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Trudeau urges Canadians to cancel all holiday travel plans

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau urged Canadians on Friday to cancel all vacation travel inside and outside the country, warning that the federal government could be forced to bring in travel restrictions that would make it harder for people to return »

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Canada invests millions in dementia strategy

The government of Canada is investing $4.8 million over four years to help implement its national dementia strategy. More than 432,000 Canadians over the age of 65 live with this group of symptoms that affect memory, thinking and social abilities »

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Scientists track COVID-19 infection using waste water 

Scientists in the province of Quebec are planning to sample and analyse waste water to look for the presence of the COVID-19 virus. This could be a faster, cheaper and more reliable way to find out where there are areas »


Virtual help offered during pandemic’s spike in eating disorders

A Montreal pediatric hospital foundation is running a pilot program offering intensive treatment for young people with eating disorders. The program offers “an innovative remote support component.” Stress caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is driving a spike in eating disorders »

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The pandemic: a homeless man freezes to death as politicans broach a travel ban

As people in Montreal try to process the death of a homeless man who froze to death last Sunday, Canada appears to be inching closer and closer to banning all but non-essential travel in and out of the country–a ban »

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Trudeau seeks to reassure Canadians on vaccination efforts

Despite hitting a snag in Pfizer-BioTech vaccine deliveries to Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sought to reassure Canadians on Tuesday that the overall vaccination strategy is still on track and that every Canadian willing to take the vaccine will be »

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Night curfew to curb COVID-19: survey

On January 8, Canada’s second most populous province, and one of the two hardest hit by the SARS-CoV2 virus, instituted a month-long nighttime curfew. The measure by the province of Quebec will be reviewed and either ended or renewed on »

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Doctors warn of looming drug shortages

Doctors in the province of Ontario say COVID-19 cases are skyrocketing and that the province may again face “serious drug shortages.” Early in the pandemic there were concerns about getting enough supplies of active pharmaceutical ingredients from China and India. »

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Trudeau and Merkel discuss problems with global vaccination efforts

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his German counterpart, Chancellor Angela Merkel, discussed on Monday efforts to secure equitable global access to COVID-19 vaccines, diagnostics and treatments, as the UN health body warned that “the world is on the brink of »

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McGill launches multicultural mental health initiative

Canadian researchers have launched a unique online resource to help people of diverse backgrounds cope with mental health issues during the COVID-19 pandemic. The tool seeks to improve the quality and access to mental health services for diverse cultural and »