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COVID-19 sweeps through Canadian economy

As cases of the novel coronavirus grow, so to the effects on business and the economy in sectors all across Canada. The airline industry has been hard hit with layoffs announced in almost all of Canada’s airlines as people are »

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Olympics cancellation: International pressure grows

– Canada first country to officially pull out. It seems now its more a question of not if, but when, the International Olympic Committee will announce the summer games in Tokyo are off. Canada has announced that it will not »

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Montrealers gather to sing

With bars, restaurants and theatres closed, people in Montreal took it upon themselves Sunday night to gather and sing–celebrating themselves and–among others– cultural icon Lenard Cohen. Coming out on their individual balconies, porches and rooftops, they began with “So Long, »

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Cirque du Soleil folds its tent, at least for now

Cirque du Soleil, the Montreal-based show business juggernaut that once appeared headed for nothing but fame, fortune and world-wide acclaim, has been reduced to a skeleton crew charged with keeping the company breathing. On Tuesday, it announced it was laying »

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Cineplex temporarily closes theatres nationwide

Cineplex, the movie theatre chain, announced yesterday evening, that it is temporarily closing all of its 165 theatres nationwide, due to concerns from the COVID-19 outbreak and government directives. The theatres are going to be closed from March 16 up »

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Canada history: Mar 17. 1955, the Richard riot in Montreal

In 1955, there were six teams in the National Hockey league. Loyalties to a team and to individual players where they might usually stay with the team for years, was very strong. Nowhere was loyalty to a team stronger than »

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Canada issues tight restrictions on its borders

Canada is closing its borders to people who are not Canadian citizens, permanent residents or Americans as part of the battle against the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Exceptions will be made for diplomats and people with family in Canada. »

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The LINK Online, Mar. 13,14,15, 2020

Your hosts, Vincenzo, Terry, Marc. (video of show at bottom) Air pollution- a silent pandemic With the world pre-occupied by COVID-19, the deadly virus spreading around the world to become a declared pandemic, scientists say there’s a silent pandemic that’s »

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The NHL, MLB and MLS among latest to suspend seasons due to coronavirus

The National Hockey League announced Thursday that it is pausing the 2019-2020 season due to the health concerns of the COVID-19, commonly known as coronavirus outbreak. “The NHL has been attempting to follow the mandates of health experts and local »

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On or off? World figure skating championships and Covid-19

The world is scheduled to come to Montreal this month for a major international sporting event, but will it? The Quebec government is said to be considering cancelling the championships in light of the Covid-19 crisis which has already resulted »