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Antibody study reveals 2.23% of Quebecers infected with COVID-19

A blood donor seroprevalence study, conducted by Quebec’s blood and tissue collection agency in collaboration with the provincial public health institute, shows three times as many Quebecers could have been infected with the novel coronavirus than what the official numbers »

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New Ontario Public Health data provides hope in COVID fight

The number of people in Ontario who have been infected by COVID-19 is four times more than the province’s official tally, according to new antibody testing data from the province’s public health agency. Medical experts say that’s good news–an indication »

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Canadian navy receives its first new Arctic and offshore patrol ship

The Royal Canadian Navy officially received on Friday its new Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ship (AOPS), HMCS Harry DeWolf, first of a class of six ice-capable warships the military is expected to get to beef up its ability to protect »

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Facebook Canada partners with Ontario Tech University to fight online hate

Ontario Tech University’s Centre on Hate, Bias and Extremism (CHBE) is partnering with Facebook Canada to create a Global Network Against Hate, in order to develop strategies, policies and tools to address hate and extremism online. According to an announcement »

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Health Canada authorizes remdesivir to treat patients with severe COVID-19

Health Canada has given it conditional authorization to use the drug remdesivir for treatment of patients with severe symptoms of COVID-19 who have pneumonia and require extra oxygen to help them breathe. Remdesivir – brand name Veklury – is the »

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Sea ice extent in the Arctic reaches historical low in July

The Arctic sea ice extent reached a record low in July, shrinking to levels not seen since satellite observation of the region’s ice cover began in the late 1970s, according to an international team of researchers drifting in the Arctic »

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New comprehensive global warming study: Worst case unlikely, but best case gone

Global warming increase narrowed to between 2.6°C and 3.9°C, For years, decades even, people and scientists have been arguing about global warming and where the Earth’s climate is heading. Estimates based on a doubling of the atmospheric C02 level from pre-industrial »

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History: July 22, 1947, Canada joins the tiny nuclear club

The world’s first full-scale heavy water reactor Canada was among the pioneers of nuclear energy from the very beginning. This began with the perhaps now slightly dubious honour of initial research into nuclear weapons during the Second World War when »

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Russia denies involvement in alleged hacking of COVID-19 vaccine research

Russia is denying claims by Canada, the U.K. and the U.S. that its intelligence services were behind a group of cyber hackers that tried to steal research into a possible vaccine for the virus that causes COVID-19. Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry »

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Russian hackers targeted COVID-19 vaccine research, intelligence agencies say

A hacker group that “almost certainly operates as part of Russian intelligence services” has tried to steal COVID-19-related vaccine research in Canada, the U.K. and the U.S., according to a joint assessment by intelligence agencies in all three countries. The »