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US and Canadian festivals team up for a month of virtual world music shows

When festivals wish to bring in international artists, their task is facilitated and the tour costs are reduced if they can book the same artists, especially if the dates and locations of the shows are close enough. This collaborative practise, »

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Plummeting immigration numbers don’t bode well for economy: RBC report

A new report from the Royal Bank of Canada says new federal government statistics that show immigration in a free fall because of COVID-19 are cause for serious concern.  The new data showed that immigration fell by almost two thirds »

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Recent immigrants more likely to lose jobs during pandemic lockdown: report

Recent immigrants were more likely than Canadian-born workers and longer-term immigrants to lose their jobs during the pandemic-related lockdowns that shuttered much of Canada’s economy in March and April, according to a study published by the national statistics agency. The »

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“Fait Vivir”, a road movie about Canadian music gypsies in Colombia

His given name is Manuk. Manuk Aukán. A name that was inspired by Chile’s Mapuche Indigenous tribe, a volcanic island in Indonesia, and an Armenian name meaning “child”. A camera follows him everywhere: on his mother’s back in chilly Montreal »

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Ottawa offers pathway to permanent residency to some asylum seekers

The federal government is granting a pathway to permanent residency to some asylum seekers who worked on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic, caring for patients in hospitals and long-term care homes in Canada. Under the ad hoc measure announced »

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Ontario community divided over loudspeaker religious broadcasts

The city of Mississauga Ontario, part of what is known as the greater Toronto area (GTA) has decided to allow Hindu temples to broadcast prayers on loudspeakers on a temporary basis. The controversial decision allows the broadcasts into the community »

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Legendary–and generous–perfomer Salome Bey dies at 86

Salome Bey, an honorary member of the Order of Canada known to the public as Canada’s “First Lady of the Blues” and to the Canadian artists she nurtured as “Mother Earth,” has died. A native of New Jersey who moved »

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Music industry delegates meet online at a new global conference in Toronto

During the last week of July, hundreds of music professionals around the world connected to their computers to take part in a music conference out of Toronto, with online activities and discussions about current challenges and coming perspectives in a »

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Brazilian artist Diogo Ramos sings his love for Quebec, diversity and freedom

Freedom, Liberté, Liberdade. Diogo Ramos now sings these words in three languages – English, French and Portuguese – as he released officially this month the videoclip for the single Liberté je t’aime (Freedom, I love you) during a impromptu show »

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Struggling Canadian language schools present a survival plan

Like hundreds of other businesses–small and large–Canada’s language schools are taking a beating from COVID-19–grasping at straws, scrambling to find a way out of what they say is approaching “financial ruin.” “We’re not just falling through the cracks – this »