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Hottest May on record with Russian Arctic hardest hit

May 2020 was the hottest May on record, reported the Copernicus Climate Change Service on June 5. Their data shows that globally, last month was 0.63 C warmer than the average May from 1981-2010. Even in Europe, where May 2020 »

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Environmentalists, First Nations say it’s time to restore oilpatch monitoring

Seven environmental and Indigenous groups are asking the Alberta government to restart oilpatch monitoring. The request was made in a letter that urged the government to make public its decision-making criteria for when monitoring will begin again. In a decision »

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Climate change: Environment Canada confirms rain and weather extremes

A new study by Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) confirms what many have been saying, that climate change has made rainfall events more frequent and more severe and the changes are dominated by human activity. The report in the »

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Sweet! A record year for maple syrup!

Those with a sweet tooth love maple syrup, a delicious product that nature has provided. Coming exclusively from ‘sugar’ maple trees, it was a discovery learned from indigenous tribes in northeastern north America who for centuries had been collecting the »

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Sports update: Several pro sports events slowly return, but without fans

With the coronavirus shutdown almost all sports, professional and otherwise, ground to a quick halt in early March. This has meant a huge loss to the industry and to national, regional and local economies in the billions of dollars as »

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Construction of contentious pipeline begins in British Columbia

Work crews in the rugged interior of British Columbia have begun the construction of a contentious oil pipeline that will carry oil from northern Alberta to port terminals near Vancouver, the federal crown corporation in charge of the project announced »

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‘Zombie fires’ threaten an early fire season across the Arctic

Known by wildfire services as ‘holdover’ fires, they’re also called zombie fires because they won’t die or perhaps also somewhat like hibernating creatures in that when wildfires that burn out on the surface the embers can slowly smoulder underground all »

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Invasive ‘murder hornets’ on the move deepening concerns

Though the name might be a slight exaggeration, they’re still quite scary. Several times the size of a typical North American hornet or wasp, the Asian variety has a sting equal to its five centimetre size (almost 2 inches). It »

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Finally, a bit of good news: some national parks are reopening

As they straggle forth from long weeks of isolation, Canadians seeking a path headed toward something resembling sanity were thrown a lifeline on Wednesday. Federal Environment Minister Jonathan Wilkerson told The Canadian Press that 29 of the country’s 48 national »

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Climate change master’s degree being planned for Ilulissat, Greenland

With global temperature change transforming life in western Greenland, the home-rule government is looking at establishing a climate change master’s degree for local and international students in the community of Ilulissat to better understand the changing environment, especially in the »