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Canada: Renewed calls for contact tracing app but effectiveness uncertain

Quebec latest to adopt federal app Canada released its COVID tracing app in July where it was first picked up in Ontario, Canada’s most populous province. Ontario is one of the provinces hardest hit by the virus. Adoption of the »

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COVID-19 cases continue to spike dramatically in Ontario and Quebec

Canada’s two most populous provinces–Ontario and Quebec–continue to be pummeled by COVID-19. Figures released last Friday showed the number of people hospitalized with COVID-19 in the two provinces had jumped 44 per cent over the previous seven days, putting renewed »

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16 year effort: Canada gets first new Search and Rescue aircraft

After a long and arduous decision on a replacement Search and Rescue fixed wing aircraft, the first new CC-295 arrived this week in Comox, British Columbia. The new plane from Airbus was finally chosen after a long process begun in »

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$22-B International railway- Alberta to Alaska, gets approval from Trump

It’s a project costing an estimated $22 Billion . The railway would stretch 2,570 kilometres from Alberta’s oil sands region to an existing junction in Delta Alaska where it connects to ports near Anchorage. U.S President Donald Trump tweeted on »

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Canada history: Sept. 23 1958: Canada’s bitter nuclear arms debate begins

In the late 1950s, the Cold War between the ‘West’ and the USSR was in full force. The threat of nuclear conflict and mass destruction on a global scale was a very serious worry as the ‘nuclear arms race’ was »

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Asleep at the (semi-autonomous) wheel at 150km/h

A 20-year-old driver has been charged with speeding and the criminal offence of dangerous driving following an incident in July. Police in Alberta say it’s the first they’ve ever seen. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police say they received a report »

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Canada History: Sept. 18, 1936 – The fastest steam locomotive

No sooner had man invented motive power, than the quest began for who could achieve the fastest speed, on land, in the air, and on water. When it came to railways, Canada briefly was in world record speed territory. In »

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Reinvented: shipping containers as COVID safe visitation rooms for care homes

Old shipping containers have been repurposed for many other unusual uses, not the least of which is to be converted into actual homes. With the arrival of COVID-19, many long term care homes (LTC) across the country were forced to »

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Task force calls for billions in ‘green spending’ to juice post-COVID recovery

An independent task force is calling on the federal government to invest $55 billion over five years on clean energy projects and measures to cope with climate-change as the country struggles to work its way out of the havoc brought »

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Over half of Canadians letting up on COVID safety measures: poll

Despite recent stepped-up warnings from the prime minister and the country’s chief medical officer about not letting up in the fight to contain COVID-19, a new public opinion poll suggests that almost a quarter of Canadians believe warnings from public »