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Northern lakes risk losing ice cover, affecting drinking water: study

If greenhouse gas emissions continue unabated, almost 5,700 lakes in the Northern Hemisphere could permanently lose their ice cover this century, according to a study by researchers at York University. In the next decade alone, 179 of those lakes could »

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Federal government secures another 20M COVID-19 vaccine doses from Pfizer

Canada has reached an agreement to purchase another 20 million doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said. Speaking at his daily press conference in Ottawa, Trudeau said the agreements signed by the federal government with vaccine »

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Moms with multiple children have more fragmented sleep: study

Mothers who have more than one child report that they have more fragmented sleep than do mothers of a single child, and fathers do not report the same effect, according to a McGill University study. The study involved 111 parents »

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Trudeau denies his cabinet shuffle portends an election 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made changes to his cabinet on January 12, 2021 and denied suggestions it meant a federal election might soon be called. His government is in a minority position now and pundits had suggested he may want »


Parental leave for fathers saved marriages, say researchers

A change in government payments to parents of newborns dramatically changed the labour force and saved marriages in the province of Quebec, according to a recent study. Sociologists at Western University analysed figures from the government agency Statistics Canada following »

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Canadians should brace for polar vortex, Environment Canada warns

The relatively mild winter across Canada is about to get much colder as a polar vortex is set to spill out of the Arctic regions into southern latitudes, bringing with it bone-chilling temperatures, according to Environment Canada senior climatologist Dave »

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Royal Mint commemorates legendary Canadian schooner with gold and silver coins

The Royal Canadian Mint is celebrating the centenary of Bluenose with the launch of two commemorative coins dedicated to the legendary Canadian schooner. The annual $100 Pure Gold Coin and Proof Silver Dollar commemorate the legacy of the original Bluenose, »

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Canada wants thousands of blood samples for COVID survey

Thousands of Canadians are being somewhat surprised to find a strange package in the mail from a government agency asking for a blood sample. The official statistics gathering agency Statistics Canada as been mailing out some 48,000 blood testing ‘kits’ »

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Child marriage persists in Canada, say researchers

The government of Canada has joined international efforts to end the marriage of children under the age of 18, but researchers say the practice goes on in Canada itself. Using data from statistics agencies and censuses, researchers at McGill University »


Government cracks down on travellers claiming sick benefits

The Canadian government offers money to people who need to stay home from work because of COVID-19. But some people have claimed the benefits for the time they are obliged to quarantine after returning from travel abroad. The government says »