07 november 2012

Black Friday coming to Canada


Courtesy of Cadillac Fairview
Sherway Gardens, in west Toronto is one of 9 malls opening early on Friday November 22, bringing the American Black Friday tradition to Canada.

One of Canada’s largest shopping mall operators, is taking on the American Black Friday tradition. Cadillac Fairview will open the doors at its 9 locations in Ontario at 6 or 7 am on Friday November 22nd, in an effort to keep Canadian consumers and their dollars, at home. Many Canadians cross the border to American cities such as Buffalo, New York, or Bellingham, Washington to take advantage of lower prices.

The American national holiday of Thanksgiving always falls on the last Thursday of November. The day after, taken as a holiday by many, was at one time, the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. But over the decades in the US, it has evolved from a feast of shopping to a one-day frenzy of consuming. Last year, for the first time, several large American retailers opened their doors at midnight, offering promotions that caused stampedes in some places.

The name Black Friday is said to have originated in Philadelphia as a result of the chaos of pedestrian and automobile traffic generated on the occasion. A more recent explanation attributes the name to the dayretailers in the United States get “into the black” by turning a profit on what is now the biggest shopping day of the year. In Canada, the biggest shopping day is generally Boxing Day, the holiday on December26th. (CK)


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