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Canadian detainees mark 365 days in Chinese captivity

Canadians Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor will mark a sad anniversary Tuesday. Dec. 10 marks exactly a year since Kovrig, who took a leave of absence from Global Affairs Canada to work as the North East Asia analyst for the» 

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Canada and Netherlands support Gambia’s genocide case against Myanmar

Canada and the Netherlands will explore “all options” to support and assist Gambia in its application before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) against Myanmar for the alleged genocide against the Rohingya Muslim minority, officials with Global Affairs Canada said» 

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Signed but still to be delivered: a new Calgary NHL arena

Finally! A deal–officially–is in place to build a new hockey arena in Calgary. After years of back-and-forth, the city and the owners of the NHL Calgary Flames and the Calgary Stampede have signed on the dotted line. The official announcement» 

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Study finds traumatic brain injuries dramatically affect the homeless

Let’s face it, homeless people in Canada and elsewhere don’t have a whole lot of people in their corner. But don’t count William Panenka as one of those guys who looks the other way, like so many of us do,» 

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95 year old ex-Nazi, cleared for deportation

Helmut Oberlandern, now 95,  has been fighting against deportation since 1995. Following an RCMP investigation into his role during WWII, where he allegedly was an interpreter for a German unit engaged in war crimes. His lawyer said he was conscripted» 

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Ottawa and Indigenous leaders try to move forward on suicides

Some political momentum may be building for more concerted action to stop First Nations youth and teens from taking their own lives. On Tuesday, New Indigenous Services Minister Marc Miller told a gathering of the Assembly of First Nations that» 

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Canada increases contribution to NATO high readiness force

Canada is increasing its contribution to NATO’s high readiness force by six additional fighter jets and a frigate, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Wednesday at the NATO Leaders Meeting in London. The announcement brings Canada’s total commitment to the NATO» 

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Trudeau: diplomatic lapse at a NATO reception?

Canada’s Prime Minister and others appear to discuss the U.S president’s behaviour A short video of leaders chatting informally at a gathering at Buckingham Palace of NATO leaders Tuesday night has gone viral, with many pundits suggesting they are mocking» 

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Parents scramble as Ontario teachers stage one-day strike

An estimated 750,000 public school students in Ontario are not in school today after labour negotiations between the province and the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation ground to a halt at midnight. Members of the OSSTF are staging a one-day» 

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New Ontario legislation seeks to protect livestock producers

A disagreement between animal rights activists and livestock producers is intensifying in Ontario after the province introduced legislation Monday that it says will protect those in the livestock business. The bill, the Security and Trespass and Animal Safety Act, would»