left by departures. [...]


29 march 2012, 17h10

Federal budget cuts lower than feared

Picture A penny-pinching Conservative government is loosening the reins on Canada's business community in a budget it says will position the country for commercial opportunity. Finance Minister Jim Flaherty is trimming $5.2[...]


29 march 2012, 17h07

Opposition excoriates budget

Picture The political opposition in Parliament slammed the changes as ideologically driven, bad for the environment and for prized social programs. [...]


29 march 2012, 17h03

Environmentalists critical of budget

Picture The news that environmental reviews will be streamlined angered environmentalists, who oppose all-out development of the tar sands on the grounds that extracting crude from the clay-like bitumen is energy-intensive and contributes to climate change. [...]


29 march 2012, 15h07

Air Canada hopes others will hire laid off maintenance workers

Picture The head of Air Canada told a parliamentary committee Thursday that he hopes heavy maintenance companies will hire the terminated workers from defunct Aveos Fleet Performance Inc. to meet the airline's aircraft overhaul needs in Canada. [...]


29 march 2012, 15h04

Quebec student protest unabated

Picture Striking Quebec students blocked access to Montreal's largest courthouse Thursday. Student unions also held larger demonstrations Thursday afternoon, when four separate marches were making their way through the downtown core, snarling traffic. [...]


29 march 2012, 14h59

NB seeks to soften impact of mine closure

Picture The government of Canada's east coast province of New Brunswick says it will help a local committee look for ways to create jobs and minimize the economic impact of the closing of the Brunswick Mine near the city of Bathurst. About 900 people will lose their jobs when the lead, zinc, copper and silver mine closes within the next 12 months. [...]


28 march 2012, 17h10

Flaherty says budget cuts directed at bureaucracy

Picture Finance Minister Jim Flaherty says budget cuts to be outlined on Thursday will be directed at the bureaucracy, not services to people. The finance minister characterized his austerity program as modest compared to the Liberal deficit-slaying budget of the mid-1990s. [...]


28 march 2012, 17h06

NDP warns of possible donnybrook over budget

Picture Thomas Mulcair says Prime Minister Stephen Harper will have a fight on his hands if Thursday's budget ignores job creation in favour of cuts to services, health care and pensions. The just-elected New Democratic Party leader was taking part in his first formal Parliament Hill caucus meeting after winning the leadership on the weekend. [...]


28 march 2012, 17h01

Guantanamo Canadian could soon return home

Picture The Canadian Press reports that Omar Khadr could be back in Canada by the end of May, with both Ottawa and Washington poised to approve his transfer from Guantanamo Bay. The convicted war criminal has been held there for almost a decade. A source familiar with the file said U.S. [...]


28 march 2012, 16h32

Immigrants get pre-screening of credentials

Picture Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney is proposing rule changes that would assess and verify the education credentials of some immigrants even before they arrive in Canada. [...]


28 march 2012, 16h29

B.C. names mediator in teacher dispute

Picture The B.C. government has named academic Charles Jago to mediate an end to the long-running B.C. teachers dispute. Mr. Jago is the former president of the University of Northern British Columbia in Prince George. [...]


28 march 2012, 16h24

McGuinty open to opposition suggestions on budget

Picture The premier of Canada's province of Ontario, Dalton McQuinty, says he welcomes budget suggestions from the opposition parties. His minority Liberal Party could face an election if they cannot persuade either the New Democrats or Progressive Conservatives to support the budget presented on Tuesday. [...]


28 march 2012, 16h18

Vancouver moves to prevent another hockey riot

Picture Vancouver is abandoning the giant outdoor Stanley Cup viewing parties that saw massive crowds and huge alcohol consumption boil over into a chaotic riot last year. The city is instead planning dozens of smaller events for the National Hockey League playoffs that it hopes will be enough to keep fans under control. [...]


27 march 2012, 17h04

Security summit in South Korea ends

Picture Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper and 53 other world leaders have ended a nuclear-security summit in Seoul, South Korea. Although North Korea's plan to launch a satellite aboard a rocket was not on the agenda, it's been a major point of discussion on the sidelines. The North insists the launch is a peaceful mission. But Mr. [...]


27 march 2012, 17h01

Canada, U.S., Mexico hold historic security summit

Picture Canadian Defence Minister Peter MacKay has emerged from a meeting with his U.S. and Mexican counterparts to say it's time for more military co-operation in North America's war on drugs. Mr. MacKay, U.S. [...]


27 march 2012, 16h52

Federal industry minister in more hot water

Picture Canada's ethics watchdog said on Tuesday that Canada's industry minister, Christian Paradis, who was found guilty of ethics violations last week, is being formally investigated for possible wrongdoing in a second case. Ethics Commissioner Mary Dawson said she was looking into allegations that Mr. [...]


27 march 2012, 16h49

Ottawa to study high court's prostitution finding

Picture The Canadian government says it will review a court ruling in the province of Ontario on the sex trade. Federal Justice Minister Rob Nicholson says the government still sees a social need for laws to control prostitution. [...]


27 march 2012, 16h45

Ottawa simplifies oil regulation

Picture In a move set to help the oil industry, Canada's Conservative government will reveal new rules this week designed to cut the time it takes for environmental assessments of major energy and industrial projects. [...]


27 march 2012, 16h40

Former RCMP women join suit

Picture As many as 150 current and former female members of the RCMP are preparing to stand behind a class-action lawsuit against the federal police force alleging widespread sexual harassment. The suit, filed in B.C. Supreme Court on behalf of Janet Merlo, who was a constable in B.C. [...]


27 march 2012, 16h37

Ontario struggles to shuck off deficit

Picture Cash-strapped Ontario is putting off tax cuts to businesses and focusing on public sector wages and pensions in an austerity budget designed to lift Canada's former economic powerhouse out of the red ink in five years. [...]


27 march 2012, 16h33

NB cuts spending

Picture The New Brunswick government is continuing to slash spending in an effort to return to balanced budgets in time for the next election in 2014. The $8.2-billion budget for 2012-13 includes a $183 million deficit, down from the $449 million shortfall recorded for the budget year ending March 31. But the budget is forecasting the net debt to hit $10.[...]


27 march 2012, 16h29

Owner of Japanese tsunami boat says Canada can have it

Picture A Japanese official said Tuesday that the owner of a fishing boat in Japan that drifted across the Pacific after getting washed away from its moorings by last year's huge tsunami does not want it back. The 65-meter vessel was spotted last week by a Canadian Forces aircraft on a routine surveillance patrol. [...]


26 march 2012, 15h39

PM attends security conference in Seoul

Picture Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper is in Seoul, South Korea, He joined about 60 other world leaders for a summit on nuclear security. They are expected to focus not only on questions of weapons proliferation but also on the need to better oversee the peaceful use of atomic energy. Mr. [...]


26 march 2012, 15h32

Ontario court rules on prostitution

Picture The Appeals Court in the Canadian province of Ontario has ruled that a ban on brothels puts prostitutes in danger and is therefore unconstitutional. The court says prostitutes should be allowed to work safely indoors. However, the court has given the government one year to rewrite the law if it chooses to. [...]


26 march 2012, 15h28

Alberta premier launches election

Picture Alberta Premier Alison Redford, seeking her first public mandate as premier, is sending voters to the polls April 23. Mrs. Redford's Progressive Conservatives are seeking a 12th consecutive majority dating back to 1971, but the election campaign promises to be a bitter fight. [...]


26 march 2012, 15h25

Ottawa awaits answer on drug offer

Picture The Canadian government is still waiting for a response from the provinces over its offer to help ease the ongoing drug shortage. The Public Health Agency of Canada has told provinces it's willing to use its emergency stockpile of medications to ease shortages created by quality-control problems at Sandoz Canada, a pharmaceutical company. [...]


26 march 2012, 15h21

Amgry Quebec students adopt new strategy

Picture Quebec student protesters now plan to kick the Liberal Party government of Premier Jean Charest Liberals where it hurts: in swing ridings and with big donors to the party. Students angry with the province's tuition hikes are going to work against the Liberals in 10 ridings the party barely won in the last election. [...]


25 march 2012, 11h53

Aid offered to victims of New Brunswick floods

Picture New Brunswick's government is promising help for people whose properties were damaged by flood waters. It's estimated that floods caused about CDN$25 million in damage. Premier David Alward visited the northern village of Perth-Andover to survey the damage. [...]


25 march 2012, 11h08

White supremacist rallies fizzle

Picture Foes of racism confronted white supremacists who held rallies in the Canadian cities of London and Edmonton on Saturday. In London, both groups dispersed when police started to move in. In Edmonton, white pride demonstrators retreated into a subway station after exchanging insults with a larger group of anti-racist protesters. [...]


25 march 2012, 09h30

Canada and Japan to open free-trade talks

Picture Canada and Japan have agreed to open free-trade talks. Prime Minister Stephen Harper calls the talks a historic opportunity for creating jobs and increasing economic growth. Mr. Harper spoke on Sunday in Tokyo after meeting with Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda. Japan is the world's third-largest economy and Canada's fifth-biggest trading partner. [...]


25 march 2012, 09h29

Thomas Mulcair wins NDP leadership

Picture Canada's official opposition New Democratic Party has a new leader. Thomas Mulcair was chosen on the fourth ballot at the NDP convention in Toronto on Saturday. He succeeds the late Jack Layton, who died last August after leading the party earlier in the year to its biggest election victory. Mr. Mulcair defeated six other candidates. [...]


24 march 2012, 13h45

After two ballots, three contenders remain at New Democratic Party leadership convention

Picture Canada's official opposition New Democratic Party voted for a new leader at its convention in Toronto on Saturday. Four candidates remained after the first round of voting, while three candidates dropped out. After the second round, Thomas Mulcair was leading with 38 per cent of the vote, followed by Brian Topp with 25 per cent. [...]


24 march 2012, 11h30

Flooding in New Brunswick forces evacuation

Picture Hundreds of people in northern New Brunswick were still waiting on Saturday to learn when they might return home after flooding forced them to flee. Water levels began to decline along the St. John River, but the province's Emergency Measures Organization says there is no timeline for residents' return. [...]


24 march 2012, 10h30

Canada presses Thailand to combat human smuggling

Picture Canada's prime minister, Stephen Harper, says Thailand is an important partner in Canadian efforts to stop human smuggling. Mr. Harper spoke on Saturday in Bangkok, where he toured the local police force's main marine dock. His government is spending $12 million over two years to help detect and prevent human smuggling operations. [...]


24 march 2012, 09h18

Swept by tsunami, Japanese boat reaches Canadian shores

Picture A fishing trawler that was part of the debris from the tsunami in Japan last year has arrived off the Pacific coast of Canada. The rusting trawler was seen within 200 kilometres of the coast. No one is on board. Canadian maritime officials consider the ship to be a danger to maritime traffic. [...]


23 march 2012, 16h54

Canada, Thailand discuss free trade

Picture Thailand's prime minister hailed the possibility of free trade negotiations with Canada on Thursday and welcomed Ottawa's rediscovered interest in southeast Asia. Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra says that it has been 15 years since a Canadian prime minister last made a visit to Thailand, which is among the world's fastest growing economies. [...]


23 march 2012, 16h50

Air Canada wildcat strike touched off after minister harassed

Picture A spokeswoman for Lisa Raitt says the Canadian labour minister was followed through Toronto's Pearson airport and harassed by Air Canada workers. The incident, which union officials have described as Mrs. Raitt being heckled, snowballed into a wildcat strike that threw the country's busiest airport into chaos early Friday. [...]


23 march 2012, 16h02

NDP elects chief

Picture Canada's official opposition New Democratic Party is holding its leadership convention this weekend in the city of Toronto. Member of Parliament Thomas Mulcair from the province of Quebec is seen as the frontrunner among the seven candidates seeking the post to succeed Jack Layton, who died last August. Although Mr. [...]


23 march 2012, 15h58

High court issues landmark ruling on natives

Picture The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that aboriginal background should be a paramount consideration when sentencing violent offenders who have breached long-term supervision orders. In a 6-1 decision, the justices ruled on twp cases in which offenders on long-term supervision were sentenced after violating the terms of their orders. [...]


23 march 2012, 15h48

NL trail gets PR boost

Picture The U.S.-based National Geographic Society has named a trail in Canada's east coast province of Newfoundland and Labrador as one of the world's top 12 adventure destinations. The society says the 260-kilometre East Coast Trail is a prime location for adventure tourism that gives hikers views of icebergs and deep fjords. [...]


22 march 2012, 17h48

PM launches Asia tour in Thailand

Picture Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper has arrived in Thailand at the beginning of a three-country Asia tour that will include visits to Japan and South Korea. He is expected to discuss the expansion of trade relations with Japanese and Thai officials. In South Korea, Mr. Harper will be attending a nuclear security summit. [...]


22 march 2012, 15h59

Quebec students stage biggest protest against tuition hikes

Picture Tens of thousands of students protested on Thursday against a 75-percent tuition hike at universities in Canada's mostly French-speaking province of Quebec, bringing downtown Montreal to a standstill. [...]


22 march 2012, 15h53

Ontario court to rule on prostitution law

Picture The Court of Appeal in Canada's province of Ontario says it will deliver its decision on Monday in a case concerning the constitutionality of Canada's prostitution laws. [...]


22 march 2012, 15h43

B.C. teachers weigh illegal walkout

Picture The B.C. Teachers' Federation in Canada's Pacific coast province of British Columbia is threatening to stage a full-scale strike, despite stiff penalties. However, the illegal walkout would not go ahead for at least a month, and not until a majority of teachers vote twice in favour to hold it. [...]


22 march 2012, 09h00

British Columbia teachers considering strike action

Picture The Teachers' Federation in Canada's Pacific coast Province of British Columbia is threatening to stage a full-scale strike, despite stiff penalties. However, the illegal walkout would not go ahead for at least a month, and not until a majority of teachers vote twice in favour to hold it. [...]


21 march 2012, 17h10

Quebec threatens court action over aviation maintenance debacle

Picture Quebec Premier Jean Charest is threatening to sue the federal government in a bid to keep 1,800 Aveos Fleet Performance jobs in Montreal. Mr. Charest's threat Wednesday came as members of the national assembly unanimously adopted a resolution saying they would do everything they legally could to help the Aveos employees. [...]


21 march 2012, 17h07

NDP interim leader set to depart

Picture Nycole Turmel says she's leaving Canada's opposition New Democratic Party in good shape for the new leader to be elected on Saturday. After eight months as interim leader, she says the 102-member caucus is united and the party still on track to defeat Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservatives in the 2015 election. [...]


21 march 2012, 17h03

Canadians catching flights from U.S.

Picture Canadians are increasingly travelling to American airports to save money on their tickets. A Canadian Airports Council report found that last year, 4.8-million one-way trips were made by Canadians to American airports. That's an increase of 15 per cent more than in 2010. [...]


21 march 2012, 16h59

SK budget stays the course

Picture Seniors and families with children will have to pay more for prescriptions in a Saskatchewan budget that pinches pennies but makes no deep cuts. Finance Minister Ken Krawetz says their out-of-pocket costs will rise to $20 from $15 per prescription. [...]


21 march 2012, 16h56

Seal hunt opens early in Quebec islands

Picture The federal Fisheries Department is opening the harp seal hunt early for fishermen in Iles-de-la-Madeleine because of worsening ice conditions. [...]


21 march 2012, 16h49

Jailed potato farmer's family grateful for public support

Picture A year after Henk Tepper was jailed in Lebanon on accusations he exported rotten potatoes, the Canadian farmer's family is thanking the public for its support, saying it has helped them remain strong through the ordeal. [...]


20 march 2012, 17h46

PM to pay respects to tsunami victims

Picture Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper will pay his respects to the victims of last year's devastating earthquake and tsunami during his trip to Asia this week. It will be his second to the Far East in two months. [...]


20 march 2012, 17h23

Airline maintenance firm to liquidate

Picture Aveos Fleet Performance plans to begin liquidation, terminating the employment of all its 2,600 employees across the country. The Montreal-based private company, which has provided maintenance services to Air Canada, says it will immediately cease all operations after appearing in Quebec Superior Court. [...]


20 march 2012, 17h16

Air Canada pilots launch Charter challenge

Picture Air Canada pilots have launched a constitutional challenge against federal back-to-work legislation. The 3,000 pilots represented by the Air Canada Pilots Association say the law passed last week contravenes the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The legislation forces them to fly and to accept a contract imposed by arbitration. [...]


20 march 2012, 17h13

NDP leadership candidate calls for election fund

Picture New Democratic Party leadership candidate Thomas Mulcair wants the party to create a $3.38-million fund to take on the Conservatives in the next election. He says the fund should be a key element of the NDP's plans to prepare for the next election. Mr. [...]


20 march 2012, 17h09

Quebec budget banks on northern development plan

Picture Premier Jean Charest's Quebec government has tabled a budget that is banking on potential revenue from natural resources to convince voters that he deserves re-election. Tuesday's budget predicts a bonanza of billions of dollars in mining and other royalties over several years from Mr. Charest's ambitious plan to develop northern Quebec. [...]


20 march 2012, 17h06

Commemorative Titanic stamps coming out

Picture Five stamps commemorating the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic will be released by Canada Post on April 5. The stamps, created by designers Dennis Page and Oliver Hill of Halifax, depict various parts of the Titanic, which hit an iceberg and sank in the North Atlantic on April 15, 1912, with the loss of 1,500 lives. [...]


20 march 2012, 17h03

Abusive coach gets two-year sentence

Picture Disgraced former Canadian junior hockey coach Graham James has been sentenced to two years in prison for sexually abusing two of his players. James pleaded guilty in December to repeatedly sexually abusing NHL star Theo Fleury and his cousin, Todd Holt, when they played for him in the Western Hockey League in the 1980s and '90s. [...]


19 march 2012, 17h33

Maintenance closure could leave Air Canada passengers stranded

Picture Air Canada said Monday it could be forced to cancel flights and strand thousands of passengers if the maintenance company that obtained creditor protection Monday is unable to complete repairs to several planes. [...]


19 march 2012, 17h30

Vote held to replace late NDP leader

Picture A federal byelection was held Monday in the Canadian city of Toronto. The election was held in Toronto-Danforth riding as a result of the death of New Democratic Party leader Jack Layton last August. He had held the riding through four elections. His widow, Member of Parliament Olivia Chow, says voters are looking for someone to carry on Mr. [...]


19 march 2012, 17h27

NDP to apply ounce of prevention

Picture Canada's official opposition New Democratic Party is preparing a "significant" ad campaign to promote its new leader before the Conservatives get a chance to taint Canadians' first impressions with attack ads of their own. The new leader, to be chosen Saturday, will have to agree to the plan but the idea is to beat the Tories to the punch. [...]


19 march 2012, 17h23

Police irate after Ontario Paddy's Day riot

Picture The police chief of the Canadian city of London, ON, is angry over the riot that occurred in the city's east end on Saturday duirng Saint Patrick day celebrations. Hundreds of revellers took part in the mayhem that caused $100,000 dollars damage to the city, wrecking 17 police vehicles and a television news truck. [...]


19 march 2012, 17h14

B.C. teachers faction weighs illegal strike

Picture One faction of British Columbia's public school teachers is urging its union to stage an illegal strike in protest of recently passed education legislation that it argues prevents fair collective bargaining. Tara Ehrcke,president of the Greater Victoria Teachers' Association, says several other union locals have voiced agreement as the B.C. [...]


19 march 2012, 17h05

Alberta to review disastrous blaze

Picture The government of the Canadian province of Alberta is launching a formal review of how well it responded to the fire last May that devastated the town of Slave Lake. The firm KPMG is conducting the review. It will include interviews with emergency responders who handled the evacuation and some of the 7,000 residents who fled their homes. [...]


18 march 2012, 16h40

Pearson International Airport sees delays and cancellations

Picture Some flights were cancelled on Sunday at Canada's biggest airport, Pearson International in Toronto. Most of the cancelled flights were Air Canada's. Some of the flights were cancelled because the airline's pilots called in sick for the second day. [...]


18 march 2012, 16h31

British Columbia teachers continue labour strategy talks

Picture Teachers in the Canadian province of British Columbia continued on Sunday to discuss how to react to government legislation that forbids strike action. B.C. Teachers Federation President Susan Lambert says about 700 members will likely come to a decision on Tuesday. [...]


18 march 2012, 10h17

Rallies protesting Syrian regime held in Canadian cities

Picture Rallies protesting the Syrian regime and calling on the Canadian government for help were held in several Canadian cities Saturday. More than one thousand people gathered in Montreal, with similar protests held in Toronto and Halifax as part of the "Global March for Syria". [...]


18 march 2012, 10h11

Canada's prime minister to make three-country Asian tour

Picture Canada's prime minister will travel to Asia next week for the second time this year. Stephen Harper will arrive on Thursday in Thailand to discuss a possible free-trade deal. He'll then travel to Japan and South Korea. In South Korea's capital, Seoul, Mr. Harper will join 52 other heads of state at the second Nuclear Security Summit. [...]


18 march 2012, 10h09

St Patrick's Day celebrations turn violent

Picture St. Patricks's Day celebrations turned violent in London, Ontario late Saturday. About fifty police officers in riot gear were called out to disperse a crowd blocking a street in the city. The mob,made up primarily of young people, pelted officers with bottles and other objects and set fire to a television news truck that had been tipped over. [...]


17 march 2012, 14h48

Fields stores to close

Picture One of Canada's major retail chains is going to close its stores. Fields Stores has 141 locations in the four western provinces, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia, as well as in the Northwest Territories. The chain closed its 26 stores in Ontario last month. [...]


17 march 2012, 14h42

British Columbia sees rise in exports to China

Picture Canada's Pacific coast province of British Columbia says that its exports to China are rising. The provincial Jobs Minister, Pat Bell, says that annual mineral exports have increased by 145 per cent to more than 84 million dollars. [...]


17 march 2012, 13h04

Irish Immigration to Canada increasing

Picture St. Patrick's Day celebrations in Canada have some added Irish authenticity to them this year. Statistics show that Irish immigration to Canada has almost doubled from 2009 to 2011 to more than 5000 new arrivals as more and more Irish flee a weak economy in search of better jobs. [...]


17 march 2012, 12h37

E-Coli warning issued by Health Canda

Picture The Canadian public is being warned not to consume certain ground beef products because they may be contaminated with E.coli bacteria. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency says all ground beef products made between July 1, 2011 and Feb. 15, 2012 at the facility linked to the establishment number 761 are included in the warning. [...]


17 march 2012, 10h38

Canadian Navy submarine fires test torpedo

Picture The Royal Candian Navy says it fired a test torpedo from one of its submarines off Vancouver Island, on Canada's west coast. The test was conducted from H.M.C.S. Victoria, the only active submarine in Canada's fleet. [...]


16 march 2012, 17h09

Fate of F-35 commitment unclear

Picture The Conservative cabinet minister in charge of buying military equipment says he is looking at all options when it comes to the F-35 stealth fighter jets. The government has set aside $9 billion to replace the air force's aging CF-18 fighter-bombers. Mr. [...]


16 march 2012, 16h48

Former NDP chief mistrusts leadership frontrunner

Picture A former leader of Canada New Democratic Party, Ed Broadbent, is questioning whether the frontrunner for the party leadership has the right temperament for the job. He's challenging Thomas Mulcair's abilities as a team player. Mr. Broadbent says most NDP Members of Parliament who have worked with Mr. [...]


16 march 2012, 16h44

Air Canada labour bill becomes law

Picture Canadian legislation outlawing a work stoppage at the country's biggest airline, Air Canada, is now the law. The Senate has passed the government legislation and it was quickly given royal assent. The bill sends two disputes at the airline to binding arbitration. [...]


16 march 2012, 16h40

Lobbies contests Muskrat Falls findng

Picture Environmental groups have filed an application for a judicial review challenging a joint panel's assessment on the proposed $6.2-billion Muskrat Falls hydroelectric development in Labrador. The groups, represented by lawyers for Ecojustice, filed the application with the Federal Court of Canada, arguing that the assessment was incomplete. [...]


16 march 2012, 16h31

Alberta premier denies election delay

Picture Alberta Premier Alison Redford says there are no plans to delay an election call that will likely see Albertans going to the polls sometime in April. Mrs. Redford says that she isn't pushing anything back, but her number-one priority is to pass the provincial budget first. She says that likely won't take long and then she will call an election. [...]


16 march 2012, 16h29

B.C. legislates end to teachers job actions

Picture The legislature in Canada's Pacific coast province of British Columbia has voted to end six months of job action by the province's 41,000 public school teachers. The bill prohibits future walkouts, forces teachers to end the limited strike they started in September and sends the dispute to mediation. [...]


16 march 2012, 16h21

More than 200 arrested at Montreal riot

Picture Montreal police are saying 226 people were arrested during Thursday night's protest against police brutality. Police Chief Marc Parent says 36 people were arrested in isolated arrests, while 190 were detained in a mass arrest at a street corner near the downtown core. Four people were still in detention Friday morning. [...]


15 march 2012, 17h57

Air Canada back-to-work bill nears passage

Picture The federal back-to-work bill to send two Air Canada labour disputes to binding arbitration passed the Senate on Thursday. The legislation covers about 8,600 mechanics, baggage handlers and other ground crew at Air Canada and about 3,000 pilots. [...]


15 march 2012, 17h19

Canadian lawmakers unite over Syria

Picture Canada marked the first anniversary of the blood-soaked Syrian uprising with Parliament unanimously condemning the regime of President Bashar Assad. [...]


15 march 2012, 17h16

Rights lobby wants accused Guatemalan tried in Canada

Picture A human rights group says Canada is still a safer bet when it comes to trying an accused Guatemalan war criminal facing extradition in Calgary. [...]


14 march 2012, 17h28

Air Canada union resents federal intervention

Picture The union representing mechanics and other workers at Air Canada said Tuesday that the federal government's decision to impose arbitration on its talks with the airline eroded labour rights. International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers executive Dave Ritchie said the bill would "poison labour relations across Canada."[...]


14 march 2012, 17h23

NDP leadership candidate backs rival

Picture Martin Singh has made it official: if he can't be the next federal New Democratic Party leader, he wants the job to go to front-runner Thomas Mulcair. The Nova Scotia pharmacist, a long shot candidate who's likely to be bumped off the ballot early, announced Wednesday he's urging his supporters to make Mulcair their second choice. [...]


14 march 2012, 17h21

Brisk growth forecast for Canadian North

Picture There is a hot spot in Canada's lacklustre economy, the North. The Conference Board of Canada says a global commodities boom is igniting a fire under Canada's three northern territories, forecasting they will be growth leaders over the next two years. [...]


14 march 2012, 17h14

Territory joins call for national energy policy

Picture Nunavut's premier is joining her Alberta counterpart in calling for a national energy policy. In a speech to a Calgary energy conference, Eva Aariak threw her support behind Premier Alison Redford's call for federal co-ordination of developing energy supplies. Mrs. [...]


14 march 2012, 17h10

Halifax commuters to get a free ride

Picture Residents of the east coast Canadian city of Halifax, NS, will be allowed to ride for free on public transit. The decision comes as public transit workers return to work after a strike of almost six weeks. The bus drivers, ferry crews and maintenance workers have approved a new five-year contract. [...]


13 march 2012, 17h17

Fighter deal suddenly in doubt

Picture Julian Fantino, Canada's associate defence minister, says government has not discounted backing out of the plan to buy the U.S. F-35 stealth fighter. He made the comment Tuesday before a House of Commons committee. He says the government remains committed to buying the radar-evading jet, but noted once again that no contract has been signed. Mr. [...]


13 march 2012, 17h13

Govt. pushing Air Canada labour bill through Commons

Picture A spokeswoman for Canadian Labour Minister Lisa Raitt says a government bill to block a strike or lockout at Air Canada should pass the House of Commons by the early hours of Wednesday. With the threat of a simultaneous strike and lockout at the country's largest airline, Mrs. [...]


13 march 2012, 17h07

Quebec to try to migitate implementation of federal crime bill

Picture The debate isn't over yet in Quebec for the Conservative government's criminal justice legislation. The provincial government announced Tuesday that it would do everything in its power to limit the clout of the legislation that passed a day earlier. [...]


13 march 2012, 17h02

Former tobacco spokesman says firms treated unfairly

Picture A former tobacco company spokesman says his company was already under fire in the 1970s over its position on tobacco and public health. [...]


13 march 2012, 16h59

Opposition Liberals forthcoming with robocalls

Picture The Liberal party has given Elections Canada samples of its robocall messages and scripts for live calls to voters during last spring's election campaign. Interim leader Bob Rae says the party has recordings of all its campaign robocalls and will make them available if needed for the investigation into alleged vote-suppression tactics. [...]


13 march 2012, 16h53

B.C. teachers blame govt. for contract deadlock

Picture The B.C. Teachers Federation says its latest effort to break the deadlock in the teachers contract dispute has failed and the union blames the government for refusing to budge. [...]


12 march 2012, 17h43

Ottawa to stop labour fights at Air Canada

Picture Federal Labour Minister Lisa Raitt says she will introduce back-to-work legislation in connection with Air Canada and its labour dispute with its pilots and machinists unions. The bill follows a move by the minister last week to block a work stoppage at the airline by referring the dispute to the Canada Industrial Relations Board. [...]


12 march 2012, 17h39

Landmark tobacco suit launched

Picture A landmark tobacco case with up to $27 billion at stake started Monday in a Montreal courtroom, with Canada's three largest cigarette companies squaring off against a group of Quebec smokers. The class-action case is considered the biggest in Canadian history. [...]


12 march 2012, 17h32

Conservatives finally to approve tough-on-crime bill

Picture Prime Minister Stephen Harper's majority Conservative government is poised to pass its omnibus crime bill and make good on an election promise with a couple of days to spare. [...]


12 march 2012, 17h28

Drug shortage causing worry

Picture The Canadian Cancer Society is demanding that federal Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq do more to address the urgent issue of drug shortages in the country. The Society says it is unacceptable that some cancer patients are finding themselves unable to access the drugs they need for their treatment. [...]


12 march 2012, 17h25

Canada deplores Afghanistan massacre

Picture Canada's Defence Minister Peter MacKay has denounced the killing of 16 Afghan civilians in Afghanistan as a random and cowardly act of violence. He was referring to a U.S. Army sergeant who was responsible for the massacre in the province of Kandahar. Mr. [...]


12 march 2012, 17h19

Alleged Canadian hood captured in Panama

Picture Police in Panama say they have captured a fugitive with suspected ties to the Hells Angels motorcycle gang who is wanted in Canada for 22 murders. A police statement says Michel Smith was detained Friday in the Playa Coronado tourist region, 100 kilometres west of Panama City. The police say Mr. [...]


12 march 2012, 17h16

Halifax transit strike winds down

Picture It appears that bus service will resume this week in the east coast Canadian city of Halifax. A tentative agreement has been reached in the city's six-week long bus strike. [...]


11 march 2012, 15h52

Canadians mark anniversary of Japan disaster

Picture A crowd gathered at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre in Toronto on Sunday to honour those killed or displaced by the devastating earthquake in Japan last year. They bowed their heads in silence at precisely 2:46 p.m., the moment that the earthquake hit on March 11, 2011. [...]


11 march 2012, 15h45

Demonstrations call for inquiry into election robocalls

Picture Demonstrations were held in several Canadian cities on Sunday to call for a public inquiry into the robocall scandal. The scandal broke last month when it was revealed that thousands of voters received recorded phone calls that sent them to the wrong polling stations in the federal election last year. [...]


11 march 2012, 14h49

Canadian fugitive reported arrested in Panama

Picture A Canadian fugitive accused of multiple murders is reported to have been arrested in Panama. Michel Smith is a member of the South Chapter of the Hells Angels, where he's known as Animal. He faces 29 criminal charges, including 22 murder charges. Media in Panama reported that police detained him on Friday in the Playa Coronado region. [...]


11 march 2012, 14h44

Canadian foreign aid agency seeking thief

Picture Canada's foreign aid agency is seeking an African man who stole money from a fund to help villagers in Mali. The Canadian International Development Agency identified the man only as Mr. Bartururimi, a citizen of Burundi who led a non-governmental organization. [...]


11 march 2012, 10h04

Conservatives end annual meeting with call for higher ethical standards

Picture Canada's ruling Conservative party has concluded a two-day meeting with a call for a higher degree of ethics in politics. Former Reform party leader Preston Manning, who oversees the annual Tory conference, points to the sponsorship scandal and the more recent robo-calling affair as two examples of unethical conduct. Mr. [...]


10 march 2012, 15h51

Stratford Festival names new director

Picture The Stratford Shakespeare Festival in Ontario has announced its next artistic director. Antoni Cimolino will take over from Des McAnuff at the end of the 2012 season. Cimolino is in his 25th season with the festival as an actor and director. He was appointed general director in 2006. [...]


10 march 2012, 08h53

Concordia University fined for "generosity"

Picture A Canadian university has been fined for being too generous with high-ranking employees who haveresigned before their contracts expired. The Quebec government assessed the $2-million fine against Montreal's Concordia University for the severance packages given to senior personnel. The packages for six employees totalled $3.1-million. [...]


10 march 2012, 08h45

Big tobacco targetted

Picture Smokers will face Canada's three biggest tobacco companies in a Montreal court starting Monday. Imperial Tobacco, Rothmans Benson and Hedges, and J.T.I Macdonald are named as defendants in a 22-billion-dollar lawsuit. [...]


10 march 2012, 08h40

New report on police clashes with the mentally ill

Picture Two of every five Canadians who suffer from mental illness get arrested at some point in their life. The figure is contained in a British Columbia study sponsored by the Mental Health Commission of Canada. It found that one in 20 police dispatches or police encounters involve people with a mental illness. [...]


09 march 2012, 17h38

Had to prevent Air Canada strike: PM

Picture Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper says it was necessary for his government to get involved with Air Canada's labour disputes because it's a special case. Mr. Harper says a shutdown at the country's largest airline would have a significant impact on travellers, the country's transportation system and potentially the economy. [...]


09 march 2012, 17h37

Trade surplus dips

Picture Canada's trade surplus plunged to $2.1 billion in January as a slight increase in exports to the United States was more than offset by declines to the rest of the world. Statistics Canada reports that the overall surplus, mainly due to trade between Canada and the United States, fell 28 per cent from $2.9[...]


09 march 2012, 17h33

Job market tough for young Canadians

Picture Unemployed Canadians continued to struggle with a tough job market last month as the slow-moving economy laid an egg in February, unexpectedly shedding 2,800 jobs. The national unemployment rate dropped to 7.4 per cent, but that was because close to a net 38,000 frustrated job seekers simply gave up the search. [...]


09 march 2012, 17h17

Manning deplores U.S. influence on political morals

Picture The patriarch of the modern-day conservative movement in Canada is calling for better ethical training for campaign workers in the wake of the robocall scandal. But one-time Reform party leader Preston Manning also cautions against pointing the finger for the scandal at the Tories, saying the problem is much broader. Mr. [...]


09 march 2012, 17h14

Body of missing teen finally found

Picture They searched for Mariam Makhniashvili across the country and eventually found her body less than an hour away from where she was last seen. [...]


08 march 2012, 17h32

Canada warned of electoral fraud in Burma

Picture Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi is telling visiting Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird that bogus voters lists are threatening to undermine the upcoming landmark elections in her country. [...]


08 march 2012, 17h29

Ottawa steps in again to head off Air Canada strike

Picture Federal Labour Minister Lisa Raitt stepped in Thursday to prevent a work stoppage at Air Canada next week that would have thrown the travel plans for thousands of families into chaos at the beginning of a holiday week. Mrs. [...]


08 march 2012, 17h24

Federal minister to co-operate with election probe

Picture Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver says he'll co-operate with any Elections Canada probe into what he says was a clean campaign in his Toronto riding. Mr. Oliver says he is not aware of any voter registration irregularities and has not been contacted by Elections Canada investigators. [...]


08 march 2012, 17h20

Federal lending rate unchanged

Picture The Bank of Canada's interest rate will remain unchanged at one per cent . It has been unchanged for for the past 18 months. The Bank noted that economic conditions have improved over the past few weeks. Economists say they don't anticipate much change to the rate in the next couple of months. [...]


08 march 2012, 17h16

B.C. law on teacher strike looms

Picture British Columbia Education Minister George Abbott says legislation suspending any further job action at schools is expected to become law by next Thursday. Mr. Abbott's statement comes on the same day the teachers' union announced it doesn't expect another walkout ahead of spring break later this month. [...]


08 march 2012, 17h12

Ottawa reacts to complaints about drug shortage

Picture The federal Conservatives say they're open to requiring pharmaceutical companies to publicly report gaps in their drug supply in the wake of a prescription medication shortage that caught many by surprise. [...]


07 march 2012, 17h34

Canada accuses people smuggler

Picture RCMP has launched an international manhunt for the first person charged in connection with a ship that brought hundreds of Tamil migrants to Canada's West Coast a year and a half ago. Thayakaran Markandu has been charged with organizing illegal entry into Canada. [...]


07 march 2012, 17h20

Conservatives yield on Elections Canada power

Picture The Conservative government has reversed course and now says it will support an NDP motion to give Elections Canada increased audit powers. [...]


07 march 2012, 17h17

Ottawa still grappling with immigration backlog

Picture The government of Canada is looking at ways to streamline its immigration system to eliminate a backlog of more than a million applicants. [...]


07 march 2012, 17h14

B.C. minister willing to see teachers after strike

Picture B.C. Education Minister George Abbott says his door is open to meet with B.C. Teachers' Federation president Susan Lambert to discuss a three-day walkout that is drawing to an end, but it appears he's waiting for her to call. Mr. Abbott says he's prepared to meet over the weekend with Mrs. [...]


07 march 2012, 17h10

Ontario premier tells teachers no

Picture Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty is rejecting a request from Ontario teachers for a meeting to talk about his demand for a two-year wage freeze. Mr. McGuinty has written Ontario's four largest teachers' unions and the Canadian Union of Public Employees acknowledging that he's asking "a lot" of their members. [...]


07 march 2012, 17h04

Federal tobacco farm earns rasberry

Picture A federal program that spent millions paying farmers to get out of the tobacco business only to see their numbers rise is this year's winner of a government waste award. The Canadian Taxpayers Federation gave its annual worst of government waste award to Agriculture Canada for its 2008-2009 $284 million tobacco transition program. [...]


07 march 2012, 17h00

Children's hospital gets huge donation

Picture The founder of a company that has built thousands of homes in Canada and the United States has donated $40 million to the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. The donation by philanthropist Peter Gilgan, the CEO of Mattamy Homes, is believed to be the largest single private gift to a children's hospital in Canada. [...]


06 march 2012, 17h33

Foreign minister off to Burma

Picture Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird will become the first Canadian Foreign Affairs minister to visit Burma, also known as Myanmar, when he arrives in that country later this week. Burma has been run by the miitary for nearly 50 years until last year, when a civilian government took over. Mr. [...]


06 march 2012, 17h30

Minister harmed by leaks

Picture House of Commons Speaker Andrew Scheer has ruled Public Safety Minister Vic Toews' parliamentary privileges were breached by videos posted online by the group Anonymous, clearing the way for the hackers to be hauled before MPs. [...]


06 march 2012, 17h28

Rights lobby wants torture directive withdrawn

Picture A human-rights group wants the federal government to withdraw a directive permitting Canada's spy agency to share information even when there's a real risk it will lead to torture. Amnesty International Canada says the policy violates Canada's international obligations to prevent torture. [...]


06 march 2012, 17h23

Canada's airport taxes denounced

Picture The head of the association that represents most of the world's air carriers has slammed the high taxes the Canadian government imposes on its airline industry. [...]


06 march 2012, 17h19

Solidarity displayed toward striking B.C. teachers

Picture Thousands of public-sector workers rallied at the British Columbia legislature Tuesday in support striking teachers and against the government's back-to-work legislation. [...]


06 march 2012, 17h16

Bank settles Ponzi suit

Picture Scores of people defrauded in a pyramid scheme in Quebec will be reimbursed for roughly half of what they lost, thanks to an out-of-court settlement announced Tuesday. The Royal Bank of Canada says victims of financial fraudster Earl Jones reached a $17-million settlement of their class-action lawsuit. [...]


06 march 2012, 17h11

Nunavut said to have been warned about Iqaluit apartments

Picture The former fire marshal of the eastern Arctic Canadian territory of Nunavut says the territorial government knew an apartment block that was the scene of a fatal blaze didn't meet building codes and did nothing to ensure it got fixed. [...]


05 march 2012, 17h26

Canada shutters Syria embassy

Picture Canada has withdrawn its remaining diplomats from Syria and closed the embassy in Damascus. Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird says the deteriorating security situation forced the pullout. Canada has been urging Canadians to leave Syria for months. Any still remaining can still seek consular help through Beirut, Lebanon, or Amman, Jordan. [...]


05 march 2012, 17h22

Finance minister hears pleasant tidings

Picture Finance Minister Jim Flaherty is getting some mildly encouraging news from economists as he prepares to release the next federal budget on the March 29. Economists met with the minister Monday morning and said Mr. Flaherty is getting some mildly encouraging news from economists as he prepares to release the next federal budget. [...]


05 march 2012, 17h19

Quebec, Ontario denounce Tory downloading

Picture Ontario and Quebec say they fear the cash-strapped federal Conservatives will download more responsibilities to the provinces in their March budget. Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty and Quebec Premier Jean Charest say there are signs that Ottawa will try to balance its books on the backs of the provinces. Mr. [...]


05 march 2012, 17h15

Opposition demands vets be protected from budget cuts

Picture Federal opposition parties and advocates are demanding the Conservative government protect Veterans Affairs Canada from any planned budget cuts. An New Democratic Party motion to that effect will be debated in the House of Commons at the same time as Harper government is putting the finishing touches on the March 29 budget. [...]


05 march 2012, 17h11

Suggestion made to prevent another train disaster

Picture An investigation into a recent train derailment near the Canadian city of Toronto has revived calls for automated safeguards to reduce the risk of potentially fatal mistakes. [...]


05 march 2012, 17h07

U.S. governor wants joint effort on pest dangerous to Lakes

Picture Gov. Patrick Quinn says the state of Illinois wants to work with Ontario and Canada to keep Asian carp out of the Great Lakes, but in the meantime is selling as many of the fish as possible to China. [...]


05 march 2012, 17h03

B.C. teachers would resist back-to-work law

Picture BC Teachers' Association President Susan Lambert says her members will vigorously resist all efforts by the B.C. Liberal government to impose legislation restricting job action. Mrs. [...]


05 march 2012, 17h00

Mint commemorates Titanic

Picture The Royal Canadian Mint has unveiled a commemorative silver coin to mark the centennial of the Titanic sinking. The collector coin features a design by artist Yves Berubé of the ship under full steam as it nears an iceberg. It also shows the longitude and latitude of where the ship sank in the North Atlantic. The mint says it contains 99.9[...]


04 march 2012, 16h52

French predominates in penultimate NDP leadership contest debate

Picture Seven candidates for the leadership of the opposition New Democratic Party held another debate on Sunday in Montreal. One leading candidate, Thomas Mulcair, came under fire from his rivals, Brian Topp, Peggy Nash, Paul Dewar and Niki Ashton, who questioned him about his loyalty to the party. Mr. Mulcair was once a member of Quebec's Liberal Party. [...]


04 march 2012, 16h43

Hungarian writer seeks asylum in Canada

Picture An elderly Hungarian writer, Akos Kertesz, plans to seek asylum in Canada to escape what he calls a political campaign against him. In an article published last year in the American Hungarian-language newspaper Amerikai Nepszava, Mr. Kertesz criticized Hungary's role in the Holocaust. Mr. Kertesz is Jewish. [...]


04 march 2012, 08h21

Parents and students facing teachers' strike in BC

Picture Parents and students in British Columbia are preparing for a three-day strike by teachers. The teachers are demanding a 15 per cent wage hike and improved benefits. The government says there's no additional money for the new contract. A recent ruling by the Labour Relations Board allows the teachers to begin the strike Monday. B.C. [...]


04 march 2012, 08h17

Provincial justice system awaits critic's report

Picture The man conducting a review of British Columbia's justice system says he knows there are a lot of frustrations within the system. Geoffrey Cowper mustsubmit a reportby July that suggests ways to fix a system where dozens of charges have not beenaddressedbecause of trial delays. Mr. Cowperwill ask a lot of questions. [...]


04 march 2012, 08h15

More details emerge on new pardons rules

Picture Canadians seeking a criminal record suspension under a new, more expensive pardon system could wait two years or more for their application to be processed -- only to find out they've been rejected. Details published by the government this week show that along with the new $631 fee, the Parole Board of Canada anticipates longer processing times. [...]


04 march 2012, 08h14

Ottawa cancels donation to pro-environment charity

Picture Canada's Conservative Party government has cancelled an agreement with a charity that supports environmental groups after pipeline firm Enbridge Inc. pressured Ottawa to scrap the deal. Newly disclosed documents show Fisheries and Oceans Canada reversed itself last September and announced it would not take an $8.3[...]


04 march 2012, 05h00

Anti-robocalls rally held in Vancouver

Picture A series of protest rallies against the so-called robocall scandal got started in Vancouveron Saturday.A few hundred marchers denounced the automated phone calls that directed voters in dozens of ridings away from the correct polling stations in last May's federal election. [...]


03 march 2012, 07h54

Canada denying future currency partnership with Iceland

Picture The Canadian government is trying to cool speculation that Iceland may adopt the Canadian dollar. The European Debt Crisis has some in Iceland leery about adopting the Euro so some have suggested Iceland take up the loonie. [...]


01 march 2012, 17h09

Tories deny guilt in robocall scandal

Picture Canada's governing Conservative Party says it doesn't use U.S.-based call services to get out the vote. It says that means it can't be behind allegations of harassing phone calls originating from American area codes during the last campaign. [...]


01 march 2012, 17h06

Crashed train was speeding

Picture Canada's Transportation Safety Board says that a passenger train that derailed while switching tracks, killing three engineers and injuring 45 passengers, was travelling more than four times the maximum authorized speed. The Board says the train was travelling at almost 108 kilometres an hour when it derailed west of Toronto on Sunday. [...]


01 march 2012, 17h04

Canadian trade balance remains unbalanced

Picture Canada's trade balance with the rest of the world improved slightly in the latter part of 2011, but remains in a significant deficit for the third straight year. Statistics Canada said Thursday that the country's net income position improved to a deficit of $48.3 billion in 2011. That remains not far off the record $50.9[...]


01 march 2012, 17h00

Privacy watchdog dubious about anti-laundering changes

Picture Canada's privacy watchdog says the government is trying to expand Canada's anti-money laundering system without proof the new powers are actually needed. Jennifer Stoddart has told a Senate committee that Canada already has an expensive, secretive and intrusive regime for detecting dubious transactions. [...]


01 march 2012, 16h57

Voting starts in NDP leadership race

Picture Advance voting began Thursday in the campaign to choose a new leader for Canada's official opposition New Democratic Party. Most of the more than 128,000 party members who are eligible to vote are expected to cast their ballots through the mail or online. [...]


01 march 2012, 16h54

NS premier won't intervene in Halifax strike

Picture Nova Scotia Premier Darrell Dexter says the provincial government has no plans to intervene in the month-long transit strike in Halifax. Mr. Dexter says the strike should be resolved through negotiations between management and the union. He says the municipality and its employees have a responsibility to conduct their own labour relations. [...]


29 february 2012, 17h30

Nobel laureate lauds Canadian sanctions

Picture Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi says tough Canadian sanctions are helping her native Myanmar on its hard road to democracy. She says Myanmar's new civilian leaders are feeling the economic pressure and are being pushed to reform because of international sanctions. She says there is still a great barrier between the military and her people. [...]


29 february 2012, 17h15

Federal budget due on March 29

Picture Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty will unveil the next federal budget March 29. He announced Wednesday that the budget will come out just days before the start of the 2012-2013 fiscal year, which begins April 1. Mr. [...]


29 february 2012, 17h12

Justice Minister again defends tough-on-crime legislation

Picture Canada's Justice Minister Rob Nicholson is defending the the government's omnibus crime bill against criticism from the Global Commission on Drug Policy. The group, which includes former Supreme Court of Canada Justice Louise Arbour, has written to Prime Minister Stepehn Harper, asking him to reconsider tougher sentences for marijuana. [...]


29 february 2012, 17h07

Canada still committed to Space Station

Picture Canada has committed itself to remaining involved in the future of the International Space Station orbiting lab beyond 2015. Industry Minister Christian Paradis made the announcement Wednesday, with the station's five international partners getting set to discuss the future of the ISS at a meeting in Quebec City. [...]


29 february 2012, 17h04

Canadian accused of huge Medicare fraud in U.S.

Picture A Canadian doctor in Texas has been charged with running a massive health-care fraud scheme with thousands of fraudulent patients and intermediaries allegedly offering cash, food stamps or free groceries, to bilk Medicare and Medicaid of nearly $375 million. [...]


29 february 2012, 16h58

Oilsands tiff continues

Picture Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty tried Wednesday to turn down the heat generated by his comments earlier in the week about preferring a lower dollar to a growing oil and gas sector in Western Canada. Mr. [...]


29 february 2012, 16h53

Asbestos industry seeks Ottawa's help

Picture The Canadian asbestos industry wants to enlist the Canadian government's help in challenging a World Health Organization estimate that says asbestos-related diseases kill more than 100,000 people worldwide every year. That figure is a major irritant for the industry, one often cited by critics who want to block future asbestos development. [...]


28 february 2012, 17h11

Canada, EU trade talks 'intense'

Picture ` Canadian Trade Minister Ed Fast says trade talks with the European Union have entered an "intense" stage with only specific issues needing to be hammered out, Mr. [...]


28 february 2012, 16h47

Defence of navy officer accused of spying never threatened harm

Picture His defence lawyer said Tuesday that a navy intelligence officer accused of passing information to a foreign entity never did anything to threaten the safety of his fellow troops, Mike Taylor said the public needs to understand that the allegations against Sub.-Lt. [...]


28 february 2012, 16h42

Arctic lab to close

Picture Canadian Arctic scientists have announced that a unique research station will close after last-ditch efforts to secure funding for it failed. Researchers with the Polar Environment Atmospheric Research Laboratory say they will pull the plug on the facility at the end of April. They had tried for months to find money to replace a federal grant cut.[...]


28 february 2012, 16h38

Canadian navy plans new subs

Picture The head of the Royal Canadian Navy says plans will be drawn up soon to start building new submarines. Vice-Admiral Paul Maddison told a Senate committee in the federal capital Ottawa that Canada cannot lose the capability of underwater surveillance and attack. [...]


28 february 2012, 16h34

U.S. state indicts Canadians for illegal gambling

Picture U.S. authorities on Tuesday seized the gambling website Bodog and announced the indictment of four Canadians on charges of illegal sports betting, including founder Calvin Ayre. The federal grand jury indictment of Bodog Entertainment Group, Mr. Ayre, James Philip, David Ferguson and Derrick Maloney was unsealed in Baltimore, Maryland. [...]


26 february 2012, 16h41

Speculation grows of early Quebec election

Picture Speculation increased in Quebec on Sunday that Premier Jean Charest of the governing Liberal Party might call a Spring election. The leader of a new party, the Coalition for Quebec's Future, Francois Legault, announced six new party candidates who will primarily target ridings held by the Liberals in the Montreal area. [...]


26 february 2012, 14h47

Canada taking precautions in Afghanistan

Picture Canada has indefinitely suspended all diplomatic meetings in Afghan ministries as a precaution following a deadly attack on the interior ministry in Kabul on Saturday. Two U.S. military officers were killed. Foreign Affairs spokesman Yohan Rodericks says all Canadian staff are safe. [...]


24 february 2012, 16h54

Canadian govt. sticks to new plane model

Picture Canadian Defence Minister Peter MacKay is reaffirming Canada's plan to buy a fleet of F-35 stealth fighter jets. He made the pledge before an audience of hundreds, including many defence industry executives, at a major military conference in Ottawa. [...]


24 february 2012, 16h51

Central banker gives warning on interest rates

Picture Bank of Canada governor Mark Carney is defending the way the central bank sets interest rates. He suggested Friday that monetary policy can be used to address concerns about people taking on too much debt if it threatens the economy. [...]


24 february 2012, 16h44

Ottawa hails U.S. decision on Lakes

Picture Canada on Friday welcomed New York state's reversal on proposed ballast water rules aimed at preventing foreign species from invading the Great Lakes, restrictions Ottawa said would have hampered trade. [...]


24 february 2012, 16h40

Natives dismayed by pipeline finding

Picture First Nations along British Columbia's North and Central Coast say it's unthinkable that Transport Canada has approved the use of oil supertankers in B.C.'s treacherous inlets and marine passages. [...]


24 february 2012, 16h34

More charged in NHL riot

Picture The Crown has approved charges against five more people in the Stanley Cup riot in Vancouver, bringing to 57 the total number of suspects now facing charges. The latest group includes four men and a woman ranging in age from 19 to 26, all of them from outside Vancouver, and all of them charged with participating in a riot and mischief. [...]


24 february 2012, 16h31

Halifax transit strike drags on

Picture Any hopes of a resolution to the three-week-old transit strike in Halifax were dashed Friday after the union voted to reject the city's latest contract offer. Amalgamated Transit Union president Ken Wilson said 78 per cent of the 650 union members who voted had rejected the offer. [...]


23 february 2012, 17h26

Canadian oil industry welcomes EU decision

Picture Canada's energy Industry is welcoming a move by the European Union to delay a decision that would have labelled fuel derived from the oilsands as worse for climate change than conventional crude. [...]


23 february 2012, 17h23

Canada gives emergency relief to Sahel

Picture Canada is giving $41 million to help stop a famine in West Africa. International Co-operation Minister Bev Oda says the impending food security and nutrition crisis in the Sahel is a great concern. Mrs. Oda says Canada will continue to monitor the developing situation closely. [...]


23 february 2012, 16h55

Montana governor backs Canadian pipeline

Picture The governor of the U.S. state of Montana's governor says the Keystone XL pipeline from Alberta's oilsands to the Gulf Coast will eventually be built and he blames the delay on "jackasses" in Washington who have only recently discovered the issue. Gov. Brian Schweitzer, a Democrat, said in an told The Canadian Press It's going to get built. [...]


23 february 2012, 16h52

Finance Minister seeks to allay budget anxieties

Picture Canadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty says the upcoming federal budget won't be an austerity-driven document. The minister says he'll focus on moderate measures to curb government spending, and encourages the provinces to follow suit in their budgets. Mr. [...]


23 february 2012, 16h02

Ottawa tries to stem northern dropout rate

Picture Prime Minister Stephen Harper has landed in a sunny but frigid Iqaluit to deliver $27 million for adult basic education in the North, in an attempt to help high-school dropouts qualify for productive jobs. [...]


23 february 2012, 15h58

Researchers see continuing prosperity for Western Canada

Picture A Conference Board report says Canada's booming Western provinces have been unfazed by an economic slowdown hitting the rest of the country. The think tank's most recent provincial outlook predicts the demographic and economic clout of Saskatchewan, Alberta and B.C. will continue to grow. [...]


23 february 2012, 15h53

Sentencing of abusive hockey coach set for March

Picture It will be late next month before convicted Canadian sex offender Graham James is punished for his latest convictions. A judge in the province of Manitoba judge told the former junior hockey coach at his sentencing hearing Wednesday in the city of Winnipeg that she will reserve decision until March 20. [...]


22 february 2012, 17h28

PM off to North

Picture Prime Minister Stephen Harper is heading to the Arctic in the dead of winter to add some heft to his promise to boost aboriginal education. In Iqaluit on Thursday, Harper is expected to highlight increased government spending on adult basic education in the territories. [...]


22 february 2012, 17h24

Canadian minister sticks to tough-on-crime legislation

Picture Canadian Justice Minister Rob Nicholson is standing by mandatory minimum sentencing legislation, despite a new warning that such laws don't work. Mr. Nicholson says the legislation, which includes mandatory minimum sentences for drug offences, is "very targeted." The comments came after an attorney who helped U.S. [...]


22 february 2012, 17h20

Ontario to abolish obsolete security law

Picture The Ontario government announced Wednesday that the so-called secret law used to give police extra powers during the G20 summit in Toronto in 2010 will be scaled back to cover only court houses and power stations, The Liberals came under fire for using an obscure Second World War law known as the Public Works Protection Act to give police more auth[...]


22 february 2012, 17h16

Security service advises against overestimation of bin Laden death

Picture Just hours after U.S. forces killed Osama bin Laden, Canada's spy agency predicted Islamic extremism would live on despite the al-Qaida leader's death. A newly released assessment by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service says Bin Laden, though very important, was not the only ideologue advocating war between Islam and the West. [...]


22 february 2012, 17h10

Canadians resigned to late retirement

Picture As Canadians live longer and face tougher financial choices in their golden years, fewer than a third of respondents in a new survey plan to be fully retired by 66. Sun Life Financial's annual Unretirement Index poll found that only about three in 10 Canadians surveyed said they plan full retirement at that age. [...]


22 february 2012, 17h00

Hockey sex offender apologizes

Picture Convicted sex abuser and former junior hockey coach Graham James has apologized to his victims, his former players and the entire Canadian hockey community. He made the apology Wednesday during a hearing in Winnipeg where he is to be sentenced for abusing retired NHL star Theo Fleury and another player, Todd Holt. [...]


22 february 2012, 16h56

Federal Liberals seek revival in Quebec

Picture A day after the official opposition New Democratic Party released record-breaking party membership totals for Quebec, Bob Rae is trying to revive Liberal support in a province it dominated through most of Canada's history. [...]


21 february 2012, 17h07

Canada threatens action against EU oilsands move

Canada is threatening to take Europe to the world's trading body if it persists in trying to single out oilsands crude as dirty oil. The threat was contained in a letter sent by Canadian ambassador to the European Union, David Plunkett, in December, which was obtained by the environmental group Friends of the Earth. [...]


21 february 2012, 16h50

Israeli leader to visit

Picture Israeli officials say Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will visit Canada for talks with Prime Minister Stephen Harper on his way to see U.S. President Barack Obama in Washington next month. The Israeli leader is tentatively scheduled to meet Mr. Harper in Ottawa on March 1 before continuing on to Washington on March 4. [...]