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Sculptor helps gold mining town celebrate 100 years

Northern Ontario’s history is tied to that of mining. It was back in 1919 that a rush for silver in the north led instead to a discovery of gold and a another sort of rush. This led to the development» 

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Stop showing smoking in popular programs, urges non-profit

A new report says there has been a dramatic increase in the depiction of people smoking on shows aimed at young people. Truth Initiative, a U.S. non-profit dedicated to “making tobacco a thing of the past,” found that 92 per» 

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All things cat: Meowfest in Toronto

It seems lots of people love cats, and lots hate them, with a lot of leftover space in the middle ground. But for those who love the furry critters, this July 6th in Toronto “Meowfest” is being staged hosted by» 

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Innovation or desecration? Architecture battle in the national capital

A three-year battle over an addition to the iconic Chateau Laurier Hotel in Ottawa has been given the go ahead over massive public outcry. The hotel built in the French chateau style with turrets and steep copper roofs has been» 

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Cuban vacation: Canadian warns of rare disease to be aware of

“Cave disease” Canadians, and many others, love to go to warm southern vacation destinations to escape less than enjoyable seasonal weather at home. A Newfoundland couple were overjoyed to have won a trip to Cuba in April. Instead of coming» 

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Can you bear it? New Canadian stamps

Bears are big, powerful, and for some, scary, but there’s no denying their captivating wilderness mystique which has fascinated us since humans and bears first made contact. Canada Post has sought to capture some of that in new series of» 

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Partying hard, drinking soft: revolutionising your nights out

It’s possible to have fun without alcohol. That is the premise of a new space for gatherings and events in Montreal, the MindfulBar, which wants to be a sober, safe and inclusive space for everyone. The MindfulBar, conceived and founded» 

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Documentary film explores Italy’s old Left in Canada

What do a chef, a union organizer and a butcher do when they get together in a bar? While it sounds like the premise for a great joke, chef Giovanni Adamo, labour organizer Francesco di Feo and butcher Salvatore Martire» 

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See the Titanic wreck..but not this year

For the adventurous with well over $100 grand to spend Well over 100 years after the tragic sinking of luxury liner, the mystique, questions, and allure of the RMS Titanic still draws interest, and the wealthy. This was certainly helped» 

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‘Raptors Way’: Toronto renames street after basketball team historical win

Last week, Toronto’s basketball team, the Raptors, won their first-ever NBA title in game six against the San Francisco Golden State Warriors. Now, a street in Canada’s largest city has been renamed “Raptors way”. The only Canadian team in the»