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Call to WHO to ban wild animal markets to save lives

Saying  that these wild animal markets in Asia and Africa have been the source of deadly pandemics, some  200 organisations have joined in an open letter to call for an end to the sale of wild animals in markets for »

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Montreal: More COVID-19 cancellations

Even as the original source of the virus, Wuhan China, emerges from a COVID-19 lockdown, and Austria and Denmark begin to ease their restrictions, in Canada, the opposite still holds. Major events in cities across the country have been cancelled »

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Three million jobs lost due to COVID-19

With several provinces invoking emergency health measures and ordering non-essential businesses to close, vast numbers of Canadians are finding themselves out of work. The Conference Board of Canada is a non-profit economic and policy think tank.  They have just released »

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COVID-19, respirator masks, 3M and a cross border tiff resolved

With the spread of the new viral pandemic, a shortage of high quality respirator masks, primarily known as N-95, has occurred. With that sudden and extreme shortage there’s been an international scramble to buy them as local supplies were used »

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Canada History: Apr. 7. 1973 – Death in Vietnam, peace accord farce

It was on this day in 1973 that a Canadian military officer was killed by North Vietnamese forces. The Vietnam war is a well-known, well documented, and well mythologised period in modern history. During the course of the war about »

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Canadians feel economic pain from COVID-19 will get worse

A new survey by the non-profit Angus Reid Institute shows Canadians are increasingly concerned about the economic health along with concerns about physical health connected to COVID-19 The survey showed over a quarter of respondents (27%) said they were barely »

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Ontario could run out of masks within a week, Premier Ford warns

Ontario Premier Doug Ford warned Monday that delays in global shipments and “recent restrictions at the U.S. border have severely strained” the provincial inventory and left Canada’s most populous province with roughly a one-week supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) »

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Ontario releases projections on figures for COVID-19 deaths

Governments in Canada have been under pressure to reveal projections on the potential death toll from this novel coronavirus. While the federal government has so far not complied, today provincial health officials in Ontario revealed their modelling projections. The modeling »

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COVID-19: Cash crunch for business, cities, provinces, even federal government

Across Canada the effects of the pandemic are widening. Restaurants are allowed to stay open as an essential food service but only if they provide take-away or delivery and no in-store seating, but that is not saving all of them. »

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Trudeau warns the U.S. not to block imports of medical equipment to Canada

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Friday it “would be a mistake” to limit the flow of essential medical supplies between Canada and the U.S. amid reports that the Trump administration has instructed American multinational conglomerate 3M to stop exporting N95 »