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Canadian snowbirds keep heading south despite warnings and the pandemic

Despite the pandemic–or maybe because of it–a whole lot of Canadians are heading south to sunny foreign destinations in and around the Caribbean these days, even as government officials and public health experts say everybody would be a whole lot »

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Pandemic drives record home sales

Between November and December 2020, home sales in Canada jumped by 7.2 per cent to set another new record. Sales were particularly high in Greater Vancouver and the Greater Toronto Area where the month-over-month increase was more than 20 per »

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Countries must ‘urgently’ adapt to climate change, UN warns

The international community must step up its efforts to adapt to climate change and build up resilience in the face of growing impacts of global warming or face mounting costs, damages and losses, according to a new UN Environment Programme »

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World insect decline; a serious issue for nature and for humans

We may hate them, and some bring deadly diseases, but insects are a vital component of nature.  Their numbers are also in steep decline. A study from the University of Helsinki on insect decline last year began this way, “With »


Air Canada to cut 1,700 jobs, reduce capacity by 25%

Air Canada, Canada’s largest air carrier, said Wednesday that it has to cut 1,700 jobs as pandemic travel restrictions force it to further cut capacity by 25 per cent in the first quarter of this year. The reduction in capacity »

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Ottawa launches public consultations on free trade deal with Indonesia

The federal government is launching public consultations on the merits of a possible free trade deal with Indonesia, International Trade Minister Mary Ng announced Monday. The proposed trade deal, dubbed a comprehensive economic partnership agreement (CEPA), is expected to boost »

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The “Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth” plans for 2021

While such major international summer events such as the Tokyo Olympics are in danger of being postponed again this year due to COVID-19, in Canada the event that bills itself as the ‘greatest outdoor show on Earth’ is looking into »

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Swimming against the COVID current, Canadian officials seek responses that work

Canada continues to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic–by various and varying ways and means–as the coronavirus continues its merciless attacks across the country. Calling the situation ‘grim,” Canada’s chief public health official, Dr. Theresa Tam, on Tuesday said that 7,500 »

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Canada’s protected areas aren’t necessarily where they’re most needed: Study

While creating environmental protected areas is seen as beneficial and increasingly necessary for a number of reasons, a new study shows that our protected parks don’t really protect those areas providing benefits to Canadian society such as fresh water sources »


House prices in Canada, red hot in the midst of winter

It’s been known that Canada’s two real estate hotspots, Toronto and Vancouver, are among the most expensive and fastest rising in the world. In spite of the pandemic, and the so-called ‘second wave’ of rising infections and renewed lockdowns it »