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Canada announes new funding to fight human trafficking

Canada’s federal government has announced $19 million in funding to fight human trafficking, a battle that Ottawa says is being made more difficult because of the COVID-19 pandemic.  The funding is part of a five-year National Strategy to Combat Human »

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Canada’s asylum agreement with the U.S. infringes on Charter: Federal Court

An agreement between Canada and the United States to treat each other as “safe countries” for refugees infringes upon the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, a Federal Court judge has ruled, giving Ottawa six months to respond. In a »

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Canada increasingly selects temporary foreign workers for immigration: report

With COVID-19 related global travel restrictions having reduced the flow of immigrants from abroad to a trickle, Canada is increasingly relying on foreign temporary workers already in the country to fill its immigration needs, according to Statistics Canada. The pandemic »

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Canada’s immigration numbers slowly increase in spite of COVID

The arrival of COVID-19 in Canada caused immigration processing to come a near halt, but the latest figures from Canada’s immigration department showed numbers of immigrants accepted increased significantly in May from the previous month. Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada »

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Safe&Sound-New program helps immigrants build a new life in Canada as musicians

Remember hip hop Toronto singer K’Naan? His song Wavin’ Flag was used for the Coca-Cola commercial during the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. Yes, it’s been 10 years already, but the contagious energy certainly is still with you.  »

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Ottawa recognizes children born abroad to same-sex couples as Canadians

The federal government is moving to change the interpretation of “parent” under the Citizenship Act to allow non-biological Canadian parents to pass down Canadian citizenship to their children born abroad, Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino announced Thursday. Mendicino said the measure »

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Border agency lost track of 34,700 foreign nationals slated for removal: report

Canada’s border agency has lost track of tens of thousands of foreign nationals it was supposed to deport from the country, according to a scathing new report from the federal auditor general. “We concluded that the Canada Border Services Agency »

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Marchers turn out to support migrant workers in Ontario

A backlash against what’s happening to temporary foreign farm workers in Ontario appears to be building. The province has reported hundreds of cases of COVID-19 among the migrant workers as the virus continues to spread because of what advocates say »

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Canadians would support greater global effort to fight pandemic: poll

A new poll released by World Vision Canada on Friday suggests that the majority of Canadians would support greater involvement by the federal government in international efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic globally despite concerns about the ballooning federal deficit. »

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Record 79.5M people displaced by war and conflict, says UN report

A record 79.5 million people were displaced by conflict in 2019, UNHCR, the UN Refugee agency reported Thursday as it appealed to countries worldwide to do more to care for those who had to flee their homes. UNHCR’s Global Trends »