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Newcomers benefit from employment program at museum

Nine newcomers to Canada have taken part in a six-month work program to improve their employability. This is the 15th year in which the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 has offered its Welcome Home to Canada program. The» 

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Soccer players to talk about immigration

Soccer has brought together home-grown and immigrant players across Canada for decades and the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 plans to celebrate it. The museum is situated in the eastern city of Halifax and is now home to» 

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Loans help immigrants obtain Canadian credentials

Immigrants in the province of Quebec can now obtain up to $15,000 in low interest loans to help them get the Canadian credentials they need in order to work in their field of expertise. Getting accreditation to work in Canada» 

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Huawei executive back in Canadian court today

It’s a case which has put Canada in the middle between the world’s superpowers, and two of biggest trading partners. The case goes back into court in Vancouver Canada, today. A dispute between the U.S, and China’s tech giant Huawei» 

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Political leaders debates: Importance and ability to sway voters

It is now expected that the official announcement of the election will be announced tomorrow. At 10 AM Prime minister Justin Trudeau will formally ask the Governor-General to dissolve Parliament. In the lead up to voting day on October 21st,» 

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Ottawa makes it easier for students from Morocco and Senegal to study in Canada

In an effort to attract more French-speaking students and future skilled immigrants to Canada, the federal government is extending a program designed to expedite study permit applications to international students from Morocco and Senegal. As of Sept. 9, students from» 

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Canadian Muslims being stopped at U.S. border with little explanation

Immigration lawyers are concerned about the treatment some Canadian citizens are receiving at the border when they try to enter the United States. Six have been denied entry over the past two weeks. All are Muslim men. The men and» 

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U.N. intervenes in Canadian deportation case

The case involves a former child refugee who came to Canada in 1994 at age10 after having fled Somalia with his mother and sister. He was later taken into foster care in Ontario, but by age 16 he was living» 

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New project tells the stories of Chinese immigrants to Canada

When Hung-Min Chiang moved to P.E.I. in 1967, his family was one of a handful of Chinese immigrants on the Island. That’s changed dramatically in recent years on the Island and across the country. “It’s beyond words, I never dreamed» 

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Hamilton leads Canada in hate crime reports, again

Following a record 47 per cent surge in hate crimes in 2017, Canada saw the number of police-reported of that nature fall by 13 per cent last year. However, despite the slight decline, the number of hate crimes in 2018–1,798»