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Seeking open ice, NHL details steps aimed at a return

Well, let’s see how this (ahem) plays out. The National Hockey League (NHL) has released a document detailing Phase 2 of its return-to-play plan. When that return to play — for real — might come remains anyone’s guess. The league »

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Many Canadians looking forward to hearing that starting whistle

One of the many casualties of COVID-19, of course, has been sports–professional and amateur. Much has been made of the fact that there are no pro teams to get worked up about these days, leaving many of us to turn »

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CFL announces new Grey Cup format…IF AND WHEN

It’s never been the Super Bowl, thank God. In fact, the Grey Cup is a whole lot older and most Canadians would likely tell you it’s a whole lot better. That is a matter for debate at a later date. »

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Return of major league sports- Major league baseball next?

While some professional sports leagues have re-started under very specific conditions, not the least of which is having no fans in stadiums, major league baseball in N. America is planning its return, possibly in July. For diehard Canadian fans though, »


Canadians itching for sports to resume but not so much ‘in person’

Canadians, like many sports fans around the world, have been eager for professional leagues and games to resume. Professional baseball has just begun in South Korea to empty stadiums with players and referees wearing masks and with other protective measures. »

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Liberal government announces immediate ban on certain firearms

With the 22 murders in Nova Scotia still fresh in Canadian minds, most of them by the perpetrator’s illegally obtained firearms, the Liberal government has moved to announce an immediate ban on what they are now calling ‘military grade’ firearms. »

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Hockey this year? Wayne Gretzky is a believer

He always played like a brother from another planet, so Canadians may be forgiven if they choose to suspend their disbelief and decide to believe that Wayne Gretzky might know of what he speaks.  He was known, after all, as »

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The personal protective equipment bronco keeps on bucking

The quest for medical supplies to combat COVID-19 sure isn’t pretty, eh?  “It is really a Wild West when it comes to buying medical supplies right now,” Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland told reporters on April 6.  And how is »

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Canadian Olympians welcome decision to postpone Tokyo Olympics

Canadian Olympians welcomed the decision by the International Olympic Committee to postpone the Tokyo Olympics until 2021 because of the rapidly spreading coronavirus pandemic. The IOC made the decision on Tuesday after speaking with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and »

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Japan says Olympics will happen, but doubt increases daily due to COVID-19

As of Tuesday the International Olympic Committee said there were no plans to cancel or postpone the summer event in Tokyo scheduled to take place between July 24 and August 8. This comes even as the Vice-President of Japan’s Olympic »