10 december 2012

Monkey business in Toronto


(Courtesy of Bronwyn Page
monkey in a shearling coat, somewhat confused inside an Ikea store, after breaking out of his cage inside a parked car.

Originally spotted in an Ikea store parking lot on Sunday, the story has now gone international. Of course it has…. I mean how cute can you possibly get….a small monkey in a shearling coat ( and a diaper).

While it was not immediately clear why the monkey was in the parking lot , the animal was presumed to be someone's pet, an Ikea spokesperson said, because "he was wearing a jacket." (Courtesy of Bronwyn Page)

The story is, the rhesus macaque monkey was in a cage in a car in the parking lot of an Ikea big-box store, but broke out of the cage, and then the car, and began to wander the lot.

The animal was said to be afraid and confused due to the people and cars, but was kept more or less corralled until animal control officers arrived and took it.

The owners who were shopping in the store, eventually came out to claim it.

They may face charges as monkeys are prohibited as pets under a Toronto municipal bylaw, although at this point the police say they are not currently considering that possibility. The five month old monkey is now in the care of Toronto Animal Services and will not be returned to the previous owners. An Animal Services official said the young male monkey is in good condition, and they are looking for a shelter capable of caring properly for him. She said the incident illustrates why people should not attempt to own exotic pets, which often have special needs.

(MM with files from CBC)


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