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Some millionaires ask World Economic Forum to tax them more

While many average earners complain of taxes, a group of the world’s wealthiest is saying they should be taxed more. The disparity in earnings between the wealthiest and the middle and lower classes is such that some of those uber-rich» 

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Toronto climbs on world list of expensive cities, Vancouver still number 2

Toronto Ontario is Canada’s largest city. With suburbs and expansion now extending even to Hamilton, the so-called ‘Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is now being  called the GTHA, is the most densely packed area of Canada. It, along with Vancouver, have» 

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Unifor president arrested as roadblocks go up in Regina

A labour dispute in Saskatchewan is heating up. A day after Unifor National President Jerry Dias brought the weight of his 315,000 workers and associate members in industries ranging from manufacturing and media to forestry and fishing to the fray,» 

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This is the end: Another Canadian shopping tradition closes

Once upon a time, shoppers in Canada were spoiled with Canadian options. Giant department store chains, upscale and discount, were widespread. Now another of these familiar retail names will fade completely into history. The last two Zeller’s stores will close» 

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Study suggests lots of Canadians living on the financial brink

A new survey suggests that a great number of Canadians are having serious problems meeting their end-of-the month bills. The Ipsos survey, commissioned by the accounting firm MNP Ltd., found that 29 per cent of respondents said they can’t cover» 

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Poll finds strong worldwide support for bans on fishing endangered species

A recent international survey by Ipsos for the World Economic Forum found strong majority support for bans on catch and sale of endangered marine species.  The survey involved almost 20,000 people in 28 countries between August 23 and September 6,» 

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Safer eco-friendly and more efficient fire suppressant foam?

As wildfires cause massive destruction in Australia, a couple of Canadians think their product could be of great assistance in quelling those fires. Not only helpful, but safe for the environment afterward Quincy Emmons and Zackery Hodgen, former firefighters themselves» 

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New survey shows continued division in Canada

The federal election last year showed that during the last four years the country has become deeply divided. The Liberals under Justin Trudeau were re-elected but with a minority government largely due to support in southern Ontario, Quebec and the» 

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EU bans another neonic insecticide, Canada stalls

Concerns include human health issues The European Commission this week voted not to renew the approval for ‘thiacloprid’ a Bayer /Monsanto insecticide marketed there under the brands Calypso and Biscaya. This is the fourth neonicotinoid insecticide that has been banned» 

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Canadian farmers continued concern about carbon tax

Even before the federal government announced its carbon tax as a measure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and global warming, farmers were concerned about how it would negatively affect them. In this first year, farmers in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, and»