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Complaints against telecoms have decreased

Between August 1, 2019 and July 31, 2020 there were 19 per cent fewer consumer complaints against telecoms in Canada, according to the Independent Commission for Complaints for Telecom-television Services (CCTS). Consumers filed 15,868 complaints, down 19 per cent from »

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Ontario to increase ethanol level in fuel

When you drive up to the gasoline pump in the next few years in Ontario, you’ll be filling up with a little more ethanol. Canada’s most populous province announced late last week that it is mandating an increase in the »

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Snapchat launches Spotlight, a TikTok-like short video function

Snapchat used to be the favorite of young social media users, but under the dual competitive pressure of Instagram and TikTok, it has lost its momentum. After a quiet year of lacking innovation, Snapchat finally began to fight back. On »

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Concordia University adds options to learn French

Concordia University is situated in Montreal but it is working to make resources for learning French accessible “anytime, anywhere.” Among its initiatives, it has launched an Instagram account that offers short lessons on grammar, vocabulary and more. This is one »

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Autonomous delivery trucks to start in Canada

First autonomous delivery fleet in Canada The idea of ‘driverless’ vehicles has been growing rapidly in recent years with tests and some ‘semi-autonomous’ vehicles already on the road. Now a major grocery chain has signed a deal with a U.S. »

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Sex, age and estrogens may affect who gets COVID-19

When researchers at York University in Toronto first looked at statistics up to July 27, 2020 they found that women were more likely to get COVID-19. But when they eliminated data from those who worked high risk areas like  health »

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Mask uses salt coating to kill pathogens, garners award

A new salt coating can be applied to medical masks to kill viruses and bacteria before they penetrate, and a researcher at the University of Alberta has earned an award for her work developing it. When airborne droplets land on »

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Pandemic has not curbed record levels of GHG emissions: UN

For those who may have hoped the global pandemic and lockdowns might have reduced emissions contributing to climate change, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) is saying not really. There are still “record levels of greenhouse gases which are trapping heat »

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Canada History: Nov 23, 1968- Passing of a landmark inventor

Very few Canadians will know the name of Henry Seth Taylor, a jeweler and clockmaker in Stanstead Quebec. Nor will they know the names William Still and Frederick B. Fetherstonhaugh of Toronto. The name George Foote Foss, is also a »

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G20 leaders promise developing countries they be won’t left out in COVID fight

Canada joined other Group of 20 countries on the weekend to promise developing nations that they will not be left out when the time comes to distribute COVID-19 vaccines, therapeutics and medical equipment. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the other »