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Crisis facing broadcasting in Canada; study

Canada was a major pioneer in broadcasting, not the least of which was the invention of radio by Canadian Reginald Fessenden, and critical advances by other Canadians like Ted Rogers and many others including Canadian George Retzlaff who invented instant »

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Urban ‘pop’ art in the heart of farmland: Popsilos

We’ve all seen them as we drive past farms–big barns, big silos, and often a little weatherworn. A movement begun during Canada’s 150th anniversary is turning these huge silos into works of art. Jennifer Larocque and Mathieu Mault, co-founders of »

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NHL mascot trip to cheer on his team, heads to wrong Toronto

Canadians often say that Americans know little about their Canadian neighbours, their biggest trading partner and historical ally. One could say that was shown again this weekend as the National Hockey League is now in the midst of the playoffs. »

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Safe&Sound-Montreal’s Mural Estival closes the summer with street art and music

In a city where festivals are almost as numerous as churchtowers, a summer event that cannot go unnoticed is Montreal MURAL Festival. Usually happening over a dozen days in mid-June with a flurry of visual art, installations and music acts »

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“Fait Vivir”, a road movie about Canadian music gypsies in Colombia

His given name is Manuk. Manuk Aukán. A name that was inspired by Chile’s Mapuche Indigenous tribe, a volcanic island in Indonesia, and an Armenian name meaning “child”. A camera follows him everywhere: on his mother’s back in chilly Montreal »

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COVID-19 claims another victim: National Ballet’s ‘The Nutcracker’

Sometimes, it’s subtle.  Always–it seems–it’s pernicious. And it is–most certainly–relentless. It’s the pandemic that just won’t quit clawing at pieces of Canada’s collective soul. COVID-19 virus claimed another victim yesterday.  The National Ballet of Canada announced it has cancelled its »

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COVID-19: Hospitality industry in financial trouble, pleads for federal aid

The new virus and restrictions to limit its spread have caused major shifts in society. Those restrictions are causing serious financial hardships in the hospitality industry. This includes, such things as hotels, restaurants, airports and conference centres. A parliamentary committee »

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Music industry delegates meet online at a new global conference in Toronto

During the last week of July, hundreds of music professionals around the world connected to their computers to take part in a music conference out of Toronto, with online activities and discussions about current challenges and coming perspectives in a »

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Human Rights Museum looks to move forward following scathing report

The interim CEO of the Canadian Museum of Human Rights in Winnipeg is apologizing after an independent report found racism to be “pervasive and systemic” at the museum–in its employment practices, its policies and in the actions of employees. “I »

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Brazilian artist Diogo Ramos sings his love for Quebec, diversity and freedom

Freedom, Liberté, Liberdade. Diogo Ramos now sings these words in three languages – English, French and Portuguese – as he released officially this month the videoclip for the single Liberté je t’aime (Freedom, I love you) during a impromptu show »