Michelle Ghoussoub, CBC News
Michelle Ghoussoub, CBC News


4-year-old boy lost in B.C. wilderness found 32 hours later after massive search effort

It was supposed to be a fun day spent picking berries in the woods. Instead, the weekend became a nightmare for Tykao Hazard and Kris Benoit, whose 4-year-old son George wandered out of the family van and vanished into the» 


Talking about food: news and reports by RCI

You want to know more about what Canadians are eating? What’s in their plate and where is it coming from? What grows in Canada and what is the impact of agriculture on the environment? Read Radio Canada International’s reports on» 


‘Dream come true’: Ontario couple moves to P.E.I. and sets up lavender farm

A couple from Ontario say they’re living their dream, operating a lavender farm in Bonshaw, P.E.I. Paul and Trish Tymstra had a small lavender operation in Sarnia, Ont. Five years ago, they decided to relocate to P.E.I. and grow lavender» 


Sketches of life: markets

Radio Canada International and its partners collaborated to bring you soundscapes and images of similar places in each of our countries: Canada, Poland, Switzerland, the Czech Republic and Romania. Click to see the markets


Discovering Canada : follow RCI on a virtual journey across the country

Did you know that Canada has the largest road network in the world? Did you also know that 11 of its 13 provinces and territories border at least one of three oceans : the Pacific, the Arctic (incl. Hudson Bay)» 


‘It’s a miracle’: Woman survives fall from plane after parachute fails

Denis Demers is still processing what he witnessed on Saturday evening in Trois-Rivières, Que., when a skydiver’s parachute failed to open as she plummeted a kilometre and a half to the ground. “It’s a miracle,” Demers told Radio-Canada on Wednesday.» 


Federal government apologizes to Baffin Inuit for sled dog killings, forced relocations

The apology comes with $20 million to fund cultural activities and healing programs Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations Carolyn Bennett gave a wide-ranging apology to Inuit of Baffin Island in Iqaluit on Wednesday. “We failed to provide you with proper housing,» 


Too much plastic: read RCI’s reports on plastic pollution and the efforts to reduce it

People around the world are becoming aware of the massive problem caused by plastic products, especially single-use plastics.  On June 10, the Canadian government announced that it will ban single use plastic products as of 2021. Plastic pollution is a» 


Fight climate change by eating meat, Ottawa farmers say

Farmers say people can still take a bite out of climate change while eating red meat, pushing back against global headlines calling for major changes to the world’s farming and eating habits. A UN report released last week left people» 

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Drones battle TB in remote Madagascar villages with help from Montreal researcher

For medical workers to reach residents of remote villages in Madagascar, they often have to travel for days on foot, trekking through wilds and rice farms. Or else, ill villagers must make the trip themselves to reach clinics, leaving their»