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Girl Guides of Canada, new leader, new uniform, new directions

The Girls Guides of Canada has a new leader, and is also showing off a brand new uniform for girls aged five to 18.

Sharron Callahan of Newfoundlane and Labrador is the new and recently installed Chief Commissioner of the Girl Guides of Canada
She has been involved with Canadian Guiding from her own childhood first as a brownie, then later in life in a variety of leadership roles.

To talk about the new uniforms and modern additions to the focus of guiding, RCI's Marc Montgomery spoke to Chief Commissioner Callahan earlier this week

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Historical Farewell

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Canadian teens stressed out

Students in Toronto report feeling stress and anxiety that drives them to tears and to lose sleep. A wide-ranging survey of 103,000 students by the Toronto District School Board found they are uncertain and worried about their future. These results will be used by the board to plan future strategy for its already-existing mental health services.

In answering questionnaires, almost 60 per cent of students in Grades 7 and 8 said they worried about their future all the time or sometimes. By high school the percentage grew to 73 per cent.

Teens reported feeling tired, having trouble concentrating or making decisions. Almost half didn’t believe they could get over their difficulties and one in three wanted to cry all the time.

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Fish deformities linked to oilsands

Renowned Canadian scientist David Schindler says there are stunning similarities between deformities in fish near oilsand developments in Canada and those near major oil spills like the Exxon Valdez in Alaska and Deepwater Horizon accident in the Gulf of Mexico.  He has photos of fish from the Athabasca region in western Canada with two tails, bulging eyes and huge tumours.

The same kinds of deformities were reported in a study Schindler received last week from the Gulf of Mexico. The variety of abnormalities leads him to believe they are caused by disruptions of the fish’s immune systems.

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Brossard-Chinatown: web-doc on a unique community near Montreal

Around most major Canadian cities, there are often several suburban centres which have grown up around, and just outside the big city itself.

Although they are usually cities in their own rights, with a mayor, municipal services, shopping area, and other community services, they are also known as “bedroom communities”, or place where a large number of people go home to at night after commuting to and from the big city.

In Montreal, there are several such cities both to the north and south of the island itself.

The city of Brossard lies directly south of Montreal, just across the river. But what makes it somewhat different than many other communities, is that of its 82,000 population, one in ten is Chinese.

The interactive web-documentary was produced by Radio-Canada, in collaboration with Radio Canada International.

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