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Life and death, Nova Scotia’s unprecedented organ donation programme

It is a first in North America. The maritime province of Nova Scotia has implemented an ‘opt-out’ policy for organ donation. This means that everyone over the age of 19 is presumed to agree to donate organs in the case »

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Alberta will run out COVID-19 vaccine, Premier Jason Kenney says

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney says the Western Canadian province is on the verge of running out of the COVID-19 vaccine because of the “unexpected supply disruption” announced by the federal government. “By the end of today or early tomorrow, Albertans »

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Teachers call Quebec pandemic decision making ‘reckless’

As high school students returned to class in the province of Quebec, teachers at a Montreal-area high school wore black to protest what they call the government’s “reckless abandonment of science-based decision making” during this pandemic. The province of Quebec »

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Canadian snowbirds keep heading south despite warnings and the pandemic

Despite the pandemic–or maybe because of it–a whole lot of Canadians are heading south to sunny foreign destinations in and around the Caribbean these days, even as government officials and public health experts say everybody would be a whole lot »

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Saliva tests are as good as nose swabbing for COVID-19: studies

Research indicates that saliva testing for COVID-19 is as good as nasopharyngeal (nasal) swabbing, but it is cheaper and easier to do. Studies from the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre (RI-MUHC) yield findings that could influence testing »

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Most Canadians say discretionary travel should be banned: poll

With large swathes of Canada facing pandemic-related lockdowns, stay home orders and curfews, Canadians are not in a particularly forgiving mood when it comes to compatriots who seek a brief reprieve from these restrictions and the winter doldrums at sunny »

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Women, young adults, minorities report declining mental health

Some Canadians say their mental health has worsened during the course of this pandemic, according to polls. A web panel surveyed from January 2 to 3, 2021 found that 24 per cent of women rated their mental health as bad »

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People in Saskatchewan make their way forward following another blizzard

There’s nothing quite like a winter storm to put things in perspective. Ask the people in Saskatchewan. Early last November, they got smacked with a storm that left people in the town of Kindersley sifting and shovelling 47.6 cm of »

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ER doctors want vaccines for front-line workers

Emergency doctors in Canada are calling for greater transparency around the prioritization and administration of COVID-19 vaccines. The Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians (CAEP) says many of its members along with emergency room nurses and other staff and paramedics have »


Rheumatoid arthritis patients at higher risk of dangerous blood clots: study

People who have been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis have an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and infection. Researchers at Arthritis Research Canada have found that they also have a higher risk of developing life threatening blood clots.   Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) »