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Bison return to prairie cultural park

Just days after a story about a small herd of plains bison being given to a First Nations reserve in Saskatchewan comes another similar story. The bison ( or buffalo as they are often called) once roamed the prairies in» 

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Learning from their Cree elders-one word at a time

A new app will help younger members of Cree First Nations bands in northern Alberta maintain their language. They will be able to listen to more than 150 tribal elders from across five First Nations in the region. The app,» 

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More bison return to traditional prairie lands

Once they were estimated at numbering anywhere from 30-60 million and roamed North America’s western prairies in vast herds numbering tens of thousands. After almost being wiped out by overhunting, mass slaughter, disease and drought in the 1800’s, there are» 

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Indigenous rites: Teaching or imposition? Legal decision in school case

In 2015 and 2016, children in a British Columbia elementary school took part in a First Nations smudging ceremony and prayer. A mother objected saying the school obliged her children to take part in a religious ceremony and a later» 

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Forest therapy: a relaxing break from urban stress

We’ve heard of therapy dogs and other pets,  horse therapy, and other methods to help people cope with stress, but now a perhaps ancient therapy is coming into its own.  It’s called ‘forest therapy’. Carolynne Crawley, is a trainer and forest» 

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A special coat turns up in an Edmonton thrift store

It’s axiomatic that one never knows what they will find in a thrift store. Sometimes, it’s not all that great. Other times? It’s a bit of giggle. Other times? Travel with me, if you will, to the Goodwill Alberta store» 

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Convicted killer’s poems removed from Library of Parliament

Two poems by a Canadian poet convicted for killing an Indigenous woman in 1995 have been removed from the parliamentary poet laureate website. The poems were posted to the Library of Parliament website in 2017 when George Elliott Clarke was» 

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Following contentious debate, noted poet cancels university lecture

The contentious dispute over a controversial poetry reading and lecture at the University of Regina appears to have come to an end. The man invited to deliver the reading, renowned poet George Elliott Clarke, said Friday he won’t be taking» 

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A vigil honours Kelly Fraser: ‘You’re a diamond in the sky now.’

They gathered around a flame at sunset Saturday at Oodena Circle at the Forks in Winnipeg, a place Indigenous peoples have gathered for at least 6,000 years. It’s where the Assiniboine and Red rivers converge They were there to honour» 

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Pipeline dispute could bring things to a boil in northern British Columbia

No one in northern British Columbia is quite sure what happens next following a B.C. Supreme Court ruling on Tuesday that granted a temporary injunction against members of a First Nation opposed to the building of a pipeline running through»