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Improving drones to study bats, birds and insects

A team at McGill University is looking to increase and improve the use of drones to study wildlife, specifically bats, birds and insects. The team has long been studying the use of drones for the observation of birds, but it »

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Wildlife photography exhibit returns to Canadian museum

An international photo competition and exhibition begins at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) in Toronto on November 21, 2020. The Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition out of London, England is now in its 56th year and features 100 new »

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Watch migrating hawks from Toronto, says biologist

A wildlife biologist is finding easy-to-access spots within Toronto where people can go look for migrating hawks, falcons, vultures, eagles and other raptors. Robert Spaul is encouraging people to get a pair of binoculars abd sunglasses and to search out »

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Conservation group hails rare dinosaur discovery by father and son in Alberta

A Canadian conservation group says the discovery of a rare juvenile dinosaur by a father and son duo hiking in an isolated canyon in Alberta prairies in July demonstrates the benefits of nature conservation not only for the living species »

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International scientists dire warning on whales, dolphins, porpoises

Over 350 marine scientists, biologists and researchers have signed an open letter urging global action in the face of severe extinction risk to many species of whales, dolphins and porpoises known as ceteceans. The group representing 40 countries including Canada, »

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Nitrogen fertilizer, N2O, farming, and a ‘worst case’ climate scenario; study

While most have heard about the great concern from carbon dioxide and global warming/climate change resulting from burning of fossil fuels, methane gas has become another concern. Released from being from sources such as thawing permafrost and from livestock herds. »

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Amazon mining said to threaten 20% of Indigenous lands

Canadian company’s plan highly controversial Mining operations in the Amazon basin cover more than one-fifth of Indigenous lands and that is linked to deforestation which should be of concern to the world, says  a new report. World Resources Institute (WRI) »

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Canada announces national plan to ban some single-use plastics

The Canadian government plan to phase out single-use plastics which have been a major source of environmental pollution was thrown out of kilter with the arrival of the pandemic. Concerns over spreading the virus led to a resurgence of items »

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Researchers tag ‘Queen of the Ocean’ huge great white shark off Nova Scotia

A research vessel conducting tagging and tracking of great white sharks, has caught a huge shark off the coast of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. The  huge specimen, a female, is estimated to be about 50 years old and measures some 5 »

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Some High Arctic polar bears temporarily benefit from thinning ice: study

As climate change threatens the survival of several polar bear populations in the lower Arctic latitudes, thinning sea ice in a region of the High Arctic between Canada and Greenland has been a boon for a small subpopulation of bears, »