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GTA immigrants have trouble climbing corporate ladder: report

While many immigrants in the Greater Toronto Area have made great strides in landing their first job in Canada, very few of them make it to the upper rungs of the corporate ladder, according to a new study. The study,» 

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The sports-Remembrance Day poppy controversy continues: Don Cherry

Fired amid accusations of racism, a rally and online petition of support underway It began with a television rant that appeared to target immigrants to Canada. Longtime hockey coach and commentator Don Cherry has been a feature on the much» 

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Don Cherry fired for poppy comments

He’s gone! Canadians are a pretty laid back tribe except, of course, when it comes to hockey, something that tends to bring out passions that we sublimate away from the rink or game. And nobody’s better at bringing out those» 

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One PhD chapter in English prevents French woman from immigrating to Quebec

Immigrating to the French-speaking province of Quebec is a dream for many French citizens. To achieve this, some start by studying in the province before deciding to stay longer. That’s what Emilie Dubois did. A French citizen, she did her» 

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Quebec backtracks on changes to popular immigration program

Bowing to public pressure, the Quebec government announced Wednesday it is backtracking on certain changes to a popular immigration program that allows foreign students and people working in the province a fast-track toward permanent residency in Canada. Quebec Immigration Minister» 

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Quebec to require values test for new immigrants

The government of Quebec is moving ahead with its contentious plan to require that newcomers to the French-speaking Canadian province submit to a values test, provincial authorities announced Wednesday. As of Jan. 1, 2020, new immigrants to Quebec will have» 

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Lawyers to argue sending refugee claimants back to U.S. is illegal

Demonstrators will rally in front of a court in Toronto to support a legal challenge to the Safe Third Country Agreement between Canada and the U.S. Because of this agreement, refugee claimants who arrive at official Canadian border crossings from» 

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Protesters against controversial Quebec Bill 21 rally in Montreal

An estimated several hundred people turned out Sunday in Montreal for an anti-racism rally aimed at a pair of laws enacted earlier this year by Quebec’s provincial government that protesters say fuel discrimination. Bill 21 bars some public sector workers,» 

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Holocaust testimony aims to reach Canadians who have forgotten

Six million Jews were exterminated by the Nazis during World War II yet one in five Canadian youths haven’t heard or are not sure they have heard about it, according to a survey conducted in April 2019. In on-going efforts» 

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Sponsors of refugees call on new government to do more

Groups which privately sponsor refugees to come to Canada are calling on the newly-elected Canadian government to bring in more refugees under its own auspices. The Canadian Refugee Sponsorship Agreement Holders Association (SAH Council) says private sponsorship of refugees should»