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Remembering the horrors of Auschwitz-75th anniversary of liberation

Seventy-five years ago, on this day, January 27, 1945, that one of the greatest tragedies in history came to an end. Soviet troops entered the extermination camps known as Auschwitz-Birkenau to find 7,000 starving prisoners still alive. Auschwitz was the »

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History-April 27 1945: The crazy trio who helped a starving war-torn Holland

It was really quite mad. Throughout April1945, vicious fighting had been taking place as Canadians pushed across Holland, retaking city and village from the desperate but still determined German Army. Along the way, they encountered starving Dutch who were resorting »

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RCI 70th Anniversary- the first official broadcast (film)

After initial but not particularly pressing discussions in the 1930’s about Canada joining the world’s other major nations as a shortwave broadcaster to adding it voice to world discussions, the outbreak of war suddenly increased the pressure. At the same »