01 november 2012

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Government officials reported some 200 mobile phones lost or stolen last year, costing $69,000

A federal government report released this week provides details on losses of equipment from government agencies. Equipment and material that was either stolen, lost, or damaged includes weapons, electronics, booze, cash, and vehicles.

The military reports 56 weapons and accessories, plus 494 “military specific” items were stolen in the last fiscal year. Also stolen were thousands of “non-military” items.

Parks Canada reported the biggest single loss, a “special vehicle” worth $97,000, that they can’t find, and which they say they doubt they’ll recover. (They report doesn’t indicate what the vehicle was)

Some 200 cellphones were lost or stolen costing nearly $69,000, along with over 450 computers, laptops, tablets worth $400,000. Also of note were the theft or loss of two encrypted USB keys from the Auditor General’s office, which raises concern about sensitive material they may have contained, and the handling and care of such information.

Several ATV’s and a boat were stolen and in all more than 1,300 government vehicles from several different agencies were damaged through accidents, or vandalism, or stolen.

Other details show the RCMP reported they are missing an exhibit worth $5,000.

The Reciever General’s office reported over $772,000 in forged endorsements or misdirected deposits, which will not be recoverable.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade reported over $3,700 in booze is unaccounted for.

In all, the losses are pegged at $455 million, and while the government says it expects to recover most of the items over time, about $15 million worth of material is considered to be gone for good

Meanwhile, the report also mentionsMeanwhile the report also mentions another couple of million in payments for insurance claims. This includes $4,000 paid to a hotel where a Statistics Canada enumerator seems to have trashed the room he was staying in.
Car accidents were costly. The Department of Fisheries and Oceans spent $200,000 for claims in accidents involving government vehicles.
The defence department settled vehicle accident claims totaling $1.9 million.
But Parks Canada paid a $1.1 million settlement related to a single accident.

Vancouver Sun (insurance claims)

Vancouver Sun (lost stolen, damaged)


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