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Eye scan may soon permit early detection of Alzheimer’s

Canadian researchers are testing a new technology that could be widely used for early detection of Alzheimer’s disease which causes problems with memory, thinking and behaviour. Current tests involve PET scans or spinal taps. But a new technology has been» 

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Electronic tool helps doctors review seniors’ many medications

The elderly may see different doctors to get help for different conditions and each one might prescribe a medication. The result is that seniors may have many prescriptions causing a medication overload that can be expensive and possibly harmful. A» 

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Canadian-born scientist James Peebles wins 2019 Nobel Prize in physics

Canadian-born James Peebles is one of three scientists to receive the 2019 Nobel Prize in physics for “contributions to our understanding of the evolution of the universe and Earth’s place in the cosmos,” the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announced Tuesday.» 

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Last Chance Tourism

See the glaciers before they’re gone, watch the whales or gorillas, or elephants before they are no more, see the Great Barrier Reef before it dies off, visit the Amazon before development eliminates the jungle; This type of thing is» 

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Big Brother or better security? Testing AI weapons detection in public

You’ll either think this is just another step towards Big Brother surveillance, or a good idea for safety. Toronto’s Pearson International airport is Canada’s largest airport complex which saw more than 49 million visitors last year. The airport authority has» 

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Tools offered to fight fake news

Data suggest that 90 per cent of Canadians admit to falling for fake news. So, the non-profit Canadian Journalism Foundation has launched a new website to help and encourage people to check whether items they see are legitimate. Respected news» 

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Red meat findings: don’t lose faith in science

After years of being warned to limit consumption of red and processed meats, people were confounded by a new study that says there is no evidence that eating reasonable amounts is harmful. Researchers looked at the many existing studies on» 

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Olympic bobsledder wins release from Canada to try for U.S.

After a highly publicized complaint against official Canada’s bobsleigh organisation, medal winner Kaillie Humphries has been granted a release from Bobsleigh-Canada-Skeleton (BCS), the official national sports organisation. Humphries had filed a complaint against the team coach alleging repeated verbal and» 

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Oil companies explore loophole in shipping restriction

A Canadian law passed in June prevents Alberta oilsands crude being shipped from the British Columbia terminals along Canada’s northern Pacific coastline. This was due to fears of the environmental damage if there was an oil spill. But a test» 

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Taking a hard look at the way out (or not) of this climate mess

As people around the world demonstrate to–somehow–generate enough political pressure to–somehow–get the needed powers-that-be to find the force to hit the target-goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, a new report from the School of Public Policy at the University»