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Girl Guides of Canada, new leader, new uniform, new directions

The Girls Guides of Canada has a new leader, and is also showing off a brand new uniform for girls aged five to 18.

Sharron Callahan of Newfoundlane and Labrador is the new and recently installed Chief Commissioner of the Girl Guides of Canada
She has been involved with Canadian Guiding from her own childhood first as a brownie, then later in life in a variety of leadership roles.

To talk about the new uniforms and modern additions to the focus of guiding, RCI's Marc Montgomery spoke to Chief Commissioner Callahan earlier this week

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Internet gives a new burst of energy to Esperanto on its 125th year

Esperanto, a language invented 125 years ago to help bridge cultural barriers, is increasingly popular thanks to the Internet. It is estimated that from half a million to 2 million people worldwide speak Esperanto, most of whom live in Europe.

“The Internet has given Esperanto a new burst of energy, says Joel Amis, executive administrator of the Esperantic Studies Foundation, in Montreal.

“It allows people to Skype to one another. E-mail has made corresponding much easier”, he adds.

Amis says the website, where people can learn Esperanto for free, has created a community of 125 000 registered users around the world. In Canada, has about 3 000 registered users.

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Ungava Gin a winner at recent World Spirits Competition

Ungava Canadian Premium Gin was honoured with “Best in Show” at the recent World Spirits Competition held in Austria. Last summer it took home two “Excellent” scores from New York City at the Ultimate Cocktail Challenge. 

The stand-out yellow liquid, in the bottle with the Inuktitut writing on it, is growing in popularity and developing a new generation of gin drinkers around the world. 

The idea began in Quebec’s Eastern Townships, with the proprietors of Domaine Pinnacle.  The ice-cider producers had moved into beverages using local maple syrup, and then they began thinking about gin.

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Canadian teens stressed out

Students in Toronto report feeling stress and anxiety that drives them to tears and to lose sleep. A wide-ranging survey of 103,000 students by the Toronto District School Board found they are uncertain and worried about their future. These results will be used by the board to plan future strategy for its already-existing mental health services.

In answering questionnaires, almost 60 per cent of students in Grades 7 and 8 said they worried about their future all the time or sometimes. By high school the percentage grew to 73 per cent.

Teens reported feeling tired, having trouble concentrating or making decisions. Almost half didn’t believe they could get over their difficulties and one in three wanted to cry all the time.

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The Bluenose to sail again

The vessel is an iconic symbol of Canada. When the original sailing schooner was launched in 1921, she was a work boat, designed to ply the Atlantic waters of Canada’s east coast catching fish. These East Coast schooners also had to be fast in order to bring home the catch as fresh as possible.

These schnoonermen over the years scoffed at yachtsmen who cancelled their races in winds and waves that they considered merely light breezes and mild swells.  In 1920 a Halifax newspaper organized a race between American and Canadian ships, called the International Fisherman’s Trophy with a $3000 prize.  After an initial loss to the Americans, Bluenose was built to be a profitable and strong working boat, but also fast. And indeed she was!  After 18 years working and racing, Bluenose was never defeated, even in her old age.

(Canadian Dime- 10cents- copyright Royal Canadian Mint)

Memorialized on Canada’s 10-cent coin, and a beautiful stamp,  the aging ship eventually was sold and later wrecked on a Haitian reef in 1946.  A Bluenose II replica was launched in 1963 in honour of that past, and now after a lengthy, costly, and controversial refit, the new Bluenose II will be launched this Saturday the 29th.

RCI’s Marc Montgomery spoke to Lunenburg Mayor Laurence Mawhinney.

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