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Four provinces set to move forward on path towards modular nuclear reactors

The premiers of four provinces are set to sign a memorandum today to explore the feasibility of using small modular nuclear reactors, or SMRs, as a clean energy option. All four of the provinces–Alberta, Ontario, Saskatchewan and New Brunswick–oppose the »

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Montreal’s Biosphere, once the toast of the town, gets a new lease on life

She’s seen a few sides of life now–the geodesic dome created by Buckminster Fuller to serve as the U.S. Pavillion at the 1967 world’s fair in Montreal, known as Expo 67. It was a world’s fair anyone who was there »

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Skip the shower for Earth Day campaign launched

A Canadian beverage company is suggesting that Canadians working from home skip the shower and turn off their camera on Earth Day April 22, 2021 to help protect water. This is part of a clever campaign by Molson Coors which »

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Two more East Coast fishers appear to have died at sea

On a weekend that saw the region severely battered by a freezing rain storm, it appears that two more fishers on Canada’s East Coast have died at sea. They were part of a five-person crew aboard the FV Tyhawk fishing »

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Canada’s carbon price is set to increase by $10 on April 1

With the federal carbon tax set to increase by $10 to $40 per ton on April 1, many Canadians will have to pay more at the pump or for heating their houses. But they will also get a bigger tax »

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Canada urged to curb wildlife trade

The advocacy group World Animal Protection is linking the wildlife trade with the COVID-19 and other pandemics to argue that Canada should curb the trade in wild animals and their parts. In a statement, it says that “While more research »

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Highest court approves federal carbon charge

The Supreme Court of Canada has decided that the Canadian government’s carbon price is constitutional and needed to fight climate change, “a threat to the future of humanity.” The federal government’s Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act was challenged by the »

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UN warns of acute hunger in 20 countries

Two UN agencies are calling for urgent and scaled-up assistance to stave off acute hunger set to soar in 20 countries in the coming months. Yemen, South Sudan and northern Nigeria are the worst-hit areas and are said to face »

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Schools built with wood more earthquake resistant

The Canadian government is investing $1.48 million dollars to help build two schools with mass timber that will be more resistant to earthquakes. The schools are in the western city of Vancouver which lies on a fault line between two »

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Forest products company contributes land to hiking trail

The Western Forest Products company is contributing five parcels of land that will help extend hiking trails on Vancouver Island on Canada’s Pacific coast. The almost three acres of land is made up of five contiguous parcels, says the company, »