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Vancouver votes to decriminalize all drugs, a first for Canada

On Wednesday Vancouver city council voted unanimously to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of drugs within city limits.  The move comes as a result of years of suggesting that criminal charges only keep the problem, and addictions in the »


Pandemic obliges principal to work from hospital

The COVID-19 pandemic has made things more complicated for Canadians being fitted with prosthetic devices. Sarah Calvert is a high school principal who recently had a second leg amputated due to complications from Type 2 diabetes .  In February 2018, »

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Doctors say Canada not doing enough on pandemic

‘What’s happening is not working,’ says doctors’ representative Canada’s doctors are tired and exhausted, and urgently worried about the health care system, said Dr. Ann Collins, president of the Canadian Medical Association. “Clearly, what’s happening is not working,” she said »

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Pandemic makes physical activity especially important: WHO

Up to five million deaths per year could be averted if people around the world were more active, says the World Health Organization (WHO). Regular physical activity is said to be key to preventing and helping manage heart disease, diabetes »

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Abuse of women increasing during pandemic: report

Information collected from women’s shelters across Canada suggests pandemic lockdowns have prevented women from leaving their abusers and that there has been an increase in the severity of violence they have experienced.  ‘An abuser’s dream’  “Isolation is an abuser’s dream,” »


Canada not first in line for vaccines

For some time now, Canada’s top health officials and the Prime Minister have been assuring Canadians that hundreds of millions of doses of the potential new COVID-19 vaccines have been secured. On Tuesday however, the story changed just a little. »

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Nurses call Ontario action on COVID-19 too late, insufficient

The government of the province of Ontario has imposed a partial lockdown for Toronto and the nearby Peel region and nurses say it is not enough. The Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario is calling for “an aggressive and all-encompassing lockdown” »

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Sex, age and estrogens may affect who gets COVID-19

When researchers at York University in Toronto first looked at statistics up to July 27, 2020 they found that women were more likely to get COVID-19. But when they eliminated data from those who worked high risk areas like  health »

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Covid-19: mandatory vaccination?

With potential vaccines against the SARS CoV2 virus now nearing reality, issues of distribution to the population are being discussed, but also whether it should be mandatory. The answer for a policy of mandatory vaccination against the virus seems to »


COVID-19: worsening a lesser known public health crisis

This is National Addictions Awareness Week While headlines across the country describe an increase in COVID-19 infections and concerns of medical professionals and new government imposed restrictions on gatherings and businesses, another deadly public health issue is occurring overshadowed by »