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Alberta proposes harder line on trespassers

In rural areas throughout Canada, farmers feel they’re being targeted by both thieves and animal rights activists. There have been many incidents of animal rights activists breaking into farms across the country. Because of the usually remote location, police are» 

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More and more Canadians are ill prepared for retirement

A new survey suggests that a whole of lot of Canadians are not getting the retirement they dreamed off–if they get one at all. Statistics Canada data shows that over the last 20 years, the average retirement age for workers» 

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‘Picture a Farmer’: new documentary to dispel farming myths

The fact is that most people give very little thought to where their food comes from, or who’s producing it. Filmmaker Kelsey van Moorsel is from a farming background in Alberta and found that many people in the urban centres» 

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Giant home renovation chain closing dozens of stores-again

Lowe’s announces closed 31 stores in Canada in 2018,  34 more closings announced this week In 2016, the giant American home hardware and renovation chain announced a takeover of the Quebec-based Rona/Reno-Depot chain. In 2007 Lowe’s had already established 42» 

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Canada History: Nov. 19, 1858; British Columbia comes into being

The vast area in what is now Canada’s Pacific province, was once known as New Caledonia, and was under the control of the Hudson’s Bay Company. Gold rushes of 1857 and 1858 meant vast numbers of American and other prospectors» 

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Railway strike, freight slowdown across Canada

The teamsters union of conductors , train personnel and yard workers at Canadian National Railway have gone on strike, Some 3,2OO conductors, and train and yard workers at Canada’s largest railway system walked out at midnight last night, primarily over» 

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Keystone’s North Dakota spill affected 10 times more land than first thought

A crude oil spill on the Canadian-owned Keystone pipeline that runs from Alberta to the U.S. Gulf Coast appears to have affected almost 10 times more land in northeastern North Dakota than originally reported. Calgary-based TC Energy, formerly known as» 

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Alberta Wexit leader announces future elections strategy

Just how much of the sound will grow into political fury remains to be seen, but those who advocate taking Alberta out of Canada–what is being called Wexit Alberta–appear to believe the time has arrived–again–to press their case, especially after» 

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 Quebec to invest millions in airships

The Quebec Minister of Economy and Innovation, Pierre Fitzgibbon announced that the province will invest millions in a French airship firm. The idea of airships to have blimps or dirigibles carry heavy loads into remote or difficult to access areas,» 

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Yukon releases draft of major plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

The Yukon government on Thursday released the draft of a major strategy to combat greenhouse gas emissions. The strategy, Our Clean Future, contains 142 actions that would get the territory three-quarters of the way to its goal to reduce 2010»