Ottawa woman attacked at resort in Mexico

The family of a Canadian woman says she’s lucky to be alive after the 29-year-old was viciously attacked in her Cancun hotel room on the first night of her vacation in Mexico. Lexie York was beaten to the point she» 

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International study details ‘remarkable’ transatlantic voyage by basking shark

Researchers at Canada’s Western University and Queen’s University Belfast in the U.K. have produced the second ever evidence of the endangered basking shark travelling across the Atlantic Ocean, prompting researchers to call for “an international mindset” in efforts to protect» 

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Scientists warn of climate change-induced Arctic microbial threats

Climate change in the Arctic is not only melting permafrost, transforming landscapes, wreaking havoc with northern infrastructure, releasing greenhouse gases but also has the potential to unleash potentially harmful microorganisms and pathogens that have laid dormant in the frozen cryosphere» 

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There’s just a bit of disagreement about what winter’s bringing this year

November carries a lot of baggage in Canada–mostly a mix of shivering and foreboding. This year we get to throw in shovelling, as winter–not officially, mind you–has come early to way too many places across the country. So what happens» 

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Canada History: Nov. 19, 1858; British Columbia comes into being

The vast area in what is now Canada’s Pacific province, was once known as New Caledonia, and was under the control of the Hudson’s Bay Company. Gold rushes of 1857 and 1858 meant vast numbers of American and other prospectors» 

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Hong Kong protests: a former diplomat’s viewpoint

Many of the several hundred students barricaded at Hong Kong University have surrendered to police early this morning. However, it seems unlikely that the protests, now several months old, will abate anytime soon. Colin Robertson, is Vice-President at the Canadian» 

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Railway strike, freight slowdown across Canada

The teamsters union of conductors , train personnel and yard workers at Canadian National Railway have gone on strike, Some 3,2OO conductors, and train and yard workers at Canada’s largest railway system walked out at midnight last night, primarily over» 

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Keystone’s North Dakota spill affected 10 times more land than first thought

A crude oil spill on the Canadian-owned Keystone pipeline that runs from Alberta to the U.S. Gulf Coast appears to have affected almost 10 times more land in northeastern North Dakota than originally reported. Calgary-based TC Energy, formerly known as» 


Some uniformed military allowed to stay despite hate group links

As the military continues to grapple with soldiers being linked to right-wing hate groups, Canadian Press reports that  the Department of National Defence is allowing 16 military members that a report last year linked to hate groups to remain in» 

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Haley Wickenheiser goes to the Hockey Hall of Fame in familiar company

She’s already got a page in the Canadian Encyclopedia. Starting tonight, Hayley Wickenheiser now has a plaque in the Hockey Hall of Fame.  Wickenheiser becomes the fourth female former player ever to be inducted, joining American Cammie Granato and»