12 november 2012

Masked Superhero on the streets of Windsor Ontario


The Crimson Canuck roams the streets of Windsor, Ontario performing random acts of kindness for the homeless and other street-people in the city

There’s a masked man walking the streets of Windsor Ontario. But have no fear, he’s there trying to do good and help his fellow man.

By day he’s an average family guy with 2 children and a 9 to 5 job. But in the evening he dons, a full face mask and red (crimson) shirt and calls himself the Crimson Canuck. He patrols the streets of the border city doing his part to help the homeless. In his backpack he carries, toques, other warm clothing, water bottles, snacks, and sometimes things like toothpaste and brushes.

(Crimson Crusader-from: heroes in the night blog)

The Canuck says he belongs to a group of hundreds of men and women across North America who call themselves “Real Life Superheroes”. They adopt a costumed character look but perform acts of civic good, from helping the homeless or less fortunate to cleaning up their communities.

As for the Crimson Canuck, he said he began his crusade after he himself almost ended up broke, homeless, and on the street. He was able to turn his life around and get a job.

The man in his 20’s wears a mask because he says his identity is not important, but rather what he’s doing. He hopes his actions may inspire others to take a greater role in helping the poor and homeless, giving to charities, and dealing with other important issues facing the city.





17 November 2012 - 13:21

Good job, Crimmy! Way to snag another media spot :-) You're getting bigger every day and that means so is the RLSH community. Maybe I'll get some spotlight eventually and be able to raise some awareness myself! I'm always excited to read up on what you're doing and how we're being perceived by the public. Glad people are taking notice in a positive way. Keep it up! - Aftershock from The Katalysts.

Sent by Aftershock Avenger, Oshawa, Canada

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