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Canada charges Volkswagen for emission standards violations

The federal government has charged German carmaker Volkswagen with breaking Canada’s environmental protection laws by allegedly importing cars into the country equipped with software designed to hide violations of emission standards. Volkswagen faces 58 counts of contravening the Canadian Environmental» 

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Artificial turf playing fields and crumb rubber toxicity.

The original concept of artificial turf held a theoretical number of advantages. The tiny pellets of rubber infill made from recycled tires diverted thousands of those tires from landfill sites, while the fields eliminated the need for pesticides, fertilizers and» 

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Beluga whale sanctuary for Canada likely

Plans seem well advanced for the creation of an open ocean sanctuary in east coast Canada for captive beluga whales. After scouting sites throughout N. America, the Whale Sanctuary Project has settled on two potential sites in Nova Scotia. Lori» 

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Discovering Canada : follow RCI on a virtual journey across the country

Did you know that Canada has the largest road network in the world? Did you also know that 11 of its 13 provinces and territories border at least one of three oceans : the Pacific, the Arctic (incl. Hudson Bay)» 

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Canadian retail chain under fire by Christmas tree growers

One of Canada’s major and best known retail chains, Canadian Tire, is under fire for its promotion of artificial Christmas trees. The huge chain of more than 1,600 outlets, originally associated with automotive supplies, hardware, and sporting goods, has expanded» 

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Study suggests Canadian food prices to surpass inflation in 2020

The study by Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, and the University of Guelph in Ontario is called “Canada’s Food Price Report 2020” Its’ the tenth annual report, and  it notes that climate change, with its accompanying bad weather, is an» 


‘Logging scars’ point to Canada’s deforestation problem: report

Ontario loses about 21,700 hectares of forests – the equivalent of about 40,000 football fields – every year due to logging roads and landings that scar the province’s boreal forests, according to a report by a Canadian conservation group released» 

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Ontario moves to protect farmers from protesters

Today Ontario’s Minister of Agriculture, Ernie Hardeman, introduced a bill they’ve been considering for several months. This comes in response to complaints about animal rights groups trespassing on farms. The Security From Trespass and Protecting Food Safety Act, 2019  was» 

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Recreational vehicles; a step towards electric

One of the major manufacturers of recreation vehicles is exploring  a move towards going electric. Canada’s Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP), is known world wide for products like Ski-Doo, and Sea-doo, Lnyx, Can-Am and umbrella names like Rotax, Evinrude, Alumacraft and» 

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Former Canadian top banker named as special UN envoy on climate

Having served as top banker in both Canada and England, Canadian Mark Carney will take on a new United Nations climate role in January. Born in Canada’s Northwest Territories in 1965, Mark Carney has a long and distinguished career in»