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Coast guard takes steps to protect Pacific coast whales

The Canadian Coast Guard is opening the first Marine Mammal Desk to protect orcas and other cetaceans on Canada’s west coast. The threats to orcas, also called Southern Resident killer whales, include noise and disturbance from boats, ship strikes, entanglements »

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Countries must ‘urgently’ adapt to climate change, UN warns

The international community must step up its efforts to adapt to climate change and build up resilience in the face of growing impacts of global warming or face mounting costs, damages and losses, according to a new UN Environment Programme »

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Government, zoo work to protect endangered butterfly

The half-moon hairstreak butterfly is only found in nine locations in Canada and is listed as endangered under the Species at Risk Act. Now, the government department responsible for national parks and the Calgary Zoo are teaming up to conserve »

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People in Saskatchewan make their way forward following another blizzard

There’s nothing quite like a winter storm to put things in perspective. Ask the people in Saskatchewan. Early last November, they got smacked with a storm that left people in the town of Kindersley sifting and shovelling 47.6 cm of »

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World insect decline; a serious issue for nature and for humans

We may hate them, and some bring deadly diseases, but insects are a vital component of nature.  Their numbers are also in steep decline. A study from the University of Helsinki on insect decline last year began this way, “With »

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Northern lakes risk losing ice cover, affecting drinking water: study

If greenhouse gas emissions continue unabated, almost 5,700 lakes in the Northern Hemisphere could permanently lose their ice cover this century, according to a study by researchers at York University. In the next decade alone, 179 of those lakes could »

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Canadians should brace for polar vortex, Environment Canada warns

The relatively mild winter across Canada is about to get much colder as a polar vortex is set to spill out of the Arctic regions into southern latitudes, bringing with it bone-chilling temperatures, according to Environment Canada senior climatologist Dave »

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Canada commits $55M to stop land degradation and desertification

The international community has a responsibility to act in order to mitigate the effects of climate change and protect biodiversity, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Monday, addressing a virtual international summit. “Climate change and biodiversity are interconnected,” Trudeau told about »

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Canada funds retrieval of tonnes of lost fishing gear

In January 2020, the Government of Canada launched a so-called Ghost Gear Fund to support projects to retrieve lost fishing gear in the ocean. In the space of a year, it’s estimated that over 20 funded projects removed 63 tonnes »

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2020 ties for hottest year on record: E.U. analysis

Late last year, indications were that 2020 was going to be one of the world’s hottest years. Now figures from the EU’s Copernicus Climate Change Service with its Earth observation satellite programme has announced in a press release today that »