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Amnesty International calls on Canada to open border to refugees from the U.S.

As countries around the world close their borders to contain the spread of COVID-19, Amnesty International is calling on the federal government to set an example of humane treatment of refugees and open Canada’s borders to asylum seekers from the »

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Federal government fast-tracks temporary foreign worker permit approvals

With the COVID-19 pandemic impacting almost every sector of Canada’s economy, the federal government is fast-tracking approvals for temporary foreign workers already in the country, to fill labour shortages in critical sectors such as agriculture and health care. Many temporary »

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A third person linked to Alberta Cargill plant is dead

There are renewed calls for Cargill to close its meat-processing plant in High River, Alberta, following the death this weekend of a third person linked to the facility. The Alberta government announced Monday that the man who died was in »

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Another Cargill meat plant shuts down because of COVID-19

Canada’s troubled meat-packing industry is facing more problems today. A second Cargill plant – this one in Chambly, Quebec – is temporarily closing its doors because of a COVID-19 outbreak. Alberta’s Occupational Health and Safety board says Cargill did not »

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Tensions ease just a bit in the Alberta Cargill confrontation

No major breakthroughs are reported, but tensions at the Cargill meat-packing plant in High River, Alberta appear to be easing just a bit. The plant, home to the largest single-site outbreak of COVID-19 in the country, is the focus of »

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Another person linked to the Alberta Cargill plant has died from COVID-19

A second death has been linked to the Cargill meat processing plant in High River, Alberta, home of the highest single-site COVID-19 outbreak in Canada. Armando Sallegue died Tuesday. His son Arwyn works at the plant and Mr. Sallegue, a »

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Another Alberta meat plant is urged to shut down

The conflict between labour and the meat-processing industry in Alberta shows no signs of abating. The workers are mostly immigrants and temporary foreign workers (TFWs) and they–and their unions–have concerns about the workers’ health. Last week, the unions called for »

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Workers return to Alberta Cargill meat-processing plant

Employees at the Cargill meat-processing plant in High River, Alberta were back on the job on Monday at the home of the largest single-site Covid-19 outbreak in Canada. Their return comes two weeks after Cargill closed the plant following the »

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Labour leaders want action on COVID-19 outbreaks at Alberta meat plants

Labor leaders in Alberta are calling for a criminal investigation and public inquiry into two meat processing plants where two workers have died this month and more than 1,300 other people have been infected with COVID-19.  The call came as »

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COVID-19: Coalition calls on Ottawa to help undocumented workers

A coalition of support and advocacy groups for undocumented workers says they are being left in the cold and ignored as the country struggles to cope with the corona virus. Advocates estimate that about 500,000 undocumented workers live in Canada. »