13 november 2012

Oliver Jones honoured with a Canadian stamp


Stamp honouring Canadian Jazz musician Oliver Jones
Courtesy of Canada Post

Born in Montreal in 1934, Oliver Jones is the son of immigrants from Barbados. He went on to become another Canadian Jazz icon. And now, in a second quasi-retirement, Oliver Jones is honoured on a Canadian stamp.

His earliest memories are of sitting on his father’s knee at the piano. As a toddler he began picking out melodies he heard on the radio. Oliver Jones says, as a child he was extremely shy and the only place he felt comfortable was in front of the piano. As a boy, the family moved in down the street from the Peterson family, and Oscar’s older sister, Daisy, taught Oliver how to play classical piano.

Oliver Jones remembers Oscar Peterson's determination to be the world’s greatest jazz pianist, a goal he certainly achieved. And then Oliver, younger by about 10 years, was expected to follow in Oscars footsteps.

Now with a repertoire of more than 4000 tunes, he is happy to do benefit concerts, particularly those that help children. This weekend, he and his trio, are playing in a Montreal concert to raise money for the organization that provides music lessons free to the promising young musicians now growing up in his old neighborhood.

And when not working, Oliver Jones enjoys a game of golf, watching sports on TV and he says he loves going to concerts to hear the next generation of gifted Canadian musicians in many different genres of music. (CK)


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