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Fitness magnate Joe Weider dies at 93

Joe Weider, who rose from the streets of Montreal during the Great Depression to the millionaire owner of a fitness and bodybuilding empire, died Saturday in Los Angeles California. Mr. Weider, who was 93, died of heart failure. Mr. Weider left school in Montreal as a child to deliver groceries. [...]

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Immigrants over-qualified, underpaid

Two-thirds of new immigrants to Canada have more education than their jobs require, according to a new study. Things get better the longer they stay. But the study’s author says Canada should invest in solving the problem which costs the economy an estimated $5 billion dollars a year. Immigrants need to invest too and to be patient, according to Mesbah Sharaf, an assistant professor at Concordia University’s Department of economics in Montreal.

Using data from the government’s Longitudinal Survey of Immigrants to Canada Prof. Sharaf found that six months after arriving in Canada, 76.3 per cent of men and 71.8 per cent of women had more education than their jobs required. Four years after arrival the figures improved slightly. 70.4 per cent of men and 64.6 percent of women were over-educated for their jobs. That compared with Canadian-born workers who are 44 per cent qualified.

RCI’s Lynn Desjardins spoke with Prof. Sharaf about his study.

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Canada reverses position on asbestos

Canada has will stop defending asbestos internationally. The federal government announced it will no longer block international efforts to add the cancer-causing mineral to a United Nations list of hazardous substances. In addition, the provincial government in the province of Quebec will cancel a multi-million dollar loan it promised to revive an asbestos mine there. RCI’s Lynn Desjardins spoke with jubilant activists.

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Girl Guides of Canada, new leader, new uniform, new directions

The Girls Guides of Canada has a new leader, and is also showing off a brand new uniform for girls aged five to 18.

Sharron Callahan of Newfoundlane and Labrador is the new and recently installed Chief Commissioner of the Girl Guides of Canada
She has been involved with Canadian Guiding from her own childhood first as a brownie, then later in life in a variety of leadership roles.

To talk about the new uniforms and modern additions to the focus of guiding, RCI's Marc Montgomery spoke to Chief Commissioner Callahan earlier this week

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Federal Court rules employers must accommodate staff’s child-care requests

A Canadian Federal Court Justice has ruled employers should accommodate reasonable childcare-related requests from their employees. The ruling dealt with parents with irregular shift work, but experts quoted by Canadian media say the ruling could pave the way for much more broad based recognition of employer obligations to their employees. [...]

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