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Canada’s Atlantic provinces brace for Hurricane Teddy

Canada’s Atlantic provinces are bracing for the arrival of Hurricane Teddy, which will lose some of its fury by the time it makes landfall on Wednesday but is still expected to batter the Maritimes with heavy rain, winds and storm »

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Poll finds COVID fears growing and waning support for anti-mask protests

As COVID-19 cases mount across the country, a new poll suggests that a vast majority of Canadians don’t support anti-mask demonstrations calling on governments to back off on mandating public health measures. It also suggests that Canadians are far less »

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Privacy concerns: Anonymous request for personal information worries farmers

Farmers throughout the province have expressed deep concern about an official Freedom of Information request from an unknown source. An FOI (also known as Access to Information and Privacy) is a federal law which gives Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and any person »

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Ottawa announces $1billion package to address housing shortage for vulnerable

The federal government has announced plans to spend $1 billion over the next six months on what it is calling a Rapid Housing Initiative to help address urgent housing needs of vulnerable Canadians. Social Development Minister Ahmed Hussen says the »

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Provincial challenges of federal carbon tax at Supreme Court today

After a long delay due to the pandemic, provincial challenges to the federal government’s imposed carbon tax will begin today in Canada’s highest court, the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC). As part of an environmental effort to slow global warming »

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Canadian police investigate poisoned letter sent to President Donald Trump

A police team specializing in investigations related to chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear substances and explosives is carrying out an operation in a southern suburb of Montreal related to a ricin-laced letter sent to U.S. President Donald Trump, Canadian police officials »

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COVID-19: Quebec restricts private gatherings in Montreal and Quebec City

Authorities in Quebec are urging residents of Montreal and the provincial capital of Quebec City to limit family gatherings and other social activities as the province recorded 462 new cases of COVID-19 on Sunday, bringing back the number of infections »

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Bloc Quebecois Leader Yves-Francois Blanchet tests positive for COVID-19

Bloc Quebecois leader Yves-Francois Blanchet has been diagnosed with COVID-19, the federal party which works to achieve Quebec’s separation from Canada has confirmed. The 55-year-old leader of the third largest party in the House of Commons is doing “perfectly well” »

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Premiers seek $28B in additional health transfers from Ottawa

Four of Canada’s conservative-leaning premiers are calling on the federal government to increase health funding to the provinces by $28 billion as provincial budgets are getting a double whammy hit of rising healthcare costs and dwindling revenues due to the »

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B.C. lays out details of its pandemic economic recovery plan

British Columbia has unveiled details of its economic recovery plan, aimed at trying to get the province back on its feet as it continues to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.  The $1.5-billion package includes $660 million in new tax incentives and »