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Kosovo refugee welcome to be commemorated

Canadian Forces airlifted more than 5,000 Kosovar refugees fleeing the Balkan crisis in 1999 and brought them to military bases in the eastern province of Nova Scotia. The 20th anniversary of the so-called Operation Parasol will be commemorated with music» 

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Controversy swirls after a cartoonist is fired

In case you might have missed it–and that in itself would be pretty hard to do–a Canadian editorial cartoonist has been let go by an East Coast newspaper chain, causing heated reactions–pro and con–across North America. News cycles are notoriously» 

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Ottawa unveils anti-racism initiative

The federal government has unveiled a multi-million-dollar initiative to fight racism in Canada. Federal Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriquez made the announcement Tuesday, saying $45 million will be spent over the next three years to fight systemic discrimination through community programs,» 

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Possible RCMP misuse of drones concerns BC activist

A prominent civil libertarian is concerned about how Canada’s national police force, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, could misuse its fleet of more than 200 drones. The RCMP says the drones are used for investigating crime scenes, search and rescue,» 

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Multiculturalism Day celebrated in Canada

A non-profit dedicated to eliminating racism in Canada announced it joins all Canadians in celebrating the 31st anniversary of the Canadian Multiculturalism Act. In 1988, the Canadian government passed a law to formalize its commitment to multiculturalism and the protection» 

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Documentary film explores Italy’s old Left in Canada

What do a chef, a union organizer and a butcher do when they get together in a bar? While it sounds like the premise for a great joke, chef Giovanni Adamo, labour organizer Francesco di Feo and butcher Salvatore Martire» 

Immigration & Refugees

Canada resettled more refugees than any other country in 2018, says UN

The United Nations Refugee Agency says Canada admitted the largest number of resettled refugees last year and had the second highest rate of refugees who gained Canadian citizenship. Canada took in 28,100 resettled refugees, according to the UNHCR’s annual global» 

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Quebec adopts controversial secularism and immigration legislation

Quebec’s provincial legislature adopted a controversial law late Sunday that bans certain public servants, including teachers, police officers, prosecutors and judges, from wearing religious symbols at work. The legislation known as Bill 21 also forbids anyone giving or receiving a» 

Immigration & Refugees

11 rural, northern towns to attract newcomers

Canada’s immigration department has announced the 11 rural and northern communities that will invite newcomers to settle there permanently as part of a pilot project to attract skilled workers. The Canadian population is ageing and the birth rate declining resulting» 

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Toronto: fastest growing city in North America

There are much bigger cities in the U.S. than Canada’s biggest city, Toronto.  But that hasn’t stopped Toronto being the fastest growing city on the continent, and by a wide margin. It’s also the second fastest growing urban region in»