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Poll suggests that nearly half of Canadians didn’t stay home for the holidays

Despite pleas from public health officials and politicians to limit their socializing over the winter holidays as part of the battle against COVID-19, a new poll suggests that a good number of Canadians–nearly half–decided to ignore the advice. The Léger »

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Old Canadian banknotes lose legal tender status

If you’re still hanging on to certain older Canadian banknotes, you can’t spend them at stores anymore. Parliament announced in 2018 that Canadian $1, $2, $25, $500, and $1000 banknotes would be no longer accepted in commercial transactions, i.e. as »

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Canada reels as the COVID-19 virus continues its cross-country assault

COVID-19 continues to batter Canada as the virus’s infection rate shows no signs of abating. After going several days without reporting fresh figures, federal officials released new data on Sunday. It showed that just over two weeks after passing 500,000 »

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Highest paid CEOs earn 202x more than average workers: report

On today, the first working day of the year in Canada, the country’s 100 highest paid CEOs will earn as much money by 11:17 am as the average Canadian worker will make all year, according to a new report. The »

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Potential damage is being downplayed in latest Alberta oil pipeline leak

Less than two months after a spill at an oil pipeline dumped 900,000 litres of contaminated water–so called “produced water”–in northwestern Alberta, there’s been another spill in the oil-rich province. The latest spill, reported at 2 p.m on Christmas Day »

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What are you looking forward to when pandemic ends?: Survey

After some ten months of COVID restrictions and lockdowns, the issue of so-called, ‘COVID-fatigue’ has become reality. This is when people are simply fed up with the restrictions and are longing for a return to ‘normal’, or at least something »

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Pandemic has hockey seeking new revenue: Adverts on helmets likely

Oldtimers may remember back when hockey arenas were virtually free of advertisements. The walls bordering arena hockey rinks were all white save dozens of blackened scuff marks from pucks and other collisions. In 1980 however that began to change. A »

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Government seeks stronger rules on airline refunds

Many airline passengers are furious with Canadian airlines that have not given them cash refunds for trips that were cancelled because of the pandemic. Instead, many of them were offered vouchers to fly at another time.  In a statement, Canada’s »

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Controversial pipeline project temporarily closed down over safety issues

Canada’s Trans Mountain Expansion project has been controversial since it was first proposed in 2013 by U.S,-based Kinder Morgan. The project known as TMX seeks to build a second approximately 1,100 kilometre pipeline along the route of an existing one. »


Canadian farmers ‘infuriated’ by increases in Trudeau’s carbon tax 2.0

Farmers across Canada were already angry and upset over Prime Minister Trudeau’s existing carbon tax but are now even more upset at the increases announced this month. Groups such as the Grain Farmers of Ontario (GFO), Grain Growers of Canada »