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To 5G or not to 5G with Huawei: Canadians somewhat divided

Even as some raise health concerns about radio-frequency radiation from current wireless devices, and moreso with 5G, countries are proceeding with its development.One of the main issues is whether Chinese telecom giant Huawei will be involved. A slim majority (56%) »

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Chinese envoy to Canada warns against Huawei 5G ban

Canada will face unspecified repercussions if Ottawa bans Chinese telecom giant Huawei from participating in building the country’s next generation of wireless networks, China’s ambassador to Canada said Thursday. Speaking in Ottawa, Ambassador Lu Shaye did not provide any details. »

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Canada, U.S, Five Eyes: security concerns about China

As Canada seeks to develop its 5G cyber network, international concerns are being raised about the security of its infrastructure. The so-called “Five Eyes”, Canada, the U.S., the U.K, Australia, and New Zealand is an international surveillance, security, and information »

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Huawei ties to China’s government worry Canada

China’s tech giant, Huawei has invested millions in research in Canada and the government is increasingly concerned about its world dominance in next-generation 5G wireless technology and national security. Huawei is the biggest provider of cellular network equipment in the »