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Vancouver mulls 2030 Olympic bid, Indigenous groups to lead

At the beginning of the month, Canada’s west coast city of Vancouver was considering to bid for the 2030 Winter Olympics. Councillor Melissa de Genova originally tabled a motion in April to consider a bid for the games, but that »

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Vancouver council votes to postpone discussion of 2030 Winter Olympics bid

Vancouver city council voted Wednesday night to postpone a decision on whether it wants to explore hosting a bid for the 2030 Winter Olympics. Municipal councillors voted 7 to 4 to postpone the discussion until early 2021 to allow the »

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Canada joins international group of 22 countries to protect world’s oceans

Canada has joined a group of nearly two dozen other countries working to protect 30 per cent of the world’s oceans by 2030. Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard Bernadette Jordan announced Canada’s participation in the Global »

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Jobs threatened, jobs created, the future of employment in 2030

Many reports suggest that technology and AI will threaten vast numbers of typical job categories we know today. A new report notes that other factors will also come into play in both eliminating and in creating jobs by 2030 including »