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Yet another huge annual tradition falls victim to COVID-19

Even though it’s held in the fall, another of Canada’s annual traditions has just been cancelled for this year. The International Plowing Match and Rural Expo was scheduled for October 14-17th at the Lindsay, Exhibition Grounds in the scenic Kawartha »

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Orchestre Métropolitain marks end of 2020 season with virtual concert

Defiant in the face of the pandemic that has shut down concert halls and silenced live performances around the world, Montreal’s Orchestre Métropolitain marked the end of its 2020 season with a special parting gift for music lovers in Canada »

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Virus takes down more retailers, big and small

With shopping prevented for weeks now in many retail outlets, business has been suffering enormously. Pier 1, which at its height had over 1,200 stores in the U.S and Canada had already sought bankruptcy protection due to slowing sales when »

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Celebrating  a centennial of radio May 20, 1920: Canada Post stamp

It was a marvelous and thrilling event in its time. Distinguished members of Canada’s Royal Society gathered at the equally prestigious Chateau Laurier Hotel in the national capital Ottawa for a unique event, possibly the world’s first such event. None »

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Monique Mercure who made a name at Cannes dies at 89

A force of nature known as Monique Mercure died on the weekend. Even though she would have turned 90 this November, it’s  difficult to fathom. For if anyone appeared indestructible, it was Monique Mercure. Likely speaking for everyone who ever »

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‘Normal’ seems months off say Canadians: Survey

A new survey of Canadians’ thoughts on the pandemic indicate most think things won’t return to a kind of ‘normal’ for several months yet. In March, about a third of Canadians polled (30%) thought that might be up to six »

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Canada history: May 15, 1935: “I’ll take quiz shows for $1,000, Alex”

Quiz shows, testing people’s knowledge on a variety of subjects, have been popular for over eight decades, first on radio, and then on television. One of the most popular quiz shows of all time is the American show “Jeopardy”, with »

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Canadian ballerina joins online Swans for Relief coronavirus fundraiser

Thirty-two leading ballerinas from around the world, including Canada’s own Tina Pereira, have come together in a haunting online performance to raise money for dancers struggling to pay their bills because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The virtual ballet set to »

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COVID-19 takes down one of the last major summer events

Even as provinces begin to ease up on emergency health lockdowns, the virus has claimed yet another of Canada’s major events. Often considered as marking the last hoorah of summer, the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) in Toronto has just been »

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COVID-19, angry Instagram post, and call to close ‘wet markets’

Canada’s Bryan Adams is a hugely successful rock icon with fans around the world. Some of those fans are upset with an expletive laden social media post he made after his performances at London’s Royal Albert Hall had to be »