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The Link Online is your web radio show featuring a look back at a few of the stories that we felt were particularly interesting during the past week.

Along with your submitted stories as our “reporter for a day”, we also air some of your letters and voicemails, and answer questions you have about Canada.

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The LINK Online #41 (Sat April 06, 2013)


(52 Media- The Beetles are Coming)
Huge swaths of pretty orange colour through the pine forest, but the orange trees are dead, killed by the mountain pine beetle

This week Wojtek, Marc and Lynn are together to talk about stories they covered this past week.

We hear some very worrying news about Canada's forests. Climate change and warmer winters have allowed a tiny beetle to flourish, and after massive destruction in British Columbia forests on the west coast, they have spread east across the Rocky Mountains to Alberta and are threatening the entire boreal forest of Canada

On the good news front, we hear from an experienced Canadian female journalist and human rights activist who says she has seen things getting better for women around the world, in a slow process but one that is gaining momentum. She talks about this change and the courage of the women behind it, in her new book The Ascent of Women.

We also hear from a labour studies professor at Ontario's Brock University who is seeking to augment her programme with poems about class struggle, poverty and resistance.

Your comments are always welcome, whether by email, or posted directly to our website beneath each story.

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The LINK Online #40 (Sat Mar 30, 2013)


(Royal BC Museum)
De-extinction: Technological advances may soon mean science can bring back the wooly mammoth and other extinct species..but should we?

This week Marc Montgomery is joined in studio by Gilda Salomone and Terry Haig as we take a look at some of the interesting stories making news across Canada.

We hear about a Canadian scientist whose father wrote the science paper in the 1970s which inspired the book and later the hit movie, Jurassic Park. Tha Toronto-based scientist is now himself involved in a movement called de-extinction, which seeks to re-create species which have gone extinct

We then hear about a interesting exhibit of art created by sailors aboard whaling ships, some of which is erotic and which has caused a mild controversy

Canada and winter seem to go hand in hand, but that's starting to change. We hear from a senior Canadian climatologist about Canadian winters, and how the climate is starting to change.

We also mention some of your feedback on our stories.  We hope you enjoy the show..and always welcome your comments !

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The LINK Online #39 (Sat. Mar. 23, 2013)


A military helicopter escorts a cargo ship after fending off pirates near Somalia in 2009. About one third of pirates are juveniles or children

This past week, Carmel Kilkenny, Terry Haig, and Gilda Salomone all filled in at various times but presenting the show today are Marc Montgomery and Wojtek Gwiazda.

We start out with a look at the just released federal budget for Canada. It's not quite the controversial budget presented last year when many unrelated bills were lumped in with the budget in a so-called 'omnibus budget", but of course no budget is without some controversy

Next, while piracy is not making the news right now, it's still going on. What's not widely known is that up to one-third of the priates are youngsters.  A Canadian organization is working on ways to end the recruiment of children and to rehabilitate those who are arrested.

We then meet two very interesting people. First a man in Alberta who is a professional endurance athlete. At age 57, he's busy with performing rather amazing physical challenges to raise money for charity.  Secondly, as Fashion Week ends in Toronto, we meet a woman who's making a name internationally in fashion, and who has designed fashions for people in wheelchairs and for the handicapped.

As always we hope you'll enjoy these stories and we do love to get your feedback!

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The LINK Online (#38 Sat Mar 16,2013)


One of the Canadian Macromolecular Crystallography Facility's (CMCF-BM) beams strikes a protein crystal held on a goniometer, while a cryojet cools the sample.

This week, Terry Haig, Wojtek Gwiazda, and Marc Montgomery present a several items of interest.

First we hear of the the Northwest Territories gaining new powers as the federal government signs a deal handing over some of its authority in such areas as resource control and development

Then, we have a story about the importance of exercise in order to keep the brain healthy and prevent or mitigate Alzheimer's disease.

Canada has a synchrotron, a relatively rare, huge and complex piece of research equipment. We'll hear more about what it is and what it does.

And still with research, an innovative new way to perform heart surgery getting accurate guidance for surgeons using GPS.

We'll also read some of your comments posted to us via email, and to the website itself.

As always, we hope you'll enjoy the show, and we also, always welcome your comments.

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The LINK Online (#37) Sat Mar 09, 2013


Canadian author says empires rose and fell over issues of food supply.

This week on the programme, Terry Haig joins me, Marc Montgomery as we look at some of the stories covered this week.

We'll hear about an interesting book which suggests that the availbility of food and the lack of it has been the underlying factor behind the rise and fall of civilizations.

We also learn about a surprising discovery in the high Arctic. Researchers discovered bone fragments from a prehistoric camel, showing that camels, those ships of the desert, may have originated in the snow and slightly less cold Arctic,

Canadians pay the among the highest mobile phone rates anywhere and a citizens group is calling on the government to make changes. The government is planning to auction off new bandwidth, and will limit the participation of the big 3 wireless companies which now control over 90% of the Canadian market.

And, Team Canada is participating in the World Baseball Classic, but this international event is little known, and Canada's performance has not been good in previous events.

Remember, we love to get your comments and opinions.

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