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Brossard-Chinatown: web-doc on a unique community near Montreal

Around most major Canadian cities, there are often several suburban centres which have grown up around, and just outside the big city itself.

Although they are usually cities in their own rights, with a mayor, municipal services, shopping area, and other community services, they are also known as “bedroom communities”, or place where a large number of people go home to at night after commuting to and from the big city.

In Montreal, there are several such cities both to the north and south of the island itself.

The city of Brossard lies directly south of Montreal, just across the river. But what makes it somewhat different than many other communities, is that of its 82,000 population, one in ten is Chinese.

The interactive web-documentary was produced by Radio-Canada, in collaboration with Radio Canada International.

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Too much salt!

A federal politician from the official opposition New Democratic Party, has tabled a bill towards getting a national strategy on use of sodium. NDP health critic, Libby Davies, wants food manufacturers to lower the salt content in foods, along with other tough on salt measures. [...]

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Symbols of Canada

What symbols do Canadians think best reflect Canada?” Postmedia News commissioned a survey to find out and published results for Canada Day, July 1st. It turns out the number one symbol of Canada chosen by most respondents was the country’s majestic wilderness. Listen to ynn Desjardins' report and/or read more.

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Dance to be tested as a therapy for Parkinson's

Can learning to dance, or learning a specific dance, improve muscle control and movement in people suffering from Parkinson’s disease?
That’s the basic question soon to be asked by a team led by a researcher at Toronto, Ontario’s York University.

Just as singing can help people who stutter, in a similar manner there is anecdotal evidence that learning dance associated with rhythms and melodies, can improve motor skills in Parkinson's sufferers.  

Recently, York neuroscience Professor Joseph DeSouza of the Faculty of Health received a $20,000 donation from an Italian social club, Irpinia, to help fund this new research 

Using brain scanning technology, the project will be developed with Canada’s National Ballet School, along with scientists at McMaster and Western University (both also in Ontario). The team will then lead dance and movement classes for Parkinson’s patients.

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Nova Scotia doctors want ban on sale of energy drinks to teens

A group of doctors in Nova Scotia is calling on an age restriction for caffeinated energy drinks.  They recommend that drinks such as Red Bull and Guru not be sold to anyone under the age of 19.

Energy drinks have been tied to dozens of adverse reactions in Canada. Last September, a Korean student at Cape Breton University, in Nova Scotia, blamed his violent outburst at a cafeteria on drinking too many Red Bulls. A psychiatric report showed that he had “caffeine intoxication”.

In the United States, 13 deaths possibly linked a product marketed as 5-Hour Energy are currently under investigation by U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The U.S. agency has also received reports that cited the highly caffeinated Monster Energy Drink in five deaths and one non-fatal heart attack.

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