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Drug resistant TB surging

Tuberculosis is the world’s second deadliest infectious disease after HIV/AIDS. Some cases have become resistant to drugs making them difficult or almost impossible to treat and those cases are increasing dramatically. Dr. Richard Menzies, director of the respiratory division of McGill University and researcher at the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre, recently conducted a study on the best way to treat resistant tuberculosis. He spoke with RCI’s Lynn Desjardins.

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Girl Guides of Canada, new leader, new uniform, new directions

The Girls Guides of Canada has a new leader, and is also showing off a brand new uniform for girls aged five to 18.

Sharron Callahan of Newfoundlane and Labrador is the new and recently installed Chief Commissioner of the Girl Guides of Canada
She has been involved with Canadian Guiding from her own childhood first as a brownie, then later in life in a variety of leadership roles.

To talk about the new uniforms and modern additions to the focus of guiding, RCI's Marc Montgomery spoke to Chief Commissioner Callahan earlier this week

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Montreal School Board's Art Treasures For Sale

The English Montreal School Board is saying good-bye to a trove of art treasures collected over the years. Formerly known as the Protestant School Board of Greater Montreal, it was often the recipient of gifts and donations of art in the past.  As far back as the 1930’s, it was not uncommon for parents, alumni, or indeed artists themselves to honour schools with gifts of art.

Then in the 1960’s, Anne Savage, a well-known painter herself and teacher at Montreal’s Baron Byng High School, helped acquire more works and donated some of her own pieces when she became curator of the collection.  Many of the paintings were hung in schools and on display in the Board’s head office in Montreal  The PSBGM Cultural Heritage Foundation was the non-profit group established to oversee the collection.

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Ungava Gin a winner at recent World Spirits Competition

Ungava Canadian Premium Gin was honoured with “Best in Show” at the recent World Spirits Competition held in Austria. Last summer it took home two “Excellent” scores from New York City at the Ultimate Cocktail Challenge. 

The stand-out yellow liquid, in the bottle with the Inuktitut writing on it, is growing in popularity and developing a new generation of gin drinkers around the world. 

The idea began in Quebec’s Eastern Townships, with the proprietors of Domaine Pinnacle.  The ice-cider producers had moved into beverages using local maple syrup, and then they began thinking about gin.

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Big time Canadian collector, and a big problem

Some people collect stamps, some collect swords, some collect antique cars, others, beanie babies, and then there are the big time collectors. A man in Red Deer, Alberta is among those big-time collectors, big items and big-ticket restorations. However his latest acquisition is causing him a little more trouble than usual. [...]

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