19 july 2012

'Revolutionizing Retail' - a website on retail work and workers


Revolutionizing Retail website

Retail work is the most common occupation for most Canadians - 2.7 million work in the retail sector, more than in all of Canada's manufacturing industries. Even so, few people realize its impact on the economy.

Dr. Kendra Coulter is a labour studies professor at Canada's Brock University. Her current research forcuses on retail work and retail workers, and as a part of her research she's created a website called "Revolutionizing Retail". Increasingly, she says,  the question in retail research is not about consumption and what people buy, but about where people work.

RCI's Wojtek Gwiazda spoke to Dr Coulter to find out more.

More information:
Revolutionizing Retail website - www.revolutionizingretail.org

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24 July 2012 - 11:59

It strikes me that while retail workers are under-represented in organized labour, they are the people who need protection and security the most. They also work for some of the richest transnational corporations in the world. The potential for unionization and collective action in the retail sector is a very exciting prospect. It is also something that is essential to building a better society in which we work for the common good.

Sent by Kevin Shimmin, Toronto, Canada

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