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NATO at 70: leaders meet in London today

Most alliances historically don’t last more than a couple of decades, but the North Atlantic Treaty Alliance is 70 this year, and has grown over that time to its now 29 members. Originally formed as a protection against the Soviets, »

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NATO at 70: and now?

It was on an April 4th, 70 years ago,  that leaders and military officials from a dozen countries gathered in Washington. The meeting resulted in the formation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) The countries pledged to come to »


the LINK Online (Nov.02, 2013)

The regular team Wojtek, Lynn, and me, Marc are with you this week to present some of the stories we covered this week. Bumblebee picks up and delivers pest control seven days a week with no chemicals. © Les Shipp/Agriculture and »