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B.C. judge rules boys must be vaccinated, against their mother’s wishes

A judge in British Columbia has ruled in favour of a father who wanted his two young sons vaccinated, against the wishes of the children’s mother. The case went to provincial court in the southern interior town of Salmon Arm» 

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EU bans another neonic insecticide, Canada stalls

Concerns include human health issues The European Commission this week voted not to renew the approval for ‘thiacloprid’ a Bayer /Monsanto insecticide marketed there under the brands Calypso and Biscaya. This is the fourth neonicotinoid insecticide that has been banned» 

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Medical Assistance in Dying: Canada re-examining laws

Viewed by some as ‘too restrictive’, Canadian laws around medically assisted dying are under review. The government is asking Canadians to submit their views on the laws and what might be changed. Arthur Schafer is founding director of the Centre» 

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Young Canadian women ‘sugar babies’-growing in popularity

Sugar daddy (sugar baby, sugar mommy) It’s become a common term that may have its origins as far back as 1908 when the heir to a sugar fortune (Adolph Spreckels) married an apparently good looking and much younger woman 24» 

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Forest therapy: a relaxing break from urban stress

We’ve heard of therapy dogs and other pets,  horse therapy, and other methods to help people cope with stress, but now a perhaps ancient therapy is coming into its own.  It’s called ‘forest therapy’. Carolynne Crawley, is a trainer and forest» 

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Drinking and driving in Canada: crunching the numbers

We’ve all seen it, we all know it when we see it, and we’ve all most certainly wondered just how downright stupid our species can so often be. For most of us, witnessing the insanity of drunken driving, is something» 

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Teen climber survives 150-metre fall…and…he’ll be back

Say one thing for the kid, he’s got brass. “It looked like a cool mountain to climb. My friends wanted to do it so, why not?” said Gurbaz Singh, speaking at the beginning of a day he will not soon» 

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Prominent priest says it’s time church released names of abusers and protectors

A prominent Roman Catholic priest says it is time the church released the names of sexual abusers and those who protect them. Rev. André Poilièvre, who was awarded the Order of Canada in 2009 for his work with prison inmates» 

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DNA and disease, not necessarily related, not an accurate predictor

A new analysis of hundreds of studies covering two decades of studies related to genetics and about 200 diseases. The result may come as a surprise to many.  It finds, in most cases, little correlation between a genetic mutation and» 

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Premier rejects company bid to extend N.S. waste deadline

Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil today rejected a pulp mill’s plea for a deadline extension to allow it to continue dumping wastewater near a First Nation after Jan. 31. B.C.-based Paper Excellence, the owners of the Northern Pulp mill near»