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Obesity and aging: study finds obesity can speed aging

One might think that obesity and the effects of aging are two relatively unrelated health issues. A new study however shows that in fact obesity has many similar effects on the body function as those that occur due to aging. »

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COVID-19: To mask or not to mask?

With infection cases now rising rapidly in the U.S.,there is more debate about whether people should wear face masks to limit the spread of the infection. Currently, Canada’s chief public health officer, Dr. Teresa Tam, maintains the position that  face »

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Phone surveillance to comply with COVID-19 restrictions?

The idea for some might feel like edging another notch further to an Orwellian future. The idea that the police and/or security agencies would monitor your smart phone to ensure compliance with certain state requirements such as in this case, »

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Canadian officials warn against false anti-COVID-19 drug prophets

Canadians tempted to try drugs touted by U.S. President Donald Trump have received a pair of sharp warnings–lethal and verbal–against doing so in the past two days. News reports from Nigeria said two persons died after they took an anti-malarial »

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Digital learning resources being offered during COVID-19 outbreak

With most schools across Canada closed to slow down the spread of COVID-19, some Canadian companies are offering support to families who may find themselves in uncharted territory. To help families, Pearson Canada, a company that works with teachers on »

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Always seeking an edge, the scammers stay with us

As the health and social consequences of the COVID-19 outbreak mount, we get to witness the best and the worst in our species. Eh? From young people offering to help their older neighbours with their shopping (as happened to me »

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Beware of claims for COVID-19 protection

Amid a variety of scams surrounding the novel coronavirus, comes a warning from the College of Naturopathic Physicians of British Columbia. (CNPBC) The warning says that the College has become aware that some members are promoting certain treatments and/or supplements »

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A fifth person is dead from COVID-19 in Canada

Health officials in Ontario on Monday reported the first death from the coronavirus outside of British Columbia, where four people have now died as a result of COVID-19. They said the person who died was a 77-year-old man from the »

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Following complaints, border agents step up screening protocols

Following complaints by workers and travellers–notably at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport–that screening questions for incoming travellers were not stringent enough, the Canada Border Services Agency says it is adding new ones. The CBSA says automated questionnaires will now ask whether »

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First Nations leaders in northern Canada warn of COVID-19 time bomb

It’s just a matter of time, many in the North say, before COVID-19 begins making its presence felt in a bigger way in First Nations communities. Many of the communities are isolated; those living in them–for the most part–are not. »