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Canadian research identifies walking speed as predictor of dementia

The speed at which you walk, or the so-called gait speed, might be a predictor of dementia, according to new research by Canadian scientists. Researchers had long identified problems with memory and cognition as a predictor of dementia. However, a »

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Smart car technology can impede driver performance, U of T study finds

As smart car technology increasingly takes over certain driving tasks, a new Canadian study shows that drivers can be lulled into a false sense of security by automated vehicle technology that is still not advanced enough to handle critical situations »

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Canadian research finds clues to what makes some more vulnerable to COVID-19

What makes the elderly and people with underlying conditions more vulnerable to COVID-19? Why does the coronavirus infect certain animals but not the others? Finding answers to these questions could be the key to unlocking new treatments and therapies for »

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Governor General pays tribute to Canadians’ resilience in New Year’s message

Gov. Gen. Julie Payette has delivered her annual end-of-the-year/New Year’s message–praising Canadians for responding positively to the COVID-19 pandemic and paying tribute to front-line and essential workers, including medical professionals and the military. And she wasn’t alone. This year’s message »

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British Columbia scientists develop a biodegradable face mask

A team of Canadian scientists at the University of British Columbia has developed a biodegradable face mask using natural cellulosic fibres and nano-materials made from wood-based products. The Can Mask, developed at the BioProducts Institute, matches the performance of disposable »

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Liberal plan to reduce emissions will hurt lower, middle-income groups: Critics

Canada’s Liberal government under Justin Trudeau wants to move towards not only meeting but exceeding its Paris climate accord targets. This month he’s announced an increase in the carbon tax and a new Clean Fuel Standard. Environmental groups have lauded »

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Moderna vaccine approved, will reach remote communities

Canada’s health department has approved the Moderna vaccine to protect against COVID-19. This is of particular importance because the vaccine’s storage and handling requirements mean it can be distributed to Canada’s many remote and isolated communities.  Up to 168,000 doses »

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Museum closes temporarily, offers online activities

Families which often like to visit museums over the Christmas holidays will not have access to the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa this year but will be able to access activities and tours online. The museum will close on »

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Amazing discovery: new information about preserved ice age wolf cub

It was an unbelievable find. In July 2016 a gold miner near Dawson City, Yukon, found what he thought was dead puppy.  It turned out to be an ice age wolf cub almost perfectly preserved. Scientists  believe the cub was »

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Facebook is developing AI tool to summarize news for quick browsing

Facebook says in an internal meeting, it’s developing an artificial intelligence news tool. This AI tool will automatically generate news summaries, as a result, the social media users don’t need to read detailed original news anymore. That also makes summarized »