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Canadian Muslim organisation against “honour” crimes

Just released is a new study on gender-based violence (GBV) called, “Dishonourable Violence: Changing the Narratives on Honour and Shame Among Muslim Canadian Communities”. It is the product of Islamic Relief Canada a non-profit humanitarian aid group and came following» 

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Sunday vigil remembers McArthur’s victims

A “Vigil for a Grieving Community” was held Sunday as people in Toronto gathered to remember the eight men killed by Bruce McArthur between 2010 and 2017. All eight victims had disappeared from the city’s gay village. All were dismembered» 

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A conversation about the man whose birth billions celebrate today

Editor’s note: Since 2015, we have shared Frank Marino’s thoughts about Jesus Christ and the meaning of Christmas and the man for whom it is named. The response has been has been striking. For those who might have missed Marino’s» 

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It’s the Christ in Christmas debate yet again

It seems that in recent times as we approach December 24th, the issue of supporting the Christian holiday comes back in the news every year, at least in North America. The effort to remove Christ from Christmas is apparently to» 

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Protective ‘Rings of Peace’ formed at Toronto synogogues

Canadians of different faiths came together this weekend to show solidarity with Jewish Canadians in the wake of the attack on the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, PA., a week ago Saturday. Eleven worshippers were killed and six others,» 

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Proposal to deny services to returning Canadian Daesh fighters

(pubic comments open on all RCI stories. Comments will be published after moderating) They were Canadians who, for whatever reason, joined ISIS-Daesh terrorists in the Middle East or other terrorist groups elsewhere and some of whom who have since returned» 

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RCI Microsite: Democracy and Religions – From one prayer to another

Everyone knows that anything to do with religion is a delicate subject, complex and open to diverse interpretations. The ambition of this Radio Canada International project is not to look at religions per se, but rather to examine and understand» 

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Canadian Catholics react to pope’s letter on sex abuse

Reactions vary, but a woman who works with thousands of young Catholics says she and others she has spoken to are encouraged by the pope’s letter vowing to stop sexual abuse by clergy and its coverup. Pope’s letter called ‘very» 

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Roman Catholic abuse report shows links to Canada

Ripples from Tuesday’s devastating grand jury report about the predatory sexual practices of Roman Catholic priests in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania have spread to Canada. CBC News says the report shows that at least seven priests were sent for» 

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Christian university drops controversial student covenant agreement following legal fight

After a long battle in the courts, a Christian university in British Columbia has dropped a controversial requirement that all students sign the school’s Community Covenant Agreement that forbids any sex outside heterosexual marriage. The change comes into effect at»