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Trudeau announces financial aid for families struck by Flight PS752

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the federal government will give the families of individuals killed in the downing of Ukraine International Airlines Flight PS752 financial compensation to help them get through the immediate future. Each family, Trudeau said, will receive» 

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Alleged neo-Nazi Patrik Mathews behind bars in the U.S.

The investigations into his alleged neo-Nazi ties with a group called The Base began shortly before the RCMP raided his home near Winnipeg last summer. The problem for Master Cpl. Patrik Mathews was that he also had ties to the» 

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Canada continues to grapple with Flight PS752 aftermath

As reports continue to surface about families meeting resistance in Iran as they attempt to reclaim the remains of loved ones lost in last week’s shooting down of Flight PS752, the Ukraine International Airlines jet brought down from the sky» 

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New survey shows continued division in Canada

The federal election last year showed that during the last four years the country has become deeply divided. The Liberals under Justin Trudeau were re-elected but with a minority government largely due to support in southern Ontario, Quebec and the» 

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B.C. judge rules boys must be vaccinated, against their mother’s wishes

A judge in British Columbia has ruled in favour of a father who wanted his two young sons vaccinated, against the wishes of the children’s mother. The case went to provincial court in the southern interior town of Salmon Arm» 

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Kerfuffle in the Catholic Church

A new book is being released called “From the Depths of Our Hearts”. It’s sparked a bit of controversy within the Roman Catholic church. It seems to push a conservative message about celibacy, and includes an essay by retired Pope» 

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Peter MacKay is in the Tory race…who’s next?

Long-time Conservative political star Peter MacKay is in, so let’s see what happens next in the race to succeed the mostly unlamented Andrew Scheer as leader of Canada’s official opposition. MacKay, who served Parliament from 1997 to 2015 and held» 


Ruling on recreational league hit has the hockey world talking

An Ontario court has ruled in a case that may have a profound effect on Canada’s national pastime–hockey–and those who keep on playing it in so-called “beer leagues.” The court ruled that a recreational league hockey player who suffered a» 

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Libraries and publishers on a different page over e-books and audiobooks.

Libraries have always been a great source for reading enjoyment and learning. There are shelf after shelf of big books, small books, novels, histories, photo books, textbooks, instructive books, books of all kinds which people can borrow and enjoy for» 

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Gender wage gap in Canada tends to begin at graduation

Given any thought to the gender pay gap lately? The Labour Market Information Council and the Educational Policy Research Initiative did. They’ve just released a report based on figures from Statistics Canada and Employment and Social Development Canada. “How Much»