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Medals for “unsung heroes” (and Senators)

About half of Canada’s Senators are accepting medals for themselves which have been struck to give to Canadians who have contributed to make Canada a better place but who don’t usually make the headlines or get recognition. Earlier this year »

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Canada 150: What makes Canada great? Many answers, no consensus

A couple of recent polls have sought to get a sense of what Canadians feel about themselves and their country. Conducted by the firm IPSOS for Historica Canada, one survey posed a series of questions to 1,003 adults online. There »

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Canada 150: surprising popularity in sales of “stuff”

Even as we approach the date of Canada’s biggest celebration ever, a visitor might be hard pressed to realize it.  Canadians have a tendency  to be shall we say, a tad low-key, about such things On July 1 this year, »

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World’s largest film festival features Canadian talent

In celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary, there will be 1,700 events tomorrow including the screening of Canadian films and other activities across the country. National Canadian Film Day 150 is billed as the world’s largest one-day film festival. “It’s a »