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Quebec rules for safety over turbans, religious beliefs

After years of litigation that began in 2006, the highest court in the province of Quebec has ruled workplace safety comes before religious beliefs. The ruling concerns Sikh truckdrivers who had challenged a requirement to wear safety helmets when leaving» 

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Canadian universities in world rankings

The Times Higher Education world university ranking has just released its 2019 analysis of almost 1,400 reserch intensive institutions in 92 countries. The analysis, independently audited by Price-Waterhouse, is based on “13 carefully calibrated performance indicators that measure an institution’s» 

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Deaths, illness raise the issue of youth vaping and marketing to young people

A handful of deaths and hundreds of reports of lung illness in the U.S. has greatly raised concern over the practice of vaping among young people. The recent deaths and illnesses have caused U.S President Trump to weigh in on» 

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Schoolteachers suffer rapidly increasing violence

It’s getting harder to be a schoolteacher in Canada, and less safe even for school educators of very young students in elementary school. A new study on the issue of violence against elementary school teachers in Canada’s most populous province,» 

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Political leaders debates: Importance and ability to sway voters

It is now expected that the official announcement of the election will be announced tomorrow. At 10 AM Prime minister Justin Trudeau will formally ask the Governor-General to dissolve Parliament. In the lead up to voting day on October 21st,» 

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Aging could potentially be reversed using human growth hormone, study suggests

Researchers in Canada and the United States have found evidence suggesting that specific hormones may reverse human aging. In their paper published in the journal Aging Cell,the group explains how they used recombinant human growth hormone (rhGH), a hormone that stimulates» 

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Newspapers and democracy: Struggling in the face of the internet

In recent years there have been many reports of news operations cutting back, and many small community and regional newspapers closing. News rooms have also been declining in broadcast media. It seems to be a case of slow but steady» 

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Vaping concerns in Canada after U.S. deaths, illness

E-cigarettes and vaping, was supposed to be a safer alternative to tobacco smoking, and even help wean people off tobacco. In fact, cigarette smoking among youth appears to be on the rise, and vaping has increased dramatically according to public» 

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Call to phase out toxic cash register reciepts

Millions of people every day handle a known toxic chemical and most don’t realize it. The majority of today’s cash registers in stores use thermal paper for its cash register receipts. This type of receipt paper has usually been coated» 

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As students return to school, so do the bullies

It’s that bittersweet time of the year: summer’s over, school’s back. Hopefully, that’s the way it stays–bittersweet, gentle, optimistic–nothing more than that–energies to help all involved find rhythms and routines they need to navigate the school year. Still…. Looming over»