09 april 2013, 17h07

Google Maps will bring Street View to Canada’s Parliament

Picture The corridors of Canadian political power welcomed a new visitor on Tuesday (April 9), a Google Maps Trolley documenting Canada's Parliament in Otttawa. The push cart that allows the 360-degree views includes motion sensors to track the position of the Trolley, a hard drive to store all the image data, and an onboard computer to operate it. [...]

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09 april 2013, 09h00

New poll is bad news for Harper government

Picture A new public opinion poll suggests that Stephen Harper's Conservative Party government is taking a pounding on the issues of secrecy and ethics. Two-thirds of those polled by Ipsos Reid said Mr. Harper's government is too secretive and has failed to govern with high ethical standards. And, the poll suggests, half the country believes Mr. [...]

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09 april 2013, 09h00

 International Pillow Fight Day draws Canadian crowds

Picture Less than 24 hours after Montreal police arrested 279 student protesters upset with tuition hikes, demonstrators gathered in a downtown park on Saturday for a different--and less angry--manifestation. [...]

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08 april 2013, 17h25

Annette Funicello, inspiration for some of Paul Anka's hit songs, dead at 70

Picture Annette Funicello, one of America's sweethearts from the original television show The Mouseketeers, died in hospital in California today at the age of 70. Funicello was the inspiration for two of Canadian teen-idol, Paul Anka's greatest hits. [...]

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08 april 2013, 11h37

'World has lost a giant among leaders' Canada's PM on Margaret Thatcher

Picture “With the passing of Baroness Thatcher, the world has lost a giant among leaders," said Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper in a statement released on Monday (April 8). [...]

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08 april 2013, 10h59

Many nurses wouldn’t recommend their hospitals

Picture Nearly a quarter of Canadian nurses would not recommend their hospitals to family or friends, according to an on-line survey conducted by the public broadcaster CBC. About 60% said there was not enough staff for them to do their jobs properly. 40% suffer stress because of constant staff shortages and a failure to replace sick nurses. [...]

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08 april 2013, 09h23

Transatlantic rowers rescued

Picture Four Canadians are safe in Puerto Rico after their rowboat capsized about 600 kilometers from shore. The four were rowing across the Atlantic when they were hit by two rogue waves. Their vessel had self-righting capabilities but for some reason it remained overturned. [...]

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05 april 2013, 12h47

Last meeting of Canadian Auto Workers before forming Canada's biggest private sector union

Picture Hundreds of representatives of the Canadian Auto Workers Union (CAW) have started a three day council meeting, their last before a fusion with the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union (CEP). The founding convention will be held on the Canadian Labour Day weekend in September and form Canada's biggest private sector union. [...]

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05 april 2013, 11h22

Anniversary of the explosive end of Ripple Rock, British Columbia

Picture It is considered as one of the largest planned, non-nuclear explosions in history. On April 05, 1958, it was also the first events to be carried coast-to-coast live on television in Canada. [...]

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05 april 2013, 10h24

Montreal police detain woman over online photo of anti-police graffito

Picture Jennifer Pawluk, 20, couldn’t believe it when Montreal police arrived at her home and said she was accused of “intimidation” and “criminal harassment” against police. They took her to the police station where she was questioned for several hours before being released upon a promise to appear in court. [...]

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