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Is an expenses scandal brewing in Alberta? Stay tuned

It’s pretty much a given in politics–anywhere in the world–that rectitude (or at least the perception thereof) plays quite well with voters, thank you very much. Profligacy (or at least the perception thereof)? Not so much. We may be about» 


Ruptured water main pipe floods Montreal Metro station

Service on a central stretch of Montreal’s busiest Metro line resumed Thursday afternoon after an early morning water main pipe rupture flooded one of downtown stations, forcing a partial shutdown of the Orange Line. Tens of thousands of commuters were» 

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Animal rights activists push ahead-relentlessly

Camille Labchuk took a vow of silence over the weekend. Bound for no ashram to meditate, the silence was simply another step in her relentless pursuit to protect animals, who–she is always quick to note–lack the power to advocate for» 

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The sports-Remembrance Day poppy controversy continues: Don Cherry

Fired amid accusations of racism, a rally and online petition of support underway It began with a television rant that appeared to target immigrants to Canada. Longtime hockey coach and commentator Don Cherry has been a feature on the much» 


Cirque du Soleil’s founder detained in Tahiti for growing cannabis

Quebec billionaire and Cirque du Soleil co-founder Guy Laliberté has been detained by police in French Polynesia for growing cannabis at his luxury estate on the island of Nukutepipi. In a statement issued on Wednesday, Laliberté’s company, Lune Rouge, confirmed that he is» 


Toddler’s sudden death forces emergency landing of Saudi jet in Newfoundland

A sudden death of a toddler on a Saudi Arabian Airlines flight headed from Jeddah to Washington D.C. forced the pilots to make an emergency landing in St. John’s International Airport on Tuesday, according to the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary. A» 


Deconstructing Don Cherry’s departure: what the heck just happened here?

As we reported yesterday, Canada’s own very own version of Archie Bunker has exited, and it sure didn’t go unnoticed across Canada–making front page news across the country. Don Cherry finally rolled snake eyes Saturday night, going after newcomers to» 

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Remembering the horror that led to ‘In Flanders Fields’

Over 104 years ago, as the First World War raged around him, a Canadian surgeon sat in an ambulance in a part of Belgium that had already seen more than its fair share of carnage and fighting and would see» 

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Legendary Canadian musical star seeks U.S. citizenship

Neil Young wants to become an American citizen so he can vote in the 2020 U.S. election. There’s a bit of a problem though, due to cannabis. Although the legendary singer-songwriter, who turns 74 tomorrow (November 12) was born in»