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Fewer students travel to school, safety not improved

More than one quarter of Canadian elementary students are not going to school regularly, but most parents say that has not improved safety in school zones. In fact, most say congestion and driver behaviour have either worsened or not improved. »

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Food banks to get $100 million

Saying the pandemic has increased food insecurity, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced an injection of $100 million to improve access to food and increase food supply for vulnerable Canadians. One in seven need help with food The government says »

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Ontario proposing an end to (generally disliked) seasonal time changes

Every spring most provinces across Canada move the clocks forward one hour (March), and every fall (November) the clocks are moved back one hour (Daylight Saving Time-DST). The common saying for people to remember is “spring forward, fall back”. But »

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COVID-19: ‘Please stay home,’ Quebec tells citizens

With the number of hospitalizations due to the COVID-19 pandemic in Quebec steadily growing each day, provincial authorities once again pleaded with Quebecers on Wednesday to reduce their social interactions and limit their outings to work and shopping for daily »

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Health Canada approves 1st rapid antigen COVID-19 test

Federal regulators have approved another rapid COVID-19 test for use in Canada and Ottawa has signed a contract for over 20 million antigen test kits using this new technology, officials said Monday. The Panbio COVID-19 Ag Rapid Test Device, which »


Prevent cancers caused by HPV, urge doctors

It’s estimated that three out of every four sexually active Canadians will contract Human Papillomavirus (HPV) at some point in their lives and that puts them at risk for genital warts and as well as several types of cancer.   HPV »

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Deciding who gets COVID-19 vaccine will be complex

It may seem obvious that when a vaccine for COVID-19 is finally available, front-line health workers should be first in line to get it. But who should get it next will be difficult to decide. Not all vaccines work well »

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Canadian scientists seek to improve organ, vaccine transport

It is of critical importance to keep vaccines and organs for transplant at the correct temperature while they are being transported. For example vaccines such as those currently being developed for COVID-19 must not freeze and after delivery it is »

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Canadian companies urged to provide mental health support to employees

Nearly 60 per cent of Canadians say their mental health has been negatively affected by COVID-19, according to a recent poll. A survey by the Sun Life insurance and financial services company suggests 45 per cent of all Canadians feel »

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The coronavirus refuses to let up in Quebec and Ontario

COVID-19 showed no signs of loosening its ever-tightening grip in central Canada on Friday as Ontario and Quebec–the country’s two most populous provinces–announced new–and higher–case counts. Quebec reported its highest daily number of cases since early May: 1,052, including seven »